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Jose Canseco vs Billy Football Odds, Lines, and Picks

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Boxing

Jan 28, 2021 · 12:09 PM PST

Jose Canseco
This June 3, 2010, file photo shows Jose Canseco talking with reporters in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
  • Jose Canseco vs Billy Football goes Friday, February 5th at 8 PM EST on Barstool Sports’ Rough ‘N Rowdy PPV
  • What will happen when the former Major League All-Star fight’s Pardon My Take’s resident intern?
  • Check out the fight odds, analysis, and the story of how we got here, below

A couple of years ago, there was talk of a different Barstool Sports personality stepping in the ring with the controversial baseball player.

Pardon My Take co-host Big Cat discussed wanting to fight Canseco, but has now opted to pass off the task to his intern Billy Football.

Canseco and Billy Football will throw down under Queensberry Rules in West Virginia on Friday, February 5th.

Barstool is holding their Rough ‘N Rowdy boxing event during Super Bowl weekend and this curious prizefight tops the marquee.

Jose Canseco vs Billy Football Odds

Fighter Odds
Jose Canseco -300
Billy Football +200

Odds as of Jan. 28

Jose Canseco’s Boxing Resume

Though he is primarily known for a decorated MLB career, Canseco has had a series of celebrity boxing bouts in his life. This in-ring experience is why I believe Canseco is presently the betting favorite over boxing debutant Billy Football.

He has gone 2-1-1 across these contests with his last foray into the ring being a victory in November 2011 over Tareq Salahi.

The multi-time All-Star, World Series winner, and American League MVP will once again don the big gloves. Canseco will sling leather again in a bit over a week’s time.

If Canseco has his druthers, he’ll secure a fight with Logan Paul after this bout. Jose Canseco seems to want to beat up Paul after a bad breakup between Logan and Canseco’s daughter, Josie.

With plans for his Floyd Mayweather fight seemingly being readjusted,  Logan Paul already seemingly has his hands full for the foreseeable future. But the Canseco vs Paul storyline does admittedly have some spice to it.

There’s a story with Logan Paul but how do the paths of Jose Canseco and Billy Football intersect?

Who is Billy Football?

Billy Football is an intern of Barstool’s biggest podcast, Pardon My Take, who is sticking up for his boss Big Cat. Big Cat backed out of a Canseco bout after sticking up for his boss A-Rod. Follow all of that?

Billy Football did get some brownie points with me though. He invoked the spirit of Stone Cold Steve Austin to announce his upcoming fight with Jose Canseco.

Despite having never fought within the confines of a ring before, Billy Football is not lacking in confidence.

On the PMT podcast, he stated “There’s a very good chance he dies in the ring,” Billy said … “I would commit manslaughter, I wouldn’t commit murder.” “For the record, I have no intent to kill him.”

Who’s the Pick?

I think the only discernible edge Billy Football has is the fact that he’s the younger competitor. He is a 21-year-old man while Jose Canseco will be 56 years of age on February 5th.

My one true hope from all of this is that Jose Canseco decides to parlay this into a return to MMA.


Despite the youth factor, it’s hard for me to give the edge to Football when there’s zero frame of reference for his aptitude at this sport.

Admittedly, Canseco doesn’t necessarily have this deep wealth of combat experience himself. But I favor his limited resume over the entirely non-existent one of sweet science neophyte Billy Football.

Ultimately, I think that Jose Canseco will get the victory.

Pick: Jose Canseco (-300)

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