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Wilder vs Fury II Props – Round Betting, Method of Victory & Knockdowns

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Boxing

Feb 20, 2020 · 1:33 PM PST

Wilder vs Fury
Multiple prop bets are available this weekend in the rematch of Wilder vs Fury.
  • Wilder vs Fury II props have been materializing in the days ahead of this monumental prizefight on Saturday, February 22, 2020
  • What round will it end, will there be a knockdown, and who ultimately gets it done?
  • All of your prop bet needs and my predictions are outlined in detail below

Wilder vs Fury II Props abound in the lead-up to this prizefight. The stylistic differences between The Bronze Bomber and The Gypsy King lend themselves to a myriad of possible outcomes unfolding. There are odds on whether or not these two are going to don particular headwear in heir respective walkouts to the ring.

Bet on Wilder wearing a facial mask walking out to this fight (-1500 says he does in sportsbooks) and I would also place money on Fury utilizing some sort of hood or hat (-600 says he does in sportsbooks). The more combat-centric bets are detailed below.

When Will the Fight End Odds

Round Odds
Round 1 +2200
Round 2 +1800
Round 3 +1400
Round 4 +1100
Round 5 +1000
Round 6 +1000
Round 7 +1000
Round 8 +1000
Round 9 +1100
Round 10 +1400
Round 11 +1800
Round 12 +2200
Fight Goes The Distance +110

All odds taken Feb. 20th

The rematch between these two heavyweights is a generation-defining matchup to be sure. The least likely outcomes bookend the table so rounds one and twelve can be ruled out here. Examining Wilder vs Fury II props, I think it goes to the judges scorecards just like it did in the original bout.

Pick: Fight Goes The Distance (+110)

Winner and Round Odds

Wilder Win & Round Odds Fury Win & Round Odds
 Wilder, Deontay on Points +800 Fury, Tyson on Points +160
Draw +2000 Draw +2000
Wilder, Deontay Round 5 +1400 Fury, Tyson Round 5 +4000
Wilder, Deontay Round 6 +1400 Fury, Tyson Round 6 +4000
Wilder, Deontay Round 7 +1400 Fury, Tyson Round 7 +4000
Wilder, Deontay Round 8 +1600 Fury, Tyson Round 8 +4000
Wilder, Deontay Round 4 +1800 Fury, Tyson Round 1 +5000
Wilder, Deontay Round 9 +1800 Fury, Tyson Round 10 +5000
Wilder, Deontay Round 10 +2000 Fury, Tyson Round 11 +5000
Wilder, Deontay Round 3 +2000 Fury, Tyson Round 2 +5000
Wilder, Deontay Round 11 +2500 Fury, Tyson Round 3 +5000
Wilder, Deontay Round 2 +2500 Fury, Tyson Round 4 +5000
Wilder, Deontay Round 1 +2800 Fury, Tyson Round 9 +5000
Wilder, Deontay Round 12 +3300 Fury, Tyson Round 12 +8000

My pick for this one dovetails with my previous pick. Fury is a more savvy, detail-oriented pugilist. Defensively savvy, times entries well, and can piece his opponent up with multiple strikes whilst not getting cracked as often in return. I see Fury winning more rounds, getting it done via decision, and ultimately garnering a points-based win.

Pick: Fury, Tyson on Points (+160)

Wilder vs Fury II Props

The pick for this one directly coincides with the previous two predictions.

Over/Under Total Round Odds

Total Rounds Over Odds Under Odds
 1.5 -5000 +1000
 2.5 -2000 +700
 3.5 -1000 +500
 4.5 -700 +375
 5.5 -400 +250
6.5 -280 +190
7.5 -205 +145
 8.5 -160 +115
9.5 -140 EVEN
10.5 -110 -130

Pick: 10.5 (-110)

Some other intriguing Wilder vs Fury II Props popped up as well. Here’s a line for whether or not Donald Trump will tweet out congratulations to the winner of this fight. I would go with “No” which sits at -800. There’s also a line for whether or not one of these fighters will lose a mouthpiece. I see “No” as the likeliest option and that line sits at -500. Though there has been some bad blood ahead of this one I still go with “Yes” at -1500 for whether or not these two will touch gloves to start the contest.

There are also odds for who will bleed first with Fury at -400 and Wilder at +300. A lot of that stems from Fury’s last bout with Otto Wallin where he was opened up in a big way. A cut that required close to 50 stitches to seal afterward and one that many thought could have resulted in the fight being stopped. It’s not a certainty that either man bleeds in this one but if anyone is going to get opened up first, it will be Tyson Fury.

Method of Victory Odds

Method of Victory Odds
D. Wilder by KO, TKO or DQ EVEN
T. Fury by KO, TKO or DQ +450
D. Wilder by Decision or Technical Decision +1000
T. Fury by Decision or Technical Decision +155
Draw or Technical Draw +2200

The most likely outcome here is very much tied to my earlier picks.

Pick: T. Fury by Decision or Technical Decision (+155)

Knockdown Odds

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will Deontay Wilder Score a Knockdown? Yes -155 No +110
Will Tyson Fury Score a Knockdown? Yes +210 No -320
Deontay Wilder to be Knocked Down and Win Yes +600 No -1600
Tyson Fury to be Knocked Down and Win Yes +425 No -850

As much as I seem to be largely siding with Fury for these props, Wilder very much has the edge here. There’s proof that Wilder can rock Fury despite Tyson eventually rallying back to his feet. As much as I theorize Fury will win this bout, I can see him tasting the canvas at least one more time courtesy of the reigning WBC world champion. Two dramatic knockdowns at later junctures in the fight marked Wilder’s biggest moments in the first fight. I can very much see him getting a knockdown in the rematch.

Pick: Will Deontay Wilder Score a Knockdown? (Yes -155)

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