Champions League: Malaga vs AC Milan Odds

Group C will be in dispute this Tuesday as Malaga and AC Milan fight for the first place of the zone, at the Rosaleda stadium at 14:45 PM ET for the UEFA Champions League.

Malaga has looked amazing the Champions League, winning their two games and scoring six goals in the process, but also, maintaining a clean sheet so far in the season.

“Against Milan we will have to prove that in this game we are ready,” Malaga’s boss Manuel Pellegrini declared in his Press conference.

“We do not expect a different team, we anticipate Milan. What has come before won’t be repeated, for better or for worse. I am more concerned about Malaga, though”.

“It is not for me to talk of Milan. They are not going well in the Italian League, but in the Champions League they have won four of six possible points”.

“They are going to be very difficult to beat. Milan are undergoing a major cyclical change and that has taken its toll in the League, but they have been better in the Champions League. We need to be at our best in order to win this game”.

Milan lost to Lazio last weekend 3-2, but at one point they were down 3-0 and it looked like the final score would be an astounding defeat.

“I don’t think tomorrow’s game will be my last,” said Milan boss Max Allegri about his job. “This moment is similar to the time when I lost five games in a row at Cagliari”.

“But my team is not in difficulty and we are not playing badly. But football is often decided by certain incidents.

“We have to stay calm. Thinking too much will drive you mad.

The moneyline has Malaga +101, Milan +250 and the draw is listed +245.