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America’s Next Top Model Odds – Cycle 22, Episode 3

Don Aguero

by Don Aguero in Entertainment

Aug 27, 2015 · 1:29 PM PDT

The 22nd season of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is off to a racing start, with the third episode featuring the contestants in a bondage-themed photoshoot and a nerve-wracking runway elimination atop a crane.

So, who will be America’s next top model?

Here are the current odds to win Cycle 22 for the 13 remaining contestants:

Odds to win Cycle 22 of ANTM (after Episode 3):

Justin Kim: 4/1

His natural modeling ability and down-to-earth personality have won the hearts of judges, contestants, and viewers. Justin narrowly trails Devin, the current points leader, but his positive attitude and versatility as a model make him the overall favorite.

Devin Clark: 5/1

He is the current leader and has the confidence to match. His hubris and self-belief have worked to his advantage so far, but may ultimately lead to his undoing if he isn’t careful. As the season progresses, he will have to learn to cooperate with the judges and other contestants if he is going to succeed.

Lacey Rogers: 5/1

The innocent southern girl blew the judges away with her photoshoot. She’s quiet and shy in person, but fierce and stunning in front of the camera. She currently leads the female contestants and is loved by the judges and fans alike.

Ava Capra: 7/1

With her natural girl-next-door attractiveness, Ava is ready to shake up the competition. Her small physique and soft features separate her from the other contestants, and her performances during the photoshoots rival the best of them.

Mamé Adjei: 10/1

Mamé was paired with Justin for last episode’s shoot and, together, they crushed the competition. She’s a natural on the runway and exhibits strength and confidence in front of the camera.

Mikey Heverly: 13/1

Mikey is the most masculine of the male contestants, with his long blonde hair and viking-like visage. He’s impressed the judges so far, but has been a divisive figure among the other contestants. He can be manipulative and emotionally abusive, which may come back to haunt him.

Ashley Molina: 20/1

Hailing from Brooklyn, Ashley has a hip, edgy look that is currently in vogue. Her fierce energy and natural beauty make her a decent contender for this season’s title.

Bello Sánchez: 20/1

Bello has already caused a stir this season, but not necessarily in a good way. His ongoing beef with Devin has made him a centerpiece of the show, but unlike Devin, he hasn’t been able to deliver where it counts.

Nyle DiMarco: 25/1

Nyle is the show’s first deaf contestant, and he doesn’t consider that to be a disability. He has spent his life using nonverbal communication and he transfers those skills onto the runway. However, the judges found his last shoot to be uninspiring.

Dustin McNeer: 40/1

Having only just scraped through the last round, Dustin has his work set out for him. His boyish good looks work to his advantage on the runway, but the 18-year-old struggles when a more mature, masculine look is demanded of him.

Courtney DuPerow: 75/1

She suffered a nervous breakdown and had a lackluster photoshoot. Her lack of confidence and inability to handle stress has been a problem both for her and the contestants she’s worked with.

Hadassah Richardson: 80/1

Every season needs a stubborn diva. Hadassah does not like following instructions, taking advice, or working with others. Her last photoshoot was severely lacking; if she is going to survive, she’ll need to reevaluate her approach and improve her attitude.

Stefano Churchill: 95/1

Stefano has an amazing amount of confidence, but does not have the modeling ability to match. He barely made it through the last round after a disastrous photoshoot. He’s going to have to make some serious changes in order to survive.

(Photo Credit: The CW Television Network. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)

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