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Board Game Odds – Are More Star Wars Re-Skins Coming?

Sascha Paruk

by Sascha Paruk in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

For years, Star Wars sycophants have been able to play out their fandom on some top-notch original board games like Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures and Star Wars: Armada.

They’ve also been able to fight for the light side on re-skins like Loopin’ Chewie (based off of Loopin’ Louie) and Imperial Assault (based off of Descent: Journeys in the Dark).

Upon the release of The Force Awakens [TFA] this year, Hasbro treated to us to an obligatory new edition of Star Wars Monopoly. With the impending release of Rogue One in December, you’d think we’re in store for more Star Wars re-skins, wouldn’t you? (If you’re me, then yes, you would. Are you me? Am I you? Is one of us Godot?)

Which already popular board games are the best bets to get a TFA and/or Rogue 1 makeover in the near future? We set the odds.

Odds to get a Rogue 1 re-skin:

The Game of Life: 2/1

The Game of Life already got a Star Wars makeover back when the prequels came out. A Rogue One update would make a lot of sense, since the infrastructure is basically already in place. Hopefully they don’t leave the main character out of this one.

Trivial Pursuit: 3/1

If there’s one thing Star Wars aficionados love above all, it’s showcasing their aficionadoness. Parker Brothers figured this out long ago, releasing Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars back in the 90s. As TFA and Rogue One break box-office records, amateur Jedi will need an avenue to showcase their knowledge of the newest additions to the galactic cannon.

Battleship: 5/2

Battleship is another popular game that’s already gotten the Star Wars treatment. But with the advent of new ships in TFA and Rogue One, we’re primed for a new edition. Given how simple Battleship is and how easy it would be to do a new Star Wars version, it’s only a matter of time before Hasbro tries to cash in on a sure moneymaker. Christmas 2017, perhaps?

Scrabble: 8/1

Scrabble doesn’t scream re-skin, but the popular word game has come out with some pretty interesting editions in the past, like Scrabble: Book Lovers, Scrabble: Cooking Edition, and Scrabble: Holiday Fun. A Star Wars edition would be pretty easy coinage (pun intended). In addition to Star Wars imagery, the game could expand the standard Scrabble dictionary to include “words” like nerfherder, utinni, and bantha.

Ticket to Ride: 12/1

The original Ticket to Ride sees players build train tracks across the United States. Publisher Days of Wonder has released a host of spin-off maps, including a Europe, Switzerland, and Asia. Why not blaze new trails into a galaxy far, far away? Players could build trade routes through hyperspace. It’s a bit of a longshot, but we’d love to see a new German-style Star Wars re-skin follow on the heels of Carcassonne: Star Wars. 

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