Holzhauer’s Odds of Breaking Jeopardy! Money Record Were Set at 3-1 Before Video Leak

James Holzhauer Jeopardy screenshot
James Holzhauer has won 32 straight games on Jeopardy, bringing his total earnings to $2,462,216. Photo: Screenshot from Pinterest.com.
  • James Holzhauer has won 32 straight games on Jeopardy
  • He is just $58,485 shy of the record earnings of $2,520,700 set by Ken Jennings
  • Sportsbooks are offering +300 odds on Holzhauer breaking the record

Is Ken Jennings’ earnings record on Jeopardy in jeopardy, or should you believe everything that you see on the internet?

Amidst what appears to be footage of James Holzhauer losing on the episode of the game show slated to air on Monday, the 32-time Jeopardy winner needs to earn just $58,485 on the show to surpass the earnings mark. It took Jennings 74 episodes to compile his record total in 2004.

Yet sportsbooks are offering odds against Holzhauer breaking the record. There is a leaked video on the web that appears to show Holzhauer losing in final Jeopardy and the video is purported to be from Monday’s show.

Should you trust this source and bet accordingly, or is it fake news?

Will James Holzhauer Break the Jeopardy Earnings Record on June 3 Episode?

Outcome Odds James Holzhauer Breaks Jeopardy Earnings on June 3rd
Yes +300
No -500

*Odds taken 06/03/19

Holzhauer has averaged $76,944 in earnings per episode over his 32-game reign. He was the first player in Jeopardy history to top $100,000 in earnings in a single episode.

Prior to Holzhauer’s arrival, the single-game Jeopardy record was $77,000. His single-game high is $131,127 on April 17.

Jeopardy Spoiler Alert?

Should you believe the aforementioned clip that has already gone viral on the internet? It appears legit on the surface, but does offer some surprising developments in the outcome of final Jeopardy.

In the alleged leaked video, Holzhauer, a 34-year-old professional sports bettor from Las Vegas who’s made his reputation on Jeopardy as someone who wagers big, goes out of character.

Holzhauer doesn’t lose because he gets the question wrong. He is defeated because he only wagers a paltry $1,399, bringing his total for the day to $24,799.

Opponent Emma Boettcher, meanwhile, plays final Jeopardy in Holzhauer’s typical style. She goes all in, wagering $20,000. When her answer is correct, she finishes with a winning total of $46,801.

Pocketing just $2,000 as a consolation prize for his second-place finish, Holzhauer would be well shy of Jennings’ record.

That’s if you believe the footage is for real. Sony, the producers of Jeopardy, have declined to comment thus far on the leaked footage.

According to the schedule for Monday’s show, Boettcher is listed as one of the contestants.

Is No Your Only Go?

This leak of footage, whether real or not, has brought to the surface the inherent dangers – or advantages – of wagering on events that have already taken place.

Episodes of game shows are taped well in advance and contestants must sign non-disclosure agreements guaranteeing that they won’t reveal the outcome of any episode before it is broadcast.

You can’t overlook the leaked footage, or that legitimate mainstream media organizations are reporting it as fact.

That means the only safe and logical play here is no.

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