Odds on Which Artists Will Release an Album in 2020: Kid Cudi, J. Cole, The Weeknd Heavily Favored

The Weeknd
Odds heavily favor The Weeknd releasing an album in 2020. Photo by Nicolas Padovani (Flickr)
  • A new year creates renewed speculation around which artists are going to drop new records
  • Which artists will release an album in 2020?
  • Who are the three best bets to go with?

Many fans and pundits alike in the music sphere are speculating on who will be dropping a full-length album this year. There are several artists that oddsmakers are theorizing will drop music and here seems to be some smoke near the proverbial fire.

Some of these artists though have not confirmed or even teased in any meaningful way that they’re dropping music (ie/ Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj). So this does throw some cold water on things. So it begs the question, as to which artists will release an album in 2020? Check the odds and my pick for the best bets below.

Which Artists Will Release an Album in 2020 Odds

Artist  Yes Odds at Bovada No Odds at Bovada
The Weeknd -320 +210
Travis Scott +180 -270
Lil Nas X +155 -220
Nicki Minaj -140 EVEN
Post Malone +180 -270
Pusha T +185 -280
Rihanna -400 +250
SZA -600 +350
Drake -350 +225
Frank Ocean -220 +155
Jay Z +180 -270
Kanye West and Kid Cudi +400 -700
Kendrick Lamar -240 +165
Kid Cudi -800 +425
Childish Gambino -300 +200
J. Cole -700 +400
Lil Wayne -700 +400
Adele -400 +250
Beyonce +155 -220
Cardi B -700 +400

Odds taken Jan. 13

Which Artists Will Release an Album in 2020

Kid Cudi has ambitious multimedia plans for his next album. The album is set to be called Entergalactic and will be combined with an animated Netflix series of the same name. It seems like a multi-faceted project and one that would demand all of Cudi’s attention/creative energy for the foreseeable future. Cudi has been doing some collabs lately in the pop music sphere with notable names like Selena Gomez.

Despite the fact he is doing some collab tracks, I don’t imagine he will drop another full-on collaborative album next. The initial collab album between Kanye West and Kid Cudi drew rave reviews and many are chomping at the bit for a follow-up. My Kid Cudi pick also coincides with the odds for Kanye West and Kid Cudi dropping another collab record. I theorize that Cudi will be too focused on the rollout for his own record and won’t drop another album with West quite yet.

Pick: Kid Cudi; Yes (-800)

Cudi, Cole, and Cardi

J. Cole going platinum with no features has become a bit of a cumbersome meme at this point but in all likelihood, this will happen again for Cole. Cole has never needed features or co-signs to experience significant charting success. It seems like everything is on track for another full length from J. Cole during the calendar year. He has been refining his new project since April 2018 at least and the record is slated to be calledThe Fall Off. J Cole has been doing some collaborative projects as of late that have garnered rave reviews but dropping his sixth full-length solo album seems like the next step.

Cole announced to a live audience a couple of months ago that this record would be on the way soon. Cole is renowned for his tight-knit relationship with his fans and the level of realness he brings to them. He’s not the kind of guy that gives fans an idea of an album release date only to not follow through. Many in hip hop do these kinds of things to admittedly great effect whereby it keeps fans engaged and keeps the artist’s name in various headlines. Cole very much bypasses those kinds of tactics generally. So I foresee a new J. Cole LP in the year 2020.

Pick: J. Cole; Yes (-700)

Cardi B’s success from her previous record has given her an astonishing amount of momentum. After the Grammy award-winning Invasion of Privacy, Cardi has been promoting her new track “Press” as a single from a project tentatively titled Tiger Woods (although the title may be a joke according to Cardi B herself). When discussing this record, Cardi has said that it is on her mind “24/7” and that her 2020 album will be both “spicy and controversial”.

It remains to be seen whether it actually is titled after the aforementioned golf superstar but I would be money on a new Cardi B record this year. Although Cardi recently stirred up things on social media with a possible run in congress, I ultimately think her focuses will be squarely on dropping her sophomore album.

Pick: Cardi B; Yes ( -700)

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