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Printable Oscars Props Sheet for 92nd Academy Awards

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Add in a little extra entertainment to your Oscars viewing party with our printable props sheet.
  • It’s not really an Oscars viewing party without a party prop sheet
  • Ours covers winners in all major categories plus some exotic prop bets for good measure
  • Download and print yours off today

The biggest night in Hollywood is almost here and your Oscars party planning is in full effect. There are themed snacks, decorations ready to hang, and the red carpet is rolled out, ready for your guests. All your party is missing now is a little friendly competition! You’re going to want something that will both entertain and engage your guests while they watch the show. Thankfully we’ve got you covered with our 2020 Oscars party prop sheet.

Prop sheets are an absolute essential for every good viewing party. They are a fantastic way to keep everyone engaged during the awards broadcast, and an even better way of showing off your Oscars expertise. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition? Up the ante and have your guests contribute a set amount to a pool, or play for the pure joy of being right. Either way, your party will only be the better for it!

Follow along with us on Twitter (@SBD) and let us know your thoughts on the night’s big winners (and losers) using our #SBDOscarsProps hashtag.


Oscars Prop Sheet

>>> Download and Print Your 92nd Academy Awards Party Props Sheet <<<



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