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Updated Odds to Win Big Brother 23 – Derek Xiao Now Favored With Brent Champagne Evicted

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Aug 24, 2021 · 7:16 AM PDT

Updated Big Brother 23 odds
Can Derek Xiao take home the Big Brother Season 23 championship now with Brent Champagne evicted?
  • With less than a month left in its season, ten of the original sixteen Big Brother houseguests remain
  • Originally favored-to-win houseguest Brent Champagne ended up being the third houseguest of the season to be evicted
  • With Champagne out of the picture, new odds are in place. See below for the full odds and our best picks, including long shots.

For reality television fans, nothing really says summer quite like a season of CBS’ long-running competition series Big Brother. For over two decades, a dozen-plus houseguests have occupied the Big Brother House exciting in drama, strategic gameplay, and binge-worthy episodes.

This year, Big Brother returned to its usual programming following a unique COVID-era run last year. With all newcomers in the house this year, it was anyone’s guess at the beginning who would be the winning houseguest. Naturally, oddsmakers did their best, but the odds frontrunner Brent Champagne ended getting the boot early in the season.

With Champagne no longer in the Big Brother house, reconfigured odds are looking to figure out who will be the eventual winner. So, Big Brother fans, who’s it going to be?

Odds to Win Big Brother 23

Person Odds
Derek Xiao +200
Xavier Prather +225
Tiffany Mitchell +400
Kyland Young +500
Hannah Chaddha +700
Claire Rehfuss +700
Alyssa Lopez +2000
Azah Awasum +2000
Sarah Beth Steagall +2000
Derek Frazier +2000

All odds as of August 23rd

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Derek and Brent

Things looked good for Brent Champagne upon his entry into the Big Brother house. The 28-year-old Cranston, Rhode Island native seemed to have all the charm, charisma, and strategy needed to take himself to the end. Some Big Brother fans claimed Champagne reminded them of other successful prior Big Brother houseguests.

Ultimately, Brent was voted out in a unanimous 11-0 vote. The blindside move was one way for guests to get Champagne, a natural threat, out of the game. Initially, his fellow houseguests told him the maneuver was strictly to place him as a pawn, but Champagne’s guesses that he would be leaving were true.

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Moving into Brent’s former first-place odds is Derek Xiao. The Baltimore-based startup-founder has proven himself to be a strong competitor within Big Brother 23. He’s currently targeted by some of his fellow competitors on suspicion he may hold an alliance, but if he can survive the eviction he may be in the clear.

Then There’s Tiffany and Kyland

Some of the players Big Brother fans have found intriguing this year are coming right behind Derek in the odds, though. 40-year-old phlebotomist Tiffany Young and 29-year-old account executive Kyland Young are both proving to make interesting television this year.


Kyland has two (yes, two) Head of Household wins under his belt this year, already. It’s an impressive feat, considering the title has only been awarded seven times so far this season. But with power comes a challenge: Kyland has all eyes on him as he’s considered a major threat. Houseguests may choose to give him the boot at the first chance they get.

On the other hand, Tiffany is charming and seems to be well-liked by fellow houseguests and Big Brother viewers alike. If she makes it to the end, her fellow houseguests would most certainly award her with the win. But so far, Tiffany doesn’t seem to have a winning streak in her– even when other houseguests try to throw a challenge win her way.

Looking at the Longshots

With ten houseguests left in the house, it’s safe to say that it’s still almost anyone’s game at this point. Alliances and enemies are still forming and, with all the twists and turns on the production end, the game can sway in various favors, too.

Four houseguests are tied with the worst odds of +2000: Alyssa Lopez, Azah Awasum, Sarah Beth Steagull, and Derek Frazier. Sarah Beth just won her first Head of Household, but the other three have not yet held that title.


None of these four players are explicitly great Big Brother players. They each seem to slide under the radar, though. Sometimes, Big Brother players can hide in plain sight right until the finals. Out of the four, Azah is the best bet for a longshot pick, but whether or not she has what it takes to win is still not clear.

Pick: Derek Xiao (+200)

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