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Asia Minor StarLadder Major 2019 Odds & Preview: Grayhound Favored

Grayhound esports team.
After making their way through the IEM Katowice Minor, Grayhound look to do it again in Berlin. Photo by @ESLAustralia (Twitter)
  • The Starladder Berlin Asia Minor starts July 24th and runs until July 28th 
  • Can Grayhound make it to their second ever Major?
  • Two other teams that are a threat to make it to the big stage

The final Minor to qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major is the Asia Minor that will be taking place July 24-28. We already took a look at the best bets to come through the Minor in America, Europe and the CIS region, now it’s time to take a look at the best bet to represent Asia in Berlin. Historically the Asia Minor has been the easiest of all the regions, and the majority of the time Australian teams end up taking at least one of the two spots.

Though this time around Renegades won’t be in attendance because they managed to retain Legend Status in Katowice, so the opportunity for a team from Asia to make it to the Major is that much greater. So with the perennial Minor winners out of the picture, what teams offer the best chance to come out on top of the Asia Minor in Berlin?

Asia Minor StarLadder Major 2019 Odds

Team Asia Minor Odds at Bovada
Grayhound +200
MVP PK +225
TyLoo +250
5POWER +800
Avant +1600
Alpha Red +2500
FFAmix +6600
Energy +10000

*Odds taken 07/11/19

Yeah the Other Boys

The team that I would say that has the best odds to come through the Asia Minor with the win would be Grayhound, led by none other than DickStacy. They managed to qualify for their first ever Major in Katowice after beating out ViCi in the Losers Final, but bombed out of the actual Major without even winning a map.

Grayhound have found wins over FaZe and Heroic within the past few months.

Since IEM Katowice, Grayhound has had some reasonably good results against some pretty good teams, most notably when they managed to make it to the top-8 at IEM Sydney. They’ve also found wins over FaZe and Heroic within the past few months which is pretty impressive given how often they get to face that high level of competition.

Now Grayhound did have some pretty close games in the last Asia Minor against some of the teams that will be coming back out this time around in Berlin, so they definitely could be upset. I think the x-factor may end up being the fact that they are exposed to better teams more often than most of the other teams in the Minor. When everything is wrapped up I strongly suspect they will hold one of the two spots.

No Slouches

There are two other teams that stand a very real chance of taking the Asia Minor, and both are actually from Asia, not Australia. MVP PK and TyLoo are both teams that should be seriously considered to not only make it to the Major, but to take that first place spot in the Asia Minor.

MVP PK has shown that they are one of the better Asian teams in the world of Counterstrike, consistently beating more or less every serious team in recent months. They placed better than most probably expected at IEM Sydney, and though they were among the first teams eliminated from ESL One Cologne, they played Liquid very close in the opening match, falling 16-14.

TyLoo, on the other hand, are a team that has represented Asia for so long, and truly are the most iconic Asian team Counterstrike has ever had. They have undergone some roster changes over the past year or so, but they still seem to find pretty good results regardless of the new faces.

It will be a tightly contested Minor between the three teams mentioned, and without a doubt two of the three will be moving forward to the StarLadder Berlin Major. It really is going to come down to which team shows up with their A-game, because any of the three could find the win when all is said and done.

Pick: MVP PK (+225)

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