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E3 2018 Odds: When Can We Finally Play Death Stranding?

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in eSports

Updated Jun 15, 2018 · 9:17 AM PDT

Norman Reedus joins an all-star cast in Death Stranding.
Norman Reedus joins an all-star cast in Death Stranding. Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • We have the odds for some of the biggest titles announced at E3 2018
  • Can Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers Ultimate surpass Super Mario Brothers Odyssey in sales?
  • Death Stranding still has no release date, but we have a good idea on when you can play it

Another E3 event has come and gone and, per usual, it has left a mark on gamers around the world.

The video game industry once again congregated in downtown Los Angeles and revealed a flurry of big-budget announcements and demos that pleased the masses.

It was an impressive showing this year. Top game makers, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, as well as top publishers like Ubisoft, Bethesda, and EA, introduced a plethora of new games that people can’t wait to play. Highlights included a more in-depth look at Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4.

Gamers were also jacked when Microsoft announced a Gears of War 5.

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As we did last year, we’ve rounded up seven of the biggest announcements and created odds on what the future could holds in terms of sales, release dates, and overall kickassery.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

System: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: December 7, 2018

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The word “Ultimate” in the title is no exaggeration. Nintendo is bringing back every single character to ever appear in a Smash Bros. game for this newest rendition. There will also be new characters added that should make this sequel one of the biggest games to ever hit the Nintendo Switch.

Single JoyCon players will be throwing down with their favorite characters on December 7, 2018, but competitive purists will be happy to know that Nintendo will also be bringing back their GameCube controllers for those that prefer a retro feel for their button smashing. So how well will the game do? We have the odds on sales numbers and profitability.


Halo Infinite

System: XBox One/Microsoft Windows
Release Date: TBA

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Microsoft dropped some huge news at E3, announcing Halo Infinite, the next big adventure in the company’s iconic Halo series. The trailer didn’t really tell us much other than the game was being powered by a new engine, dubbed “Slipspace” which is behind the game’s impressive visuals.

Fans will be happy to know that Master Chief returns as the main protagonist and he will be wearing his classic armor. However, what gamers really want to know is when will the game be available on PC and Xbox?

Right now all of this Halo talk seems like one giant tease. Rumors are circulating that Halo Infinite could launch alongside Microsoft’s new generation of Xbox.

You can expect more information about the game and console to come out at E3 2019, but it’s fun to speculate on when this game will be available. Below are the odds on what year we will be able to get our hands on Halo Infinite.

2020 3/7
2019 3/1
2021 25/1
2018 100/1

The Last of Us Part II

System: XBox One/PC
Release Date: TBA

YouTube video

A lot of buzz was created when Naughty Dog announced a sequel to the critically acclaimed game, The Last of Us. The impressive 12-minute demo gave players a look at how stealth and survival gameplay will blend together in an incredible cinematic way as players control the main character of Ellie. And, as seen in a saucy kiss between Ellie and a new female character, the animation looks top-shelf.

Of course, no release date was announced as the game is still in development. Sony didn’t date God of War or Detroit: Become Human until they were weeks away from release, so it looks like it’s going to follow a similar philosophy for its other big PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Below are the odds on when The Last of Us Part II could be released.

2019 2/3
2020 2/1
2021 19/1
2018 100/1

Death Stranding

System: Playstation 4
Release Date: TBA

YouTube video

We finally got a full trailer for the mysterious game Death Stranding but even after watching it, we’re still not understanding what the hell is going on. The game looks bizarre with it’s fetus-powered, ghost-detecting device and mysterious, oily handprints, but at least the trailer showcased actual gameplay footage.

Despite the game having been shown off for two consecutive years at three different shows, there’s still no potential release window for Death Stranding.

Kojima projected the game to be ready for 2019, but that seems rather far-fetched to us.

Below are the odds on possible release date.

2019 1/1
2020 13/12
2021 100/1
2018 100/1

Fallout 76

System: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
Release Date: November 14, 2018

YouTube video

Fallout returns and this time it’s not only a prequel but the game takes place in a massive open-world, multiplayer wasteland.

Players will interact online and work together to build settlements, forage supplies, fend off monsters and if need be, fight each other. This ambitious game will also allow players to find nuclear launch codes to drop atomic bombs and level their enemies.

It will be interesting to see how well this game sells as most of the promo trailers up to this point have been rather ambiguous.


Kingdom Hearts III

System: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: January 25, 2019

YouTube video

This game has been hyped and talked about for years, but finally, Square Enix is getting close to their intended launch date of January 2019. Sure, the push back into the near year is a tad annoying, but the three trailers that were shown at this year’s E3 have fans excited about the Disney/Final Fantasy crossover that it should be worth the wait.

If you have never really followed the series before, the trailers probably don’t make much sense. But know this, these games have been highly entertaining and it appears players are in for a real treat as they will be able to explore various Disney-inspired open-worlds.

It will have been a 14-year wait between the second and the third mainline games, and the pressure for it to be good continues to mount. Look for this game to do well in sales. How many units do you ask? Below are the odds.


Ghost of Tsushima

System: Playstation 4
Release Date: TBA

YouTube video

One of the most talked about trailers at this year’s E3 was for a game that snuck up on audiences and surprised them. That’s fitting considering Ghost of Tsushima is all about controlling a samurai who sneaks around and catches his enemies by surprise.

The trailer showed off some gorgeous-looking combat and stealth mechanics on the hills and forests of Japan, culminating in an incredible sunset duel that feels ripped right out of a classic samurai film. You control one of the last surviving samurais, and travel around through an open world map and defeat the enemy through exciting swordplay and strategic thinking.

There’s been no inkling of a release date just yet but it could be sooner than later. Below are the odds on possible release date.

2018 3/7
2019 6/1
2020 150/1
2021 2000/1
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