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Anti-Mage Reigns Supreme Over The International 2018 Hero Props

SBD Staff Writer

by SBD Staff Writer in eSports

Updated Apr 15, 2020 · 2:54 PM PDT

dota 2 the international hero props
  • Sportsbooks have released a ton of hero props for the International 2018
  • See the hero props here
  • Anti-Mage is favored in multiple categories 

Heroes are everything in Dota 2, and the more variety the better.

Betting on Heroes in Dota 2 is a great experience because it allows you to get invested solely in how the actual characters in the game operate.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Hero Props for The International 2018 set for later this month in August.

The International 2018 Hero Props

Hero with the Highest Last Hit Average

Hero  Odds
Anti-Mage +110
Medusa +350
Arc Warden +1000
Spectre +1400
Alchemist +1400
Lone Druid +1400
Juggernaut +1600
Sven +1600
Tinker +1600
Luna +2000
Terrorblade +2000
Meepo +2000
Shadow Fiend +2000
Morphling +2200
Ember Spirit +2500
Gyrocopter +2500
Nature’s Prophet +3300

Anti-Mage is always a great bet, but at +150 it’s hardly worth the investment.

Instead, try targeting Luna, a hero that is averaging just over 425 last hits over the last 15 professional matches. Luna has a win rate of about 70%. At +2000, that’s a worthwhile investment.

Hero with the Lowest Death Average

Hero Odds
Anti-Mage -110
Medusa +200
Lone Druid +450
Spectre +1400
Weaver +1400
Morphling +1600
Lifestaler +1600
Wraith King +1600
Lycan +1600
Juggernaut +2000
Phantom Lacer +2000

The list for heroes with the lowest death average is short and tricky to navigate.

With the predominant play-style of Anti-Mage being agility, he has a strong ability to stay late into the game. His odds aren’t even that short for just how dominant of a hero he is.

Sure, at -110 you’re not getting a lot of return on your investment, but there may not be a more surefire bet among the heroes in this tournament.

Hero with the Most Kills in a Game

Hero Odds
Storm Spirit +600
Morphling +1000
Phantom Lacer +1000
Queen of Pain +1200
Tinker +1200
Phantom Assasin +1200
Zeus +1400
Outworld Devourer +1400
Huskar +1400
Clinkz +1400
Ember Spirit +1600
Templar Assasin +1600
Weaver +1600
Monkey King +1600
Spectre +1600
Chaos Knight +2000
Faceless Void +2000
Meepo +2000
Ursa +2000
Lina +2000
Anti-Mage +2500
Sniper +2500
Necrophos +2500
Bloodseeker +2500

Where to begin? Every bet looks as tantalizing as the next and this is certainly an area that you can pick a few different heroes to satisfy your thirst for a little late-game bloodshed.

There’s no stopping Storm Spirit in the late game. At +600, once he gets some mana-sustaining items, it’s all but over. If you want another hero to watch at a good price, take Lina, who Moon killed 22 enemies with just 2 months ago.

Hero with the Most Last Hits in a Game

Hero Odds
Anti-Mage +200
Naga Sire +400
Phantom Lacer +600
Medusa +650
Luna +1000
Arc Warden +1400
Juggernaut +1600
Nature’s Prophet +2000
Spectre +2000
Sven +2500
Alchemist +2500
Lone Druid +2500
Ember Spirit +2500
Terrorblade +2500
Faceless Void +2500
Meepo +3300
Shadow Fiend +3300

Phantom Lacer pops up a ton of times on this chart, with 830 Last Hits in the last recorded match played by Ace.

At +600 it’s hard to find better value than Ace on this table.

If you want to really risk it, aim for Shadow Fiend at +3300. Iceberg recorded 768 Last Hits with him just a month ago.

Hero with the Highest Win Rate

Hero Odds
Huskar +450
Anti-Mage +450
Meepo +650
Broodmother +650
Bounty Hunter +800
Storm Spirit +1000
lo +1000
Clinkz +1400
Lone Druid +1400
Tiny +1400
Slark +1600
Phantom Assasin +1600
Phoenix +2000
Nature’s Prophet +2000
Chen +2000
Morphling +2000
Medusa +2500
Nyx Assassin +2500

Storm-Spirit is already one of the favorite bets so far in this tournament, thanks to his ability to kill efficiently and quickly.

Guess what? Kills lead to wins, which is why at +1000 he’s an excellent bet. Still, anytime you get Anti-Mage at +450 in almost any category, he’s worth a few bucks.

Best Bets Among Individual Heroes

Taking a break from the tables for a moment, let’s highlight some of the best bets among the heroes.

Hero with the Highest XPM Average

Templar Assassin at +3300.

Lanaya is a short-ranged agility hero capable of turning a game on its head. She averaged 660 XP per minute over her last 17 matches!

At +3300 she’s being listed as having almost the worst chance of winning this category, and yet the numbers back up a high probability of success. Grab Lanaya the Templar Assassin at 33/1 and RUN!

Hero with the Highest Assist Average

Elder Titan at +1600

The Elder Titan is effective in all stages of the game with a long list of abilities making him a prime candidate to rack up assists. He’s averaged almost 19 assists a game in his last 17 professional matches recorded and is paying a pretty penny to boot.

Hero with the Highest Kill Average

Morphling at +1600

While the chances of Storm Spirit cleaning up this prop (and a few others) don’t be surprised if Morphling takes it. His Waveform ability is unique and leads to plenty of kills. Stretch that over a tournament at +1600 and you’re in for a good time.

Highest GPM by a Hero in a Game 

Hero Odds
0-499 +50000
500-599 +50000
600-699 +25000
700-799 15000
800-899 +650
900-999 +160
1000+ -165

These Heroes, played by these Players, are going to get their GPMS over a 1,000. It’s just going to happen.

This is a stay away bet for all intensive purposes unless you like wagering more than you return.

Most Assists by a Hero in a Game 

Hero Odds
0-15 +50000
16-19 +25000
20-23 +10000
24-27 +2500
28-31 +800
32-35 +250
36+ -225

The open-dota predictor model that has been shockingly accurate in the past predicts the most assists by a hero in this tournament at a whopping 45.

Anything under 40 would even be a surprise, and therefore the prop isn’t really worth your time unless you want to bet the house on it.

Most Deaths by a Hero in a Game 

Hero  Odds
0-5 +50000
6-8 +25000
9-11 +10000
12-14 +2000
15-17 -175
18-20 +200
21+ +800

This is a far more interesting bet among the number-props. The open-dota predictor has this set at 18 for the tournament, which pushes it into a decent bet at 2/1.

SOME hero has to die 18 times….right?

Most Kills by a Hero in a Game 

Hero  Odds
0-10 +50000
11-13 +50000
14-16 +50000
17-19 +25000
20-22 +2000
23-25 -220
26+ -125

Everyone’s favorite stat to watch…but maybe the least popular prop.

The two favorites BOTH don’t pay very well and the chances of a hero racking up 30 kills is high.

Avoid this line at all costs or bet the farm on 26+.

Total Number of Heroes Banned

Hero  Odds
0-60 +50000
61-70 +5000
71-80 +1000
81-90 +250
91-100 EVEN
101+ +350

You can expect a ton of bans at The International 2018, as banning is playing an increasingly large role in Dota 2 strategy.

The number I’m leaning on is somewhere between 90-95, which is listed at even money. There’s nothing wrong with doubling your bet!

Total Number of Heroes Picked

Hero  Odds
0-60 +50000
61-70 +50000
71-80 +10000
81-90 +2000
91-100 +275
101+ -400

Our final pick of the day!

The number of heroes in Dota is exhaustive, which is what makes the game so damn fun.

They’re going to break the 100 mark easily, with my prediction somewhere around 103. It’s best to avoid this bet at a brutal -400 payout.

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