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Odds on Tiger Woods’ White House Visit: Will Trump Serve Fast Food AGAIN?

Tiger Woods at the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego
Tiger Woods will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom next week and bettors can wager on his visit with President Trump. Photo by Photo by Jim Epler [CC License].
  • Fresh off a Masters win for the ages, Tiger Woods will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom next week
  • That means President Trump will be hosting the greatest golfer of this generation
  • Unsurprisingly, sportsbooks have posted intriguing prop bets on Tiger’s impending White House visit

Tiger Woods earned countless accolades for his 2019 Masters victory. Michael Jordan, the G.O.A.T. himself, called it the “greatest comeback I’ve ever seen.”

Next week, Tiger will add another commendation to his growing list. On Thursday, the White House announced that the 43-year-old 15-time major winner will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The oddsmakers are capitalizing on the event, which is sure to generate a media frenzy, by posting a series of prop bets about what will happen when Woods and President Trump get together next week. They are:

  1. Will Tiger wear the Green Jacket to the White House?
  2. Will Trump serve fast food (like he did with the Clemson football team and the Baylor basketball team)?
  3. What color tie will Tiger wear?

Below, find the full slate of props along with the opening odds for each selection.

Odds Tiger Woods Wears the Green Jacket to the White House

Will Tiger be seen in the Green Jacket during his White House visit? Odds
YES +100
NO -140

There isn’t much history to go on here. It’s not tradition for Masters champions to visit the White House, like it is with Super Bowl champs, CFP champs, etc. Neither Patrick Reed (2018) nor Sergio Garcia (2017) got an invite while Trump was in office.

But Trump and Woods have a friendly history, and this isn’t just about being the Masters winner. Woods will be receiving the Medal of Freedom, an honor Trump has already bestowed on several other athletes (Alan Page, Roger Staubach, and Babe Ruth, posthumously).

Since it is going to be a formal ceremony, not a more laid-back tete-a-tete, wearing the Green Jacket doesn’t seem entirely appropriate.

Odds Trump Serves Tiger Woods Fast Food

Will Trump serve fast food at Tiger’s White House visit? Odds
YES +300
NO -500

Woods is in Trump’s good graces. He should get the good stuff.

But that raises the question: What does Trump consider the “good stuff”? I honestly think he believed he was serving the Clemson Tigers and Baylor Bears the finest buffet America has to offer.

Odds on Tiger’s Tie Color at the White House

What color tie will Tiger wear to the White House? Odds
Red -175
Green +300
Blue +750
FIELD +1200
No Tie +200

That’s a steep price to pay for red, especially since the visit isn’t going to be on a Sunday.

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