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Tiger vs Phil “The Match”: 18-Hole Match Odds, Props, and Picks

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in Golf

Nov 17, 2018 · 11:45 AM PST

Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson shaking hands
"The Match" between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is set to take place November 23rd. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire)
  • The Tiger vs Phil duel is nearly upon us, scheduled for November 23rd
  • The odds and best prop bets to make for the match
  • Who will come out on top between these two legends?

The much ballyhooed Tiger vs Phil head-to-head match is less than a week away (November 23rd) in Las Vegas.

While this likely would have set the world ablaze 15 years ago when they were heated rivals, it is still receiving a fair amount of attention, especially from bettors.

(And if you’re looking for some fun bets to make with your friends, be sure to download our Tiger vs Phil Printable Props Sheet!)

Tiger vs Phil Betting Odds

Here’s a look at the match odds, the spreads, and all the props we could find at online sports betting sites.

Odds to Win the Match

Golfer Odds at Sportsbook 1 Odds at Sportsbook 2 Odds at Sportsbook 3
Tiger Woods -200 -200 -225
Phil Mickelson +160 +170 +175

All odds taken 11/17

Last we saw of these two guys (outside of the Ryder Cup where they both got dusted), Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship and Phil Mickelson was hitting it all over the map. (What else is new?)

Despite the $9 million purse not coming directly out of their pockets, you know each of them wants to beat the tar out of the other one so they can needle them for years. There is still significant pride at stake plus they both like to throw down a hefty wager or two so things should get spicy quickly.

Match Spread

Tiger vs Phil match spreads Odds at Sportsbook 1
Tiger Woods -1 1/2 strokes -115
Phil Mickelson +1 1/2 strokes -115

As you can see, the online sports betting sites are favoring Tiger, which is exactly what we had expected.

But Phil Mickelson is far too much of a high stakes gambling man to just roll over. The value here is on the five-time major champ. So lay some cash on him and watch him get the better of Tiger Woods for one of the few times in his illustrious career.

Tiger vs Phil match spreads Odds at Sportsbook 1
Tiger Woods +1 1/2 strokes -300
Phil Mickelson -1 1/2 strokes +240
All Square Through 18 holes Odds at Sportsbook 1
Yes +650
No -950

While the temptation is to select Yes at those odds, in the 37 all-time rounds between the two there has been a tie just four times. (Tiger has the upper hand 18-15-4) Resist the urge to bet on Yes as much as it would be quite profitable.

Match Props

To Lead After 9 Holes

To lead after Nine holes Odds at Sportsbook 3
Tiger Woods -130
Phil Mickelson +175
Draw +500

Don’t we all want a close match at the end of the day? Then why not throw some cake on a draw through 9 holes and make your wallet fatter? Let the trash talking begin!

Correct Score Betting

Correct Score Betting Odds at Sportsbook 3
Woods 1 Up +600
Woods 2 And 1 +650
Mickelson 1 Up +700
Woods 3 And 2 +800
Mickelson 2 And 1 +800

*Follow the link in the table to see all correct score bets

Hole in One?

Scoring Specials Odds at Sportsbook 1
Any Hole in One +6600
Tiger Hole in One +12500
Phil Hole in One +12500

This one would be sooooo fun to bet on, with tons of money to be won.

However, it’s important to note in their illustrious careers Phil and Tiger have just five and three hole in ones, respectively. The last of Mickelson’s five came in 2005, and amazingly Woods’ last came way back 20 years ago.

Mickelson’s First Shot

Hole 1 – Phil Mickelson tee shot Odds at Sportsbook 1
Phil Finds Fairway -165
Phil Does Not Find Fairway +135

There’s more money in betting Phil to miss the fairway, plus he’s been super wild off the tee, ranking 189th in driving accuracy this year. Make some dough betting him to miss it.

Water Hazards

Tiger or Phil to hit a shot into a Water Hazard Odds at Sportsbook 1
Yes +325
No -450

Water comes into play on half the holes at Shadow Creek. Surely someone has to make a big splash. Let your sadistic side come out and bet on carnage!

Out of Bounds

Tiger or Phil to hit a shot Out of Bounds Odds at Sportsbook 1
Yes +550
No -900

This one is less likely than either Tiger or Phil hitting it into the drink. Very tempting at this value, however, especially with them ranking 127th and 189th in driving accuracy last season.

Drive the Green on 11?

Tiger or Phil to Drive the Green in One Shot on 11 Odds at Sportsbook 1
Yes +300
No -400

You have to cheer for some excitement and with the hole likely playing just over 300 yards with no water and just one green-side bunker, have some fun and pick Yes.

To Win Three Consecutive Holes

Tiger or Phil to win Three Consecutive Holes Odds at Sportsbook 1
Yes +600
No -1000

The potential payoff for betting Yes here is tremendous. But expecting either of them to accomplish this is probably too tall a task – resist betting on Yes.


Player to have most One-Putts Odds at Sportsbook 1
Tiger Woods -115
Phil Mickelson -115

Let’s examine this one further with some stats taken from last season.

Tiger Woods
Phil Mickelson
8 One Putt Rank 4
82 Greens in Regulation Rank 137
4 Scrambling Rank 91

Both very similar in one putt percentage – but Tiger hits more greens and also scrambles better than Phil by a substantial margin. Tiger making more one putts is the better play.

Largest Sidebet

Largest Recorded Sidebet Odds at Sportsbook 1
Over $100,000 +110
Under $100,000 -140

This is Vegas we’re talking about and Phil Mickelson is involved. This one seems all but a certainty you should bet the over!

To Win Most Cash on Sidebets

To Win the Most Cash on Side Bets Odds at Sportsbook 3
Tiger Woods -120
Phil Mickelson -120

This is such a fun bet and as the line suggests, a total toss-up!

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