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Will UFC Release Nate Diaz After UFC 244? Odds Heavily Against It

Nate Diaz in the ring
Nate Diaz is set to headline UFC 244 yet odds are out there if he will be released after the event. Photo from @bet365poker (Twitter)
  • Nate Diaz set to headline UFC 244
  • Diaz is a fan-favorite and Dana White admitted he is a needle-mover
  • Is there any reason to bet yes?

Nate Diaz is set to headline another UFC card as he takes on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 for the ‘Baddest Motherf****r’ title.

The belt was created by Diaz who has claimed he is the “BMF” for years, and finally has a belt to show for it. Yet, odds have been released on if the Las Vegas-based promotion will release Diaz after the event on Saturday.

Odds Nate Diaz is Released After UFC 244

Outcome Odds
Yes +2000
No -5000

Odds taken Oct. 30

Is There Any Reason to Bet Yes?

There is absolutely no reason to bet yes on this prop. Although Nate Diaz and the UFC have had an interesting working relationship, he is one of the biggest stars in the promotion.

When he headlines UFC shows, the fans show up and he is a part of two of the top-five biggest pay-per-views in the UFC with both fights against Conor McGregor leading the way.

Diaz is also a guy the fans appreciate because of his adversarial attitude towards Dana White, but that has lead to a difficult relationship with White.

“I’m not interested in making a Nate Diaz fight until Diaz is just dying to fight,” said White. “We’ll offer him fights, we always offer him fights. We probably offered this kid 50 fights since he fought Conor. When he’s ready to fight, he’ll let us know.”

Yet, Diaz is too much of a star to simply release from the roster and there is literally a zero percent chance he gets released no matter the outcome.

There are a ton of potential fights for Diaz to take, such as a trilogy vs. McGregor which could easily do one million-plus PPV buys or a fight for the welterweight title if he wins on Saturday.

Regardless, Nate Diaz’s roster spot is on lock.

Pick: No (-5000)

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