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NBA 2K20 Players Only Tournament Props: Devin Booker and Kevin Durant Favored to Score Most Points in First Round

Jake Mitchell

by Jake Mitchell in NBA Basketball

Apr 2, 2020 · 2:01 PM PDT

Devin Booker smiling on bench
Devin Booker and the Suns host the Golden State Warriors Thursday. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)
  • Devin Booker (+500) and Kevin Durant (+500) have the best odds to score the most points in the first round.
  • The Eastern Conference (-130) is favored to have more players advance from the first round. Can the West pull the upset?
  • Read on for full odds and more props in the NBA 2K20 Players-Only Tournament

The first round of the NBA 2K20 Players-Only Tournament will tip off on Friday night, helping to fill the void of live sports that has been created by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will pit 16 NBA players against each other in the virtual world, with Kevin Durant the opening favorite to win it all.

The tournament will start Friday, with all the action being broadcast on ESPN. There are odds on head-to-head matchups and the tournament’s winner, but also plenty of props to dive into for the coming week or so of NBA 2K action.

Odds on Player to Score Most Points in the First Round

Player Odds
Devin Booker +500
Kevin Durant +500
Trae Young +750
DeAndre Ayton +850
Donovan Mitchell +1000
Hassan Whiteside +1000
Andre Drummond +1200
Zach LaVine +1400
Demarcus Cousins +1600
Michael Porter Jr. +1600
Montrezl Harrell +1600
Derrick Jones Jr. +1800
Domantas Sabonis +1800
Harrison Barnes +1800
Pat Beverly +1800
Rui Hachimura +1800

Odds taken Apr 2nd

This tournament is an unpredictable one, considering the lack of organization prior to it. Some players, like Devin Booker, stream their gameplay on Twitch for the world to see, while others, like Hassan Whiteside, game regularly without putting it out there.

At +1000, there’s certainly value here with Whiteside. The seeding is based on their player’s rating in 2K20, but that is based on these players’ real-life talents. It wouldn’t be shocking at all to see an underdog cash in here.

What Teams Will Players Use?

The team selection process in this tournament is a big part of the strategy. Each player chose eight teams prior to the tournament, and they can use each team only once.

For example, the first matchup of the tournament will be first-seeded Kevin Durant taking on the sixteenth-seeded Derrick Jones Jr. Durant selected Brooklyn, Chicago, Golden State, Houston, the Clippers, Oklahoma City, and Utah. If he elects to play as the Rockets in the game against Jones Jr., he will not be able to use the Rockets for the reminder of the tournament. In the event that each players chooses the same team, the higher-seeded player will have the first choice of teams.

That is one the most interesting subplots of this event. How surreal will it be to watch Durant play as the Warriors, and specifically Draymond Green, considering the history and animosity that exists? The NBA has a tremendous knack for creating drama.

NBA 2K20 Players-Only Tournament Props

Conference to Have More Players Advance to Rd 2 Odds
East -130
West -110
LA Clippers Player to Advance Furthest Odds
Montrezl Harrell -140
Pat Beverly +100
Largest Margin of Victory in the First Round Odds
Over 10.5 Points -120
Under 10.5 Points -120
Phoenix Suns Player to Advance Furthest Odds
DeAndre Ayton -120
Devin Booker -120
Player to Score Least Points in the First Round Odds
Derrick Jones Jr. +700
Domantas Sabonis +800
Harrison Barnes +800
Michael Porter Jr. +800
Pat Beverly +800
Rui Hachimura +800
Demarcus Cousins +1000
Montrezl Harrell +1000
Zach LaVine +1200
Andre Drummond +1400
Donovan Mitchell +1400
Hassan Whiteside +1400
DeAndre Ayton +1800
Devin Booker +2000
Kevin Durant +2000
Trae Young +2000

Plenty of Props

The props that pop off the screen immediately are the two team-related props. For the Suns, Booker is obviously one of the league’s highest-profile gamers. His teammate, DeAndre Ayton, is just a 2.5-point favorite over Zach LaVine, so the chances that Ayton gets bumped in a tight affair are high.

Even if Booker doesn’t win it all, it may only take a couple of wins to reward his bettors.

The Clippers’ teammates face a similar situation. Montrezl Harrell is a 7.5-point favorite, one of the first round’s biggest spreads, against Domantas Sabonis. Meanwhile, Pat Beverly is going to be involved in a slugfest as a 4.5-point underdog against Whiteside. Like Booker, Harrell doesn’t have to win the whole thing for bettors to cash in here. He simply has to win until Beverly is bounced.

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