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Lakers 2019-20 Season Win Total Drops 3 Games at BetOnline After Losing Cousins

LeBron James
LeBron James and the Lakers will not have the services of DeMarcus Cousins for an extended period of time, after he tore his ACL. Photo from @LakersNation (Twitter).
  • DeMarcus Cousins tore his ACL in Las Vegas while training for the upcoming season
  • Cousins was a part of offseason signings for the  Lakers to add more depth to the team
  • This is Cousins’ third major injury in two years

After finishing with a disappointing 37-45 record, and missing the playoffs in 2019, the Los Angeles Lakers had to go back to the drawing board to figure out a way to win, and provide LeBron with a little help. With Cousins’s injury, the Lakers 2019-20 win total dropped from 51.5 to 48.5.

Los Angeles Lakers Regular Season Wins Odds

Total Odds at BetOnline
Over 48.5 wins -110
Under 48.5 wins -110

*Odds taken 8/16/19

Supporting Cast Members

After a disappointing first season for LeBron as a Laker, the LA Lakers took things into their own hands and had quite the busy offseason. The team was always going to have a busy offseason, since their roster was full with expiring contracts and clearly needed some change.

The front office was able to not only pull off a blockbuster trade, bringing in big man Anthony Davis, but they were able to add some more playoff experience and shooting skills with Danny Green and Quinn Cook.

DeMarcus’s Impact

It wouldn’t be that far fetched of a statement to say that DeMarcus was a wildcard in all the moves this offseason. He’s unfortunately dealt with significant injuries his entire career, and this will be the 29-year old’s third major injury in just two years.

The torn ACL comes just 18 months after he had ruptured his left Achilles tendon, and just four months after he tore his left quad muscle during the 2019 postseason. The impact he would’ve made this season was going to be something everyone dreamed about happening, but it was never a guarantee.

Kuzma’s Opportunity

Kyle Kuzma is on the cusp of a breakout season. He’s currently with team USA, and with that experience in the offseason and not just playing pickup, Kuzma has the opportunity to have himself a season.

You can basically pin a number on LeBron and Davis for how many wins they can bring a team, but if the Lakers have Kuzma break out, that’ll be huge for them, and just continues the depth conversation.

Kuz addresses the difference between what he’s doing right now versus what he’s done in past off seasons. He’s playing hard defence, and playing full court against other NBA players, it’s more taxing.

“you can’t beat this…this is ten times better than playing pick up games.” – Kyle Kuzma

Take the Over

The reality is, the Lakers won 37 games last year and that’s with LeBron James only playing 55 of the 82 regular season games. He missed about 18 of those games with a strained groin before medical staff shut him down for the rest of the season at the end of March. Unless another significant player were to get injured and join Cousins this year, it’s pretty easy to say that the over is the easy choice, especially since the number has dropped three games, to where it probably should’ve been all along.

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