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Spurs Odds to Win Series vs Nuggets Listed at -175 After Taking 2-1 Lead

DeMar DeRozan Spurs guard
DeMar DeRozan has scored 25 points in the Spurs Game 3 victory over the Nuggets. Photo from @NBA (Twitter)
  • The San Antonio Spurs lead the Denver Nuggets 2-1 in their first round playoff series
  • Denver had the best home record in the NBA at 34-7
  • San Antonio had the worst road record of any Western Conference playoff team at 16-25

The first round of the NBA playoffs looks to be going chalk except for one big exception.

The San Antonio Spurs are currently laying it on the Denver Nuggets and hold a 2-1 series lead. Their dominance in the series isn’t being ignored by odds makers and there has been a drastic shift in the odds at all the books, including BetOnline.

Spurs vs Nuggets Updated Series Price

Team San Antonio vs Denver Series Price BetOnline
San Antonio Spurs -175
Denver Nuggets +155

*Odds taken April 19

A team who began as the underdog and took a 2-1 lead being listed as clear favorites isn’t something the NBA sees often.

For my money, even though the Nuggets have looked slow out of the gate, grabbing them at +155 to win the series is where the real value lies in this futures play.

Bet on the Best Player in the Series: Nikola Jokic

In each of the other seven first-round series, the team with the best player leads and will likely advance to the second round.

The best player in this series is MVP nominee Nikola Jokic. Despite playing the center position, he ranks third in the playoffs with 9.7 assists per game, while also putting up 17.7 points and 11.7 rebounds.

At some point his dominance will take the series over and help Denver get over this hump. Stars win basketball games in the NBA and the biggest one on the floor in this series happens to be wearing a Denver Nuggets jersey.

Denver Needs 1 Win on the Road

The Nuggets had the second-best record in the Western Conference this year thanks in large part to their dominance at home.

They won 34 games at the Pepsi Center, more home wins than any other team in the NBA. If the Nuggets can win one of the two remaining road games they’ll play in this series, it’s likely they take care of business on their home floor.

San Antonio was the worst road team to make the playoffs in the west, finishing with a 16-25 record. The combination of the Nuggets dominance at home and the Spurs ineptitude should play a role at some point in the series.

Expect Denver to Bounce Back and Win the Series

You’re getting an opportunity to take a team that was tied with the Golden State Warriors in the West until late in the season, and getting paid +155 to do so.

They are only down 2-1 in the series, which is a deficit that can surely be made up by what was proven over 82 games to be a clearly superior team. Take the value and hope the Nuggets can join the other seven favorites in the second round.


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