You Can Bet on Which Coaches Will Cry in an Interview after Final Four; Pearl & Izzo Most Likely

Coach Tony Bennett of the Virginia Cavaliers
Will Tony Bennett shed any tears this weekend? Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire.
  • Bettors can wager on coaches crying at the 2019 Final Four
  • Bruce Pearl is easily the most emotional of the four coaches remaining
  • Don’t expect to see any tears from Tom Izzo this weekend

The NCAA Tournament delivers drama and emotion year after year. The latest wave of games brought plenty, including the shedding of tears.

Sportsbooks have posted props on more waterworks at the 2019 Final Four, asking bettors to decide whether or not any coach will cry in an interview following a Final Four game (Sat. April 6th).

Here’s where the odds stand as of Tuesday.

Will any Head Coach Cry after the Final Four?

Will the 2019 Final Four coaches cry? ‘Yes’ odds ‘No’ odds
Bruce Pearl (Auburn) +275 -350
Tony Bennett (Virginia) +900 -1800
Tom Izzo (Michigan St) +525 -850
Chris Beard (Texas Tech) +1000 -2500

*Odds Taken 4/2/2019

Will Bruce Pearl Cry?

Pearl is easily the most emotional of the four coaches remaining. He might cry out of happiness, sadness or anger.

Taking a look at his odds, they’re worth a flier at +275.

It’s obviously hard to predict if someone will cry, but let’s face it: Auburn has made a great but unexpected run. This is their first Final Four in school history.

If his team loses, he might be in tears feeling bad that it’s come to an end. He’s the most likely to weep after the Final Four.

Will Tony Bennett Cry?

Bennett is usually a very poised, stoic head coach, but we saw a different side to him after the Elite Eight. Getting to the Final Four was a cathartic experience for him. It felt like he exorcised some demons when he was cutting down the nets.

Remember, this team lost to a No. 16 seed in the first round last year.

At the same time, if Bennett is to cry, it would be after the championship game, not the semifinal. I doubt he’ll cry in any case as he didn’t even shed a tear during a sentimental hug with his father after the Elite Eight. Why cry now?

I’d bet the ‘No’ here. If he does cry, it’ll be out of joy if they win it all.

Will Tom Izzo Cry?

Tom Izzo is the most experienced of the four coaches remaining (in terms of Final Fours), so I don’t envision him being moved by the moment. Of course, his team wasn’t not expected to be this good this season and had to overcome a lot of adversity, but he knows better than anyone that that’s normal.

We have rarely seen Izzo cry as he once kind-of did during Michigan State’s senior night last year. With that in mind, I’d pass on the ‘Yes’ here.

Will Chris Beard Cry?

Of the four remaining coaches, Bears is the least likely to cry. This is a coach who has been very even keeled for the most part. Although, he does like to cut loose a little bit when the team achieves something big.

At the same time, it’s hard to see him tearing up to the point of watershed. This is a team that’s very methodical and that comes from him. He’ll be very politically correct and cliched whether this team wins or loses on Saturday.

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