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2021 Super Bowl National Anthem, Coin Toss, and Amanda Gorman Props – How Long Will Church and Sullivan Take?

Sally Le

by Sally Le in NFL Football

Feb 6, 2021 · 10:17 AM PST

Jazmine Sullivan posing with hand on waist
Singer Jazmine Sullivan poses for a portrait in Rydal, Pa., on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021 to promote her EP “Heaux Tales." (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7 
  • A variety of special props are available for the National Anthem, the coin toss, and Amanda Gorman’s poem recitation
  • Odds, analysis, and best bets discussed below

Super Bowl LV kicks off Sunday at 6:30pm ET at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Super Bowl LV offers NFL fanatics the chance to scarf down wings while rooting for their favorite GOAT.  The annual showdown offers a variety of entertaining special props for avid or novice bettors. According to CNBC.com, half of Americans are betting on Sunday’s game.

Historically, special bets have focused on the National Anthem and the coin toss. Keeping the theme of unprecedented alive in 2021, the first-ever poetry recital in Super Bowl history will take place as part of this year’s opening festivities. Curious about which bets to place? Try the Jimmy Fallon method, or read on for a detailed analysis.

National Anthem Betting

Country crooner Eric Church and R&B songstress Jazmine Sullivan have been bestowed the honors of singing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl.

The pair will be the second duet performance of the National Anthem in Super Bowl history. Each year, bettors attempt to predict the length of The Star-Spangled Banner performance. The over and under threshold this year is two minutes.

US National Anthem Length Odds

How long will the US National Anthem be? Odds
Under 2 minutes -130
Over 2 minutes -110

Odds as of February 5, 2021

Neither artist has a consistent track record of performing the National Anthem at sporting events.  While Sullivan has logged a performance at the NHL all-star game, Church has never performed the anthem. According to USA Today,  Church said he never wanted to perform the national anthem, with one exception — the Super Bowl.

Will Sullivan and Church come in over or under? The average national anthem length at Super Bowl has been 1 minute and 55 seconds.  What about past performances?

Super Bowl Anthem Times Last 5 Years

Super Bowl Singer Time
54 Demi Lovato 1:49
53 Gladys Knight 1:49
52 Pink 1:53
51 Luke Bryan 2:04
50 Lady Gaga 2:09

Only two of the last five national anthem performances exceeded the two-minute mark. Keep in mind for betting purposes, the national anthem ends the first time the performer(s) say the word “brave.” With a number of variables including how the anthem will be divvied up between Church and Sullivan, bet the under.

Pick: Under (-130)

Other US Anthem Odds

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church forget/omit a word from the National Anthem? +500 -900
Will Eric Church forget or omit a word from the National Anthem +1000 -5000
Will Jazmine Sullivan forget or omit a word from the National Anthem +1000 -5000
Any player kneel on sideline during anthem +1200 -5000
Any player raise fist on sideline during anthem +1200 -5000
Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church to sing the National Anthem -260 -175
If J. Biden in attendance-shown during anthem -3000 +900

Odds as of February 5, 2021

Church To Forget Or Omit Words

The Super Bowl National Anthem is a dedicated bettor’s paradise. The bets go far beyond the length of the anthem.  Forgetting or omitting words can be embarrassing for the performer, but it makes for a good return for bettors. At Super Bowl 45, Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem, earning bettors a nice little return.

Sullivan has performed the anthem before. It is unlikely she will forget the words. Instead, bet on her counterpart forgetting the words. In an interview with the Tennessean, Church called the anthem performance a 10 degree of difficulty off the high dive. Could this be why he has refused to perform it any other time? It sounds like Church could be the one fumbling through the performance, securing bettors a cool +1000 return.

Pick: Eric Church will forget or omit words (+1000)

Still not finding a wager you like involving the anthem? Take it to the head-to-head battle, where you can bet on whether the broadcast will show Super Bowl veteran Tom Brady or upstart superstar Patrick Mahomes first, among other wagers.

Head-to-Head Anthem Props

Prop Pick 1 Pick 2
Who will sing the most words of the anthem? Jazmine Sullivan (-105) Eric Church (-135)
Coach shown first during the anthem Andy Reid (-130) Bruce Arians (-110)
QB shown first during the anthem Tom Brady (-130) Patrick Mahomes (-110)
Player shown first during anthem Travis Kelce (-130) Rob Gronkowski (-110)
What will be shown first during anthem? KC Player / Coaching Staff (-120) Tampa Bay Player / Coaching Staff

Coin Toss Betting

According to sportsbooks, the coin toss is the most popular prop bet. With a 50/50 shot, the coin toss seems to be pure luck, but let’s talk stats.

In the last 54 Super Bowls, the coin landed tails up 29 times or 53% of the time. Heads lags behind at 25 times or 47% of the time.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

Result Odds
Heads -105
Tails -105

Just like the roulette table, there are hot streaks. Tails had a four-time streak three different times over Super Bowl history. Heads ran a streak of five in a row. In a 50/50 bet, stats point to tails bringing home the bacon.
Pick: Tails (-105)

Additional Coin Toss Props

Prop Pick 1 Pick 2
Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? Yes (-105) No (-105)
Who will win the coin toss? Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-106) Kansas City Chiefs (-106)
Buccaneers choice winning coin toss Defer (-225) Receive (+160)
Chiefs choice winning coin toss Defer (-2500) Receive (+900)

Do coin toss winners also win the Super Bowl?  No. Only 25 teams who have won the coin flip have also won the Super Bowl. Look at Super Bowl 54. While Kansas City lost the coin toss, they still won what mattered most: the Lombardi trophy.

Pick: Coin toss winner will not win the game (-105)

Amanda Gorman Poem Betting

Youth poet Amanda Gorman will recite the first ever poem at the Super Bowl.

There has been quite a bit of buzz around which word Gorman will say first.

Amanda Gorman First Word Odds

Word Odds
Hero -110
Pandemic +110
Super +225

Three honorary game captains have been selected to participate in the Super Bowl ceremony. The three include a veteran, an educator, and an ICU nurse. It is highly plausible Gorman will use the word super to describe these three individuals.

Pick: Super (+225)

There’s more to the poem too, and with that, more wagers, including length of poem and what team name she drops first.

Gorman Poem Additional Prop Bets

Who will Amanda Gorman Mention First During Poem Odds
James Martin +110
Suzie Dorner +130
Trimaine Davis +150
Said first during Amanda Gorman Poem Odds
Chiefs -125
Bucs/Buccaneers +105
Length of Amanda Gorman Poem Recitation Odds
Over 284.5 seconds -120
Under 284.5 seconds -120

Happy betting this Sunday, and don’t forget to check out all of our betting stories before the big game!

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