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Patriots Listed as Super Bowl 54 Favorites at BetOnline

Tom Brady New England Patriots QB celebrating
Tom Brady and the Patriots are again a favorite for Super Bowl 54. By Jeffrey Beall (Flickr) [CC License]
  • Old reliable Patriots are BetOnline’s Super Bowl 54 favorite
  • Rams, Chiefs could be challengers again next year
  • Finding good value bets for next season’s NFL champs

At this point, the New England Patriots should work with Webster’s Dictionary to have a Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Super Bowl-winning hug photo as the official photo under the term ‘dynasty’.

After dispatching the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53, the Patriots have now claimed pole position for BetOnline’s Super Bowl 54 odds – wrestling that title bestowed originally on the upstart Chiefs, who they outlasted in the AFC title game for the right to play in Atlanta.

Super Bowl 54 Odds

Team Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 at BetOnline Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 at Bovada
New England Patriots  +600  +700
Kansas City Chiefs +700 +800
Los Angeles Rams +800 +700
New Orleans Saints +1000 +1000
Chicago Bears +1400 +1300
Los Angeles Chargers +1600 +800
 Indianapolis Colts  +1600 +1000
Minnesota Vikings  +1600 +2000
San Francisco 49ers +1600 +4500
Philadelphia Eagles +2000 +2000
Green Bay Packers +2000 +1800
Pittsburgh Steelers +2200 +2000
Cleveland Browns +2200 +3000
Houston Texans +2500 +4000
Dallas Cowboys +2500 +1600
Atlanta Falcons +2800 +3000
Baltimore Ravens +3300 +3000
Carolina Panthers +3300 +4000
Jacksonville Jaguars +3300 +5000
New York Giants +4000 +5000
Seattle Seahawks +4000 +5000
Tennessee Titans +5000 +6000
Arizona Cardinals +6600 +10000
Buffalo Bills +6600 +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +6600 +10000
Denver Broncos +6600 +10000
Detroit Lions +6600 +10000
New York Jets +6600 +10000
Raiders +6600 +10000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6600 +6500
Washington Redskins +6600 +15000
Miami Dolphins +10000 +30000

*All odds taken 2/4

Brady-Belichick Remains Top NFL Duo

Like Tony Romo said about the Pats near the end of the Super Bowl broadcast: enjoy this, because we’re never going to see anything like it again in our lifetimes.

Perhaps no football mind like Bill Belichick has ever had a more shape-shifting protege than Tom Brady. This is an offense that has evolved and turned back time over and over since the two joined forces in 2001.

The offense has gone from a little engine that could, to the greatest passing attack in the NFL, to reinventing the two tight-end set, and to this season, where they went old school, with Brady under center, handing off to a running back who followed behind his fullback.

I’m not even kidding.

Brady-Belichick allows the Patriots to not necessarily need great players at every position, but to have solid to above average players at every position across the roster. 

When you have the living GOAT in action, it makes up for a lot of potential deficiencies and roster turnover (which we should be seeing a lot of as they retool for next year).

By the sounds of things, Brady ain’t going nowhere either.

Who Can Stop The Patriots?

If the Chiefs can somehow find a defense that can at least play at a league average level, Patrick Mahomes and company are the first in line to stop the Patriots from making their fourth straight Super Bowl appearance and Brady’s chance for a seventh title.

The window is closing on Philip Rivers and Drew Brees, but they have among the most complete rosters in the NFL, and the Chargers and Saints should be in the mix once the regular season winds down.

Who knows what sort of mayhem is still in store in Pittsburgh, but you can bet the Steelers will try to squeeze all they can out of Ben Roethlisberger’s final years.

The Rams may have to rebuild their team on the fly after going all-in for this year and coming up short. If Todd Gurley gets healthy, he, Jared Goff, Aaron Donald, and the brilliance of head coach Sean McVay are already a devastating starting point.

Who’s the Best Bet?

A Patriots wager is not a bad bet, as long as Belichick is still coaching and Brady is healthy.

Perhaps you should wait, however, until they stagger out of the gates at 2-2 and everyone asks what’s wrong with them, and their odds lengthen.

My own preference, however, is the Chiefs, as Mahomes is too talented to not guide the Chiefs to double-digit wins and at least get to the final four.

If you are looking at a value bet, there are two teams that are worthy: the Colts (+1600) are armed with a great young team, a standout QB and oodles of cap space, and the Browns (+2200), who have a franchise QB and quite possibly the best young team in football.

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