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BetOnline’s Odds Say Arizona Cardinals Will Acquire Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Steelers WR waving to the fans
Antonio Brown has officially requested a trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Photo by Keith Allison (Flickr) [CC License].
  • Antonio Brown had 1,297 yards receiving and 15 TD last year.
  • He has requested a trade and said goodbye to Steelers fans on social media.
  • Brown signed a $68 million contract extension with Steelers less than 2 years ago.

Antonio Brown is officially on the block. His days with the Pittsburgh Steelers appear to be numbered after the superstar Wide Receiver officially requested a trade. He also took to social media to thank the fans and/or make sure it was very clear, he does not want to return.

With the news, BetOnline has released odds on which jersey Brown will be playing in next season.

Odds on Who Antonio Brown Plays for in 2019

Antonio Brown Game 1 2019 Regular Season Odds at BetOnline
Arizona Cardinals +450
San Francisco 49ers +500
Green Bay Packers +500
Miami Dolphins +550
Indianapolis Colts +700
Oakland Raiders +700
Cleveland Browns +1200
New York Jets +1200
Washington Redskins +1200
Pittsburgh Steelers +1200
Buffalo Bills +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2000
Baltimore Ravens +2000
New England Patriots +2500

*All odds taken 2/13

A few things are clear based on this list. The most obvious is many teams are expected to be in the running for one of the games best players.

Another is that BetOnline does not have the same confidence Bovada does in Brown and the Steelers mending their relationship.

Last, no team has distanced themselves from the pack as a true favorite. So where is the best value?  Here are two bets that stand out as solid options.

Will the San Francisco 49ers Make a Splash?

How likely are the Steelers to give Brown what they want and send him to the destination of his choice? That we don’t know.

What we do know, however, is he’s been flirting with 49ers for a while and would love the opportunity to move to the Bay Area.

From tweeting with Niners players to sharing posts from Jerry Rice on his Instagram, Brown has made no effort to hide his love for San Francisco.

From the team’s side of this, of course they would love to pair Brown with Jimmy Garoppolo. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan is an offensive guru and could work wonders with both those weapons at his disposal.

The 49ers trail only the Cardinals in the odds and are a top contender. The price of +500 for a team you know will be invested heavily in trying to land him seems like a good value proposition.

Aaron Rodgers to Antonio Brown in 2019?

Aaron Rodgers clearly was not happy in 2018 and finally got the coaching change it seemed like he was ready for.

One complaint in the Rodgers era has often been his lack of weapons. While comparable quarterbacks like Drew Brees have seen management consistently stock pile offensive weapons, Rodgers has been left with a collective cast of good but not great talent in his huddle.

Antonio Brown would surely change that and give Rodgers every chance to succeed.

If you’re a Packers fan, it seems obvious you’d like to see this move happen. If you’re a casual football fan, you should like it just as much. These two could make magic together and would usher in a new era of dominance in Green Bay, at least on the offensive side of the ball.

Like the Niners, a bet on the Packers pays +500, which would net a nice return if this dream match came into existence.

What Will it Take to Land Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown Trade Cost Odds at BetOnline
Traded For Draft Picks Only +125
Traded For Picks And Players +150
Traded For Players Only +300

BetOnline has provided you with another option if you can’t settle on who you think will land Brown and it’s what will he cost?

All three options are offering plus money and I think the best value lays in +125 for ‘Traded for Draft Picks Only’.  As complicated as the NFL salary cap is, most deals end up being a straight player for pick swap and I wouldn’t expect this one to be much different.

There are also large contract implications that could limit the Steelers from getting the haul you might expect.

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