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Buccaneers Listed As Long As 55-1 To Win NFC Championship After Swapping McCoy For Suh

Ndamukong Suh
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed veteran DT Ndamukong Suh. Photo By Jeffrey Beall (Wiki Commons) [CC License]
  • The Tampa Bay Buccanneers have signed veteran DT Ndamanukong Suh
  • Tampa Bay’s odds to win the NFC Championship have worsened since the move
  • The Bucs are now 55-1 at BookMaker to win the NFC title

Last season, the Los Angeles Rams signed Ndamukong Suh in the hopes that he might turn them into Super Bowl champions. No such luck.

This season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed Suh in the hopes that he will help turn them back toward respectability. The sportsbooks don’t like the odds of that happening.

2019-20 NFC Championship Odds

Team Odds to win NFC Championship at BookMaker
New Orleans Saints +400
Los Angeles Rams +605
Philadelphia Eagles +670
Green Bay Packers +835
Chicago Bears +840
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5500

*Odds taken May 28, 2019. Follow the link in table above for a complete list of all teams.

The Bucs were +3850 at BookMaker to start the month.

The average odds of the Bucs winning the NFC Championship across a variety of top sportsbooks have jumped from 32-1 to start the month, up to 36-1 now. The spike in odds came after the Bucs dropped veteran defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and signed Suh.

You can find NFC Championship odds as long as 55-1 on Tampa Bay at BookMaker.

A Ploy Named Suh

Suh is one of those players who on the surface, a team is certain that they will gain value from his presense.

The Rams fully expected by sidling up Suh next to NFL Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald it would create a wrecking crew along on the LA defensive line not seen since the dominant days of the Fearsome Foursome. That’s why they signed him to a one-year $14-million pact.

That didn’t happen. Instead, Suh too often seemed disinterested in playing, and really showed very little in terms of dominance until the late season drive toward the playoffs.

That the Bucs are Suh’s fourth team – following the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins and the Rams – should tell you all that you need to know about him. The Dolphins opted to walk away from Suh halfway through a six-year deal Suh signed in 2015 that was to pay the veteran DT $114 million.

He’s gained a reputation for being a dirty, selfish performer and not someone who will impact a team’s culture in a positive manner. At 32, his best days may very well be behind him.

Unreal McCoy

Room for Suh became available when the Bucs opted to release six-time Pro Bowl DT Gerald McCoy. Curiously, Suh and McCoy were drafted 2-3 overall in 2010.

Tampa Bay has put plenty of emphasis into reshaping its offense under new head coach Bruce Arians but the defensive line is in tatters. Defensive end Vinny Curry was released. The status of fellow DE Jason Pierre-Paul is uncertain. He suffered a neck injury in an offseason car accident.

Falling Bucs

After consecutive 5-11 seasons, there’s little to suspect much from Tampa Bay. The Bucs have finished last in the NFC South in eight of the past 10 seasons and that seems almost certainly the destiny that awaits them this season.

The NFC South has sent two teams to the Super Bowl since Super Bowl 50 and three different teams to the NFC Championship game over the same span. None of those teams were the Buccaneers.

The New Orleans Saints are the chalk in the division and in the conference. After last season’s horrid non-call on the pass interference play against the Rams in the NFC Championship Game, the Saints have all the motivation they need to finally take the final step to get to the Super Bowl this season.

Bet on the Saints going marching onward through the NFC.

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