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Every Super Bowl Broadcast Prop – Commercials, Announcers and More

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in NFL Football

Updated Apr 1, 2022 · 2:14 PM PDT

SoFi stadium at night
SoFi Stadium stands Friday, Feb. 4, 2022, in Inglewood, Calif. The stadium is the site of NFL football's Super Bowl 56, scheduled to be played Feb. 13. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)
  • Super Bowl 56 kicks off Sunday, February 13th from Los Angeles, with NBC providing the broadcast coverage
  • See a list of props that have nothing to do with what happens on the field
  • Read on for all the broadcast props available for Super Bowl 56 and our best bets below

Let’s face it. A large number of Sunday’s Super Bowl audience won’t have the slightest interest in football. They’ll be tuning in for everything else that comes along with the Super Bowl broadcast.

The great thing about the spectacle, otherwise known as the biggest sporting event of the year in North America, is that it has something for everyone.

The same goes for wagering on Super Bowl Sunday. Below are a list of fun broadcast props for entertainment purposes, which allows everyone in your free Super Bowl contests to get it on the action. See odds on everything from which celebrity will be shown first, to how many babies will be featured in the commercials, and everything else in between.

Check out some of our favorite broadcast props below, plus a few wagers to target to make your Super Bowl viewing experience even more exhilarating.

Commercial Props | First Shown/Mentioned Props | Other Broadcast Props

Commercial Props

First to be Shown in Rakuten’s Casino Royale Commercial Odds
Tom Hardy +600
Matthew McConaughey +650
Idris Elba +725
Daniel Craig +725
Shannon Elizabeth +800
Michael B. Jordan +815
Zac Efron +950
Chris Hemsworth +950
Hugh Jackman +1025
Will Smith +1025
Rob  Lowe +1050
Pierce Brosnan +1075
Ben Affleck +1150
Matt Damon +1175
Kevin Hart +1300
First Device Shown in Squarespace Commercial Odds
Laptop +135
Tablet +170
Phone +275
Desktop +670
How Many Commercials Will Include a Baby Odds
Over 3 Commercials -160
Under 3 Commercials +125
How Many Commercials Will Include a Dog Odds
Over 6.5 +150
Under 6.5 -117
How Many NFL/MLB/NBA Players Will Appear in all Commercials Odds
Over 7.5 Players -250
Under 7.5 Players +170
Will Peyton Manning Bowl a Strike in a Michelob Ultra Commercial Odds
Yes -135
No +105
Said First in a Michelob Ultra Commercial Odds
Dude -190
Jesus +155
Seen First in a Michelob Ultra Commercial Odds
John Goodman +136
John Turturro +155
Jeff Bridges +180
What NFT Will be Shown First During any Commercial Odds
Nouns -150
Bored Ape Yacht Club +150
VeeFriends +215
Mutant Ape Yacht Club +450
World of Women +525
Beeple +525
CloneX +975
Crypto Punks +1100
Cool Cats +1300
Doodles +2000
What Will be Said First in any Commercial Odds
Metaverse -275
Bitcoin +325
NFT +425
Ethereum +675
What Will be Shown First in any Commercial Odds
Rocket +120
Moon +200
Astronaut +275
Alien +425
Which Anheuser-Busch Brand Commercial Will Run First Odds
Budweiser +190
Bud Light Next +210
Michelob Ultra +400
Cutwater Spirits +500
Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda +600
Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer +925
Which Crypto Company Commercial Will be Shown First Odds
Crypto.com -225
FTX +190
Which Media Company Commercial Will be Shown First Odds
Meta -170
Amazon Prime +225
Google +275
Who Will be Shown First During FTX Commercial Odds
Steph Curry -140
Tom Brady +210
Giselle Bundchen +250
Shohei Ohtani +425
Will Crypto.com Commercial Feature Matt Damon Odds
No -300
Yes +190
Will Crypto.com Commercial Show LAL/LAC Arena Odds
No -400
Yes +300
Which Travel Website Commercial Will be Shown First Odds
Booking.com +135
Expedia Group -180
Which Commercial Will be Shown First Odds
Rakuten -125
WeatherTech -125
Which Commercial Will be Shown First Odds
QuickBooks (Intuit) -168
Taco Bell +155
Which Commercial Will be Shown First Odds
Hologic +100
Monday.com +100

All odds as of February 6th

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The commercials featured in the big game will arguably draw more interest worldwide than the final result of the Rams vs Bengals matchup. If you’re looking for a fun commercial prop to sweat, with a similar price tag to LA in the Super Bowl odds, bet on Crypto.com to be the first cryptocurrency company to have their ad shown.

Crypto.com just signed a $700 million deal to take over the naming rights of the LA Lakers and Clippers building from Staples on Christmas Day, and has been flooding the market with Matt Damon commercials leading up to Sunday’s game. Granted, the Damon ads are not generating a whole lot of popular buzz, but as the old saying goes “no press is bad press”.

YouTube video

That’s not to say FTX isn’t a major player in the crypto space, because they certainly are. They recently bought the naming rights to the Miami Heat’s arena, and have rolled out multiple ads over the past few months featuring Tom Brady.


Still, Crypto.com is making more headlines lately, and with the commitment they just made to LA, the Super Bowl host city, they’ll be featured first.

Pick: Crypto.com First Crypto Company Commercial Shown (-225)

First Shown/Mentioned Props

Which Hollywood Landmark Will be Shown First Odds
Hollywood Sign -275
Hollywood Walk of Fame +180
Which SB highlights Will be Shown First Odds
Super Bowl LIII Highlight/Image (Rams vs Pats) -145
Super Bowl XXXIV Highlight/Image (Rams vs Titans) +120
Which Celebrity Will be Shown First Odds
Leonardo DiCaprio +190
Matt Damon +255
Ben Affleck +310
Jennifer Lopez +380
Kim Kardashian +555
Which Athlete/Celebrity Will be Shown First Odds
Magic Johnson +225
LeBron James +255
Kevin Hart +290
Justin Timberlake +325
Clayton Kershaw +555
Which Coach Will be Shown First Odds
Zac Taylor -133
Sean McVay -125
Whose Wife/Fiancee Will be Shown First Odds
Kelly Hall (Matthew Stafford’s wife) -145
Veronika Khomyn (Sean McVay’s fiancee) +125
Which Owner/GM Will Be Shown First Odds
Stan Kroenke +150
Les Snead +175
Mike Brown +199
Which Coordinator Will be Shown First Odds
Kevin O’Connell +124
Raheem Morris +210
Len Anarumo +333
Brian Callahan +350
Which Former Player Will be Shown First in an Image or Highlight Odds
Boomer Esiason -145
Kurt Warner +300
Chris Collinsworth +575
Ickey Woods +790
Marshall Faulk +810
Eric Dickerson +1400
What QB Will be Said First During the Game Odds
Brady -300
Rodgers +190
What QB Will be Said First During the Game Odds
Mahomes -250
Garoppolo +170
What Will be Said First During the Game Odds
COVID +300
Omicron +135
What Will be Said First During the Game Odds
Detroit Lions -145
Jared Goff -145
Which SB Coach Will be Said First During the Game Odds
Zac Taylor -110
Sean McVay -115
Which SB QB Will be Said First During the Game Odds
Joe Burrow -155
Matthew Stafford -140
What LA Road/City/Zip Will be Said First Odds
Rodeo Drive +115
Beverly Hills +125
90210 +570
Which HOF QB Will be Said First Odds
Joe Montana -120
Joe Namath -125
Joe Theismann +700
What University Will be Said First Odds
LSU -300
Ohio State +170
First Mention in SB MVP Speech Odds
Team/Teammates -120
City/Fans +325
God/Religion +370
Family +690
Coaches +1200
Team Owner +2500

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase were teammates at LSU. Burrow and Chase gave SEC secondaries nightmares in 2019, and have been doing the same to NFL defensive backs this season.

They combined for 81 catches, 1,455 yards and 13 touchdowns in the regular season. Their unmatched connection, which they forged at LSU will certainly be brought up early, and well before any Ohio State mention on the broadcast.

If I were handicapping how many times LSU is brought up on Sunday before Ohio State I’d make the line 1.5, which is the same number the Chiefs were favored by versus the 49ers two years ago in the Super Bowl point spread history.

Pick: LSU to be Mentioned Before Ohio State (-200)

Other Broadcast Props

Will Michaels/Collinsworth Say the Spread or Total Odds
No -500
Yes +255
How Many Times Will Roger Goodell be Shown Odds
Over 1.5 -140
Under 1.5 -125
Will Joe Burrow be Compared to Macaulay Culkin Odds
No -3000
Yes +650
Will Joe Burrow Be Shown Smoking a Cigar Odds
No -1350
Yes +700

They don’t call him Smoking Joe for nothing folks. The Bengals QB has made a habit of smoking a cigar after a big win, and if Cincy pulls off the upset on Sunday, chances are Burrow will be lighting up again.

Of course this prop hinges not only on the broadcast actually showing him with a cigar in his mouth, but also the Bengals winning the game. Cincy is a 4.5-point underdog against LA, but the odds were also stacked against Burrow in the AFC Championship Game in KC and didn’t seem to matter.

+600 is too good of a price to pass up, especially since we could get another epic video like the one above.

Pick: Joe Burrow Shown Smoking a Cigar (+600)

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