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Super Bowl 56 Game Props – Odds on Winning Margin, First Scoring Play, Total TDs and More

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NFL Football

Updated Feb 6, 2022 · 7:17 PM PST

Matthew Stafford pumped reaction
Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) celebrates during a NFL divisional playoff football game between the Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday, January 23, 2022 in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Alex Menendez)
  • Los Angeles Rams vs the Cincinnati Bengals game props have been released 
  • There’s a Super Bowl prop for everything from winning margin to first scoring play
  • Read below to find out where the betting value lies in the Super Bowl 56 game props

We’re getting closer to kickoff for Super Bowl 56 which features the LA Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals and there are bets on bets on bets for you to make!

The Rams are moneyline favorites in the 2022 Super Bowl odds and there are numerous Super Bowl betting bonuses for bettors all over America to take advantage of.

Below, see game props between LA and Cincy — everything from scoring to sacks, winning margin to two-point conversions.

Click below to jump to the section you’re most interested in. (If you’re looking for bets on Joe Burrow, Matt Stafford and other stars, specifically, you’ll want to check out our Super Bowl player props.)

TouchdownScoreGameplayKickingRace to X | Halftime / Full-TimeWinning Margin

Super Bowl 56 Touchdown Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Total TD 5.5 (-115) 5.5 (-115)
Total Yards of Longest TD 42.5 (-115) 42.5 (-115)
Total Yards of Shortest TD 1.5 (+105) 1.5 (-135)
Total Yards 1st TD 7.5 (-105) 7.5 (-120)
Total TD Passes 3.5 (-175) 3.5 (+130)
Bengals Total TD 2.5 (-105) 4.5 (-135)
Rams Total TD 3.5 (+150) 3.5 (-200)
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Each Team to Score 1 TD in Each Half +135 -175
Either Team to Score Opening Drive TD +114 -138
Both Teams to Score Opening Drive TD +1120 -1800
Both Teams to Score 2+ TD -190 +135
Both Teams to Score 3+ TD +300 -250
Special Team or Defensive Touchdown Scored +225 -300

All odds taken Feb. 2nd from DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM and Caesars Sportsbook.

Rams vs Bengals Total TD Passes

Despite the fact the Rams have averaged 28 points per game in these playoffs, it’s been their ability to mix the run and the pass which has allowed them to unlock the best of Matt Stafford.

He’s thrown two TDs in each of Los Angeles’ three playoff games. Most importantly, he’s thrown just a single pick, after throwing eight in his final four regular season games. Pencil him in for the usual here.

As for Joe Burrow, he’s thrown for two scores in two games, and was held off the board in the Divisional Playoff against the Titans.

It’s not normal to envision a second-year pivot being able to rise to the occasion, especially on the biggest platform in the NFL, but that’s where we are with the unflappable Joe Cool.

He’s going to need to put up points to keep the Bengals in it, and considering the Rams are surrendering just 54 yards per game on the ground in the playoffs, he’s going to have to let it fly.

Even though the Super Bowl odds history shows that Sunday’s game total (48.5) is the lowest in the past seven years, take over 3.5 TD passes.

Pick: Over 3.5 Total TD passes (-175)

Rams vs Bengals Score Props

Prop TD FG
First Scoring Play -200 +165
Prop Odd Even
Total Points -120 +100
Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Highest Scoring Quarter Combined Points 20.5 (+118) 20.5 (-142)
Lowest Scoring Quarter Combined Points 5.5 (-116) 5.5 (-106)
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Either Team to Score Three Straight Times -240 +195
Either Team to Score in Final 2 Minutes of 1st Half -300 +240
Will the Team to Score First Win the Game? -200 +140
Either Team to Record a Safety +750 -2000
Either Team  to Use All 6 Timeouts in Regulation +180 -220
Either Team to Have Successful 2-Point Conversion +250 -360
Game To Go Into Overtime +900 -5000
Either Team to Score on First Offensive Play +4300 -7000
Both Teams to Lead in 1st Half +144 -178
Both Teams to Lead in 2nd Half +158 -194
Both Teams to Lead in 4th Quarter +280 -380
Prop Rams Odds Bengals Odds
Team to Score First -130 +108
Team to Score Last -130 +100
Longest Drive (Yards) Resulting in TD -120 +100
Longest Drive (Yards) Resulting in FG -110 -110
1st Drive Field Goal +450 -800
Offensive Score on 1st Drive +150 -200

Fourth Quarter Super Bowl Drama

While the Rams have been to the Super Bowl within the last five years (a 13-3 loss to the Patriots in 2019), both quarterbacks are in uncharted territory in their postseason careers.

The Rams, of course, found themselves down by 10 in the second half to the 49ers in the NFC Championship, eventually catching and passing them, hanging on for a 20-17 win.

Cincinnati was tied in their game with the Chiefs in the AFC title game, and though KC didn’t hold the lead, there’s a chance we could be in for a similar, close game with two teams unfamiliar with closing out a Super Bowl. Love the plus odds on this one.

Pick: Both teams to lead in 4th Quarter (+280)

Super Bowl Gameplay Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Total Yards 769.5 (-115) 769.5 (-115)
Total Pass Attempts 76.5 (-110) 76.5 (-125)
Total Pass Completions 50.5 (-115) 50.5 (-110)
Total Pass Yards 565.5 (-110) 565.5 (-120)
Total Rush Attempts 48.5 (+105) 48.5 (-140)
Total Rush Yards 210.5 (+136) 210.5 (-174)
Total First Downs 41.5 (-106) 41.5 (-116)
Total Yards of Longest Drive 82.5 (-120) 82.5 (+100)
Total Sacks 5.5 (-115) 5.5 (-115)
Total Interceptions 1.5 (-130) 1.5 (+100)
Total Turnovers 2.5 (-135) 2.5 (+110)
Total Offensive Plays 128.5 (-115) 128.5 (-115)
Total 3rd Down Conversions 10.5 (-160) 10.5 (-105)
Total 4th Down Conversions 0.5 (-330) 0.5 (+235)
Prop Rams Odds Bengals Odds
Most First Downs -160 +130
Most Sacks -230 +175
Team to Record 1st Sack -210 +160
First Team to Use Coach Challenge -115 -115
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
1st Half Fumble Lost +100 -122
2nd Half Fumble Lost +108 -132

Longest Drive of Super Bowl 56

Los Angeles playoff games have only had one drive — for or against — that has gone over this total in 26 scoring drives. Against the 49ers, the Rams went for a mammoth 18-play, 97-yard drive to open the game with a Cooper Kupp TD catch. Everything else has gone under the total.

There have been 29 scoring drives in Cincinnati playoff games. The closest they’ve come to passing this total was a 12-play, 82-yard drive ending in a Tyler Boyd TD. However, they have surrendered three drives for scores over this total.

Let’s play the percentages on this one, gang.

Pick: Total Yards of Longest Drive Under 82.5 yards (+100)

SB 56 Kicking Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Total Made FG 3.5 (+105) 3.5 (-140)
Total Yards of Longest Made FG 47.5 (-110) 47.5 (-125)
Total Yards of Shortest Made FG 27.5 (-115) 27.5 (-115)
Total Yardage of All Made FG 124.5 (-115) 124.5 (-110)
Total Punts 6.5 (-125) 6.5 (-105)
Total Kickoffs 10.5 (-120) 10.5 (-110)
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Either Team to Miss an Extra Point +250 -320
Punt Resulting in Touchback +240 -340
Opening Kickoff Touchback -154 +120
Opening Kickoff for TD +8000 -20000
Punt Returned for Touchdown +1400 -3500
Prop Rams Odds Bengals Odds
Shortest FG Made -115 -115
Longest FG Made -115 -115
Team to Punt First +100 -130

McPherson Kicks Bengals to Success

Perhaps one of the best stories of the Super Bowl is rookie kicker Evan McPherson. A fifth-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, he’s been automatic in the playoffs, drilling 12 of 12 field goals, including three from 50+ and two from 40+.

Matt Gay’s longest field goal of these playoffs is from 46, and he’s 3-for-5 on kicks from 40+, with just one attempt from 50, which he missed.

Pick: Bengals Longest FG made (-115)

Super Bowl 56 First to X Points Props

Prop Rams Odds Bengals Odds Tie Odds (Neither Team Reaches)
First to 15 Points -170 +130 +3000
First to 20 Points -160 +180 +950
First to 25 points +100 +280 +235

Rams First to 20 Points

To me, this registers to a toss-up as much as any other wager on the board.

Both Los Angeles and Cincinnati reached 15 points first in each of their first two playoff games, with both teams falling behind in the Conference Championship round.

The Rams have the extra gear here, offensively, though, in this small playoff sample. They’ve reached 20 first in all of their playoff games, while the Bengals were only able to do that against the Raiders in the Wild Card Round.

Pick: Rams First to 20 Points (-160)

Super Bowl Halftime / Full-Time Result Odds

Result Odds
Rams / Rams +120
Rams / Bengals +900
Rams / Tie +4000
Tie / Rams +1400
Tie / Tie +5000
Bengals / Bengals +275
Bengals / Rams +550
Bengals / Tie +4000
Tie / Bengals +2200

Home Building Advantage Rams?

Even though the Rams are listed as the home team in their own building, they’ll definitely be having those home side vibes in the building. While they’ve shown the ability to come back, they’ve been pretty fast starters, taking the lead in all three playoff games this season.

This is not to say they’re a wire-to-wire selection. Tampa wiped out a 27-3 deficit to tie it at 27, and they fell behind 17-7 to the 49ers after opening the scoring.

The Bengals started down in two of three games these playoffs, but they quickly erased a 3-0 deficit to the Titans and needed three quarters to pull even with the Chiefs.

Pick: Rams-Rams Halftime / Full-Time Result (+120)

Winning Margin Odds for Super Bowl

Result Odds
Rams to Win by 1-6 +300
Rams to Win by 7-12 +360
Rams to Win by 13-18 +525
Rams to Win by 19-24 +1000
Rams to Win by 25-30 +1800
Rams to Win by 31-36 +3500
Rams to Win by 37-42 +10000
Rams to Win by 43 or More +10000
Bengals to Win by 1-6 +375
Bengals to Win by 7-12 +625
Bengals to Win by 13-18 +1300
Bengals to Win by 19-24 +2800
Bengals to Win by 25-30 +8000
Bengals to Win by 31-36 +10000
Bengals to Win by 37-42 +10000
Bengals to Win by 43 or More +10000

Los Angeles’ Winning Margin

Save for a blowout win over the Cardinals, every single game the Rams and Bengals have played has ended in a one-possession result.

While conventional wisdom would have you betting against young pivot Burrow struggling against a veteran and star-laden roster, I don’t seem them getting blown out.

In fact, I expect this one to stick to the usual playoff script.

Pick: Rams to Win by 1-6 (+300)

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