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Odds Say Antonio Brown’s Suspension Will Be No More Than 2 Games, Will Not Be Traded by Raiders

Antonio Brown strapping on his Raiders helmet
Oddsmakers have set the bar for the length of the expected suspension issued to receiver Antonio Brown by the Oakland Raiders at 1.5 games. Photo by Around The NFL Twitter feed [https://twitter.com/AroundTheNFL]
  • The Oakland Raiders are expected to issue a suspension to wide receiver Antonio Brown
  • Brown engaged in a confrontation with Raiders GM Mike Mayock over team fines
  • Sportsbooks have set the total for Brown’s anticipated suspension at 1.5 games

On Thursday, troubled Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown engaged in a verbal confrontation with team GM Mike Mayock. Reportedly, Brown needed to be held back by teammates as he was threatening to punch Mayock.

Brown was upset after learning that the team was fining him $53,950 for skipping out on training camp sessions in protest over the NFL prohibiting him from  wearing a non-approved helmet. The team announced after the incident that it was planning to suspend Brown.

The suspension has yet to be issued, but that hasn’t put a halt to the expectations. Sportsbooks have a prop wager, anticipating the length of Brown’s suspension by the Raiders. The total bar has been set at 1.5 games.

Odds On Length Of Antonio Brown’s Suspension

Over/Under Odds
Over 1.5 games +145
Under 1.5 games -190

*All odds herein taken 9/05/19.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers last season, Brown sat out the final game. He missed practices following a verbal confrontation with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

This time, the issue is far more serious. Brown was threatening to punch his boss. You can’t do that at work and get away with it, even in the NFL.

Brown is leaving the Raiders with no choice but to enact stern discipline. Otherwise, it becomes apparent to the rest of the team that Brown is above the law.

A one-game sit-down won’t be enough. Two might not ever cover it.

Regardless, the over is the play here. If the Raiders don’t deal with Brown harshly, they will be setting a terrible precedent.

Pick: Over 1.5 games (+145)

How Many Games Will Antonio Brown Play This Season?

Over/Under Odds
Over 12.5 games -200
Under 12.5 games +150

Brown appears to be following the Donald Trump gameplan when it comes to rectifying errors of fact or judgement. Instead of admitting his mistake and stepping up to say he was wrong, he’s opting to double down on the animosity.

When the Raiders sent written notification of his fines, Brown thought it wise to post the letter on his Instagram account. The added sauce was his inclusion of words criticizing the team.

That move led to cautionary words from former Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio. He’s of the belief that it was basically a cease and desist order from the team regarding Brown’s behavior.

After Thursday’s altercation went down and Brown was sent home from the Raiders’ practice facility, he evidently made the choice to unfollow both the Raiders and Oakland quarterback Derek Carr on Instagram.

Brown is basically daring the Raiders to do something, leaving the team with little choice but to act accordingly.

Pick: Under 12.5 games (+150)

Will The Raiders Trade Antonio Brown in 2019?

Outcome Odds
Yes +1000
No -5000

Already, the distraction of Brown’s antics is impacting the Raiders-Broncos odds for Monday’s season opener. Oakland opened as a three-point favorite. Denver is currently two-point chalk.

When the Steelers dealt Brown for third- and fifth-round draft picks, they endured shredding from the masses after getting so little in return for an All-Pro receiver.

People are beginning to understand why the bar was set so low. So, good luck to the Raiders if they seek to move on from Brown via trade.

Of course, you know who’s waiting to swoop in and scoop up another malcontent? The New England Patriots, that’s who. The same team that employed Randy Moss and employs Josh Gordon will happily take the Raiders’ problem off their hands for a song.

Pick: Yes (+1000)

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