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Odds Say Robert Kraft Will Be Fined & Suspended by NFL; Won’t Give Up Patriots

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in NFL Football

Updated Apr 3, 2020 · 2:35 PM PDT

Robert Kraft at the White House
Luckily for Robert Kraft, he knows plenty of powerful people. Photo credit US Department Of State (flickr).
  • New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is facing charges of soliciting prostitution
  • The owner of the Super Bowl champs was caught during a sting operation at a Florida massage parlor
  • See the prop bets on how this might impact his ownership of the Patriots

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, has gone from looking forward to a trip to the White House with the Super Bowl champions, to perhaps facing time in the Big House – and no, we don’t mean Michigan Stadium.

Kraft was caught Friday in a prostitution sting at a Jupiter, Fla. massage parlor and is facing misdemeanor charges of soliciting prosititution.

Police are alleging that Kraft is caught on video paying for sexual services at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in the beach resort on two separate occasions.

Kraft is denying the allegations through his legal representatives.

Can He Kraft A Way Out Of This Mess?

How might this run-in with the law impact Kraft’s future with the NFL and indeed his ownership of the Patriots? It’s an intriguing question and one which online sportsbooks are posing.

Oddsmakers have crafted a series of prop bets in relation to Kraft and his future in football franchise ownership.

Odds On Type of Punishment Kraft Faces from NFL

Outcome Odds On Robert Kraft NFL Suspension Result
Both fined and suspended -300
Neither fined or suspended +325
Only fined +400
Only suspended +700

All odds taken 2/23.

Kraft is expected to be officially charged by police next week. If convicted, he could face up to 120 days in county jail, or a sentence as little as community service.

What happens next to Kraft in terms of his NFL future? That’s in the hands of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and he has many options at his disposal.

Goodell might utilize the NFL’s personal conduct policy. That directive states ownership and club or league management are held to a higher standard and subject to more signficant discipline.

Kraft could be fined and/or suspended from all activities involving the Patriots.

What’s It Going to Cost Him?

There are some recent examples that can be cited when seeking to decipher what punishment is likely to await Kraft.

Over/Under Amount of Money Kraft is Fined by NFL

Amount Robert Kraft: If Fined By NFL, Odds On How Much
Under $1 million -200
Over $1 million +150

All odds taken 2/23.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was suspended six games in 2014 and fined $500,000 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor DUI.

In 2012, when the NFL discovered the New Orleans Saints implementing a policy of placing bounties on opponents, Saints owner Tom Benson was fined $500,000.

Over/Under Length of Suspension from NFL

Length Robert Kraft: If Suspended By NFL, Odds On How Long It Will Be
5-8 weeks +125
9-17 weeks +140
1-4 weeks +200

All odds taken 2/23.

Jerry Richardson was forced to sell the Carolina Panthers after evidence of racial and sexual misconduct in the workplace was uncovered.

The league also fined Richardson $2.75 million.

He’s Not Going Anywhere

While Kraft should anticpate some sort of punishment for what Goodell calls embarrassing the shield, don’t expect the Richardson treatment.

He’ll still own the Patriots when all is said and done.

Odds Kraft Still Owns the Patriots in 2019

Outcome Odds Robert Kraft Will Still Be Owner Of The New England Patriots In Week 1 of the 2019 NFL Season
Yes -2000
No +1000

All odds taken 2/23.

There will likely be a suspension of several weeks and a fine, but whatever the amount, it will be chump change. Kraft’s net worth is estimated at $6.6 billion.

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