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Super Bowl 58 Game Props – Odds on Winning Margin, First Scoring Play, Total TDs and More

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in NFL Football

Updated Feb 5, 2024 · 9:31 AM PST

Odds are -185 in Super Bowl game props that any player will score multiple TDs.
Jan 28, 2024; Santa Clara, California, USA; San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey (23) runs with the ball for a touchdown against the Detroit Lions during the second half of the NFC Championship football game at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
  • Game props have been released for the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers
  • There’s a Super Bowl prop for everything from winning margin to first scoring play
  • Read below to find out where the betting value lies in the Super Bowl 58 game props

There are any number of game props available for wagering on Super Bowl 58 between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.  This contest is pitting the #2 (Kansas City) and #3 (San Francisco) defenses in the NFL this season, so scoring could be at a premium. That certainly might impact the way you’ll be playing Super Bowl game props.

In two of three playoff games, the Chiefs have held the opposition to 10 points or less. The 49ers haven’t proven to be as stingy, allowing an average of 26 points over two postseason games.

Oddsmakers are establishing the NFC champion 49ers as 2-point favorites over the AFC Champion Chiefs in the odds to win the Super Bowl. The same two teams met in the 2020 Super Bowl. Kansas City won that game 31-20.

Click one any of the icons below to jump to the Super Bowl game prop section you’re most interested in and get ready to place some Super Bowl prop bets. If you’re looking for make specific prop bets on individual players in the game such as Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, or San Francisco’s Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel, or any of the other stars suiting up in this Super Bowl game, then you’ll want to check out our Super Bowl player props. There’s also separate categories for Super Bowl halftime props and Super Bowl commercial props.

When seeking out the best betting app for football, finding odds on a wide variety of game props is a big check mark in their favor. And if you’re new to wagering on sports and want to learn a little more about game props, check out our Super Bowl prop bets explained guide.

Kickoff for Super Bowl 58 at Allegiant Field is set for 6:30 on Sunday, February 11. CBS is carrying the broadcast of the game.

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Super Bowl 58 Touchdown Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Total TD 5.5 (+105) 5.5 (-125)
Total Yards of Longest TD 41.5 (+130) 41.5 (-160)
 Total Yards of Shortest TD 1.5 (+108) 1.5 (-145)
Total Rushing TD 1.5 (+140) 1.5 (-175)
Chiefs Total TD 2.5 (+175) 2.5 (-240)
49ers Total TD 2.5 (+175) 2.5 (-240)
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Both Teams to Score 1+ TD in First Half -175 +140
Each Team to Score 1+ TD and 1+ FG -210 +170
Each Team to Score 1+ TD and 1+ FG in Each Half +1100 -3000
Any Player to Score 2+ TDs -185 +135
Any Player to Score 3+ TDs +500 -1000
TD and FG Scored in Every Quarter +2000 -6000
Punt Return TD +1400 OFF

All odds taken Feb. 4 from BetMGMDraftKings Sportsbook, Bet365 Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook. Check out all of the big game betting promotions offered by these leading sites.

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Can McCaffrey Double Down Again?

In both playoff games so far this season, San Francisco RB Christian McCaffrey has scored a pair of touchdowns. Can he turn two again on Super Bowl Sunday? He’s always a solid bet as a Super Bowl anytime touchdown scorer.

McCaffrey has accounted for multiple TDs in five games this season. He’s the best bet to do it in the big game. Looking to historical Super Bowl odds, in last year’s game, Eagles QB Jalen Hurts scored three TDs against the Chiefs.

This one figures to be a low-scoring affair featuring two strong defensive units. As much as it will be enticing to bet McCaffrey to account for 2+ TDs, take the price on no.

Pick: No player to score 2+ TDs (+135)

Chiefs vs 49ers Scoring Props

Prop TD FG
First Scoring Play -155 +125
Prop Odd Even
Total Points -130 +110
Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Chiefs First Half TDs 1.5 (+160) 1.5 (-208)
49ers First Half Points 10.5 (-105) 10.5 (-115)
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Either Team To Score TD on Opening Drive +116 -142
Either Team To Score Three Straight Times -175 +140
Will Any Quarter be Scoreless? +360 -500
Will There Be Safety? -4000 +1260
Will There Be 2-Point Conversion Attempt +125 -165
Points Scored in First 10:00 of the Game -375 +285
Chiefs to Win and Both Teams Score 20 Points +290 +280
Chiefs to Win and Both Teams Score 30 Points +1500 +120
49ers to Win and Both Teams Score 20 Points +250 +240
49ers to Win and Both Teams Score 30 Points +1400 -105
Both Teams to Score 20+ Points -110 -118
Prop Chiefs Odds 49ers Odds
Team to Score First -115 -115
Team to Score Last -110 -110
Team to Score First TD +105 -130
Team to Score Most TDs +135 +125
Either Team to Attempt 2-Point Conversion +325 +375
Team to Score First TD in Second Half -105 -105

Chiefs Getting Started Early

In all three of their playoff games this season, Kansas City has produced a first-drive touchdown. Meanwhile, the 49ers have allowed the other team to score on both of their first possessions in San Francisco’s two postseason contests. Green Bay kicked a field goal and Detroit scored a TD.

In three of the past six Super Bowl games, there’s been a first-possession TD recorded. In two of those – last year’s Chiefs vs Eagles game and Super Bowl 52 between the Eagles and Patriots – both teams scored a TD on their first possession.

Pick: Either team to score TD on opening drive (+116)

Super Bowl Gameplay Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Length of Last TD 10.5 (-110) 10.5 (-110)
Largest Lead of Game 14.5 (+109) 14.5 (-145)
Longest Kickoff Return Yardage 27.5 (+110) 27.5 (-135)
Total Sacks 4.5 (-142) 4.5 (+110)
Total First Downs 41.5 (-120) 41.5 (-110)
Total 3rd Down Conversions 11.5 (-130) 11.5 (+105)
Total 4th Down Conversions 1.5 (+115) 1.5 (-140)
Total Penalties Accepted 10.5 (-125) 10.5 (-105)
Prop Chiefs Odds 49ers Odds
Most First Downs -105 -110
To Score on 1st Offensive Play +5500 +5500
Team to Score Longest TD +116  -142
1st Team to Call Timeout -115 -115
1st Team to Use Coach’s Challenge -135 +115
Team With Most Offensive Plays -102 -108
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Team That Scores Last Wins Game -205 +170
Last Play of Game to be QB Kneel -175 +145
Will There be Overtime? +1200 -3000

Team Scoring Last in Super Bowl Is Best

This just might be the biggest lock of all Super Bowl prop bets. In each of the past 18 big games, the team to get on the scoreboard last was the one that lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy. You have to go back to Super Bowl 39, when the Philadelphia Eagles registered a late TD in their 24-21 loss to the New England Patriots, to find an instance when the losing side scored last.

The Chiefs have scored last in each of their Super Bowl wins with Patrick Mahomes at QB. Meanwhile, the 49ers haven’t scored last in their two most recent appearances in the big game, and lost both times.

Pick: Team that scores last wins game (-205)

Super Bowl 58 Kicking Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
49ers Total Made FG 1.5 (+100) 1.5 (-127)
Total Yards of Shortest FG Attempt 26.5 (-110) 26.5 (-110)
Total Yards of Last FG Attempt 36.5 (-110) 36.5 (-110)
Total Punts 7.5 (+130) 7.5 (-170)
Total Kickoffs -5.5 (-110) -223
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will Either Team Miss a PAT? +380 -600
Will a Punt be Downed Inside 5-yard Line? +200 -270
Will There be a Fake Punt or Field Goal? +920 +1800
Will There be a FG Doink? +650 -1000
Will The Opening Kickoff be a Touchback? -370 +250
Prop Chiefs Odds 49ers Odds
First Team to Punt 3 Times -118 -108
Team to Attempt Onside Kick +750 +750
Last Team to Punt -110 -110
Team With Most Punts -110 -110
Team to Punt 1st -110 -110
Last Team to Make a FG -110 -110
Team To Receive Opening Kickoff -110 -110

Will 49ers Run Fake Punt?

Twice this season, the Chiefs were victimized for big yardage off of fake punt plays. In their season-opening loss to the Detroit Lions, Detroit coach Dan Campbell called for a direct snap to LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin on their own 17-yard line against the Chiefs and it worked for a first down.

In Week 5, Minnesota Vikings RB Ty Chandler scampered 15 yards on fourth-and-two via fake punt to record another first down against Kansas City.

The 49ers ran a fake punt of their own in Week 14 against the Seattle Seahawks. Punter Mitch Wisnosky rambled 30 yards on the play. However, the gain was wiped out by offsetting penalties.

Pick: Yes there will be a fake punt (+920)

Super Bowl 58 Race to X Points Odds

Prop Chiefs Odds 49ers Odds
First to 15 Points +115 -125
First to 20 Points +135 -105
First to 25 Points +210 +155

Slow starts have proven to be a trademark of the 49ers this postseason. San Francisco trailed Detroit 24-7 at halftime of the NFC Championship Game. They were down 13-7 and 21-14 to Green Bay in the NFL Divisional Round Playoffs.

That bodes well for the Chiefs, who’ve been the first to 15 points in two of their three playoff games.

Pick: Chiefs first to 15 points (+115)

Super Bowl Red Zone Props

Result Chiefs 49ers
Highest Red Zone TD % +115 -135
Result Over Under
Chiefs Red Zone TD %  59.5 (-140) 59.5 (+115)
49ers Red Zone TD % 67.5 (+180) 67.5 (-220)

They should issue a red zone red alert when the 49ers possess the ball inside the other team’s 20-yard line. They’ve been the NFL’s most productive red zone team all season long, and have launched that success rate into the stratosphere during postseason play.

Through the 2023 NFL season, San Francisco scores a TD on 68.49% of red-zone possessions. Over the last three games, the 49ers are finding the end zone at an 88.89% success rate. During their NFC Championship Game rally to beat the Detroit Lions, the Niners scored TDs on 80% of their red zone ventures.

Pick: 49ers Red Zone TD % over 67.5% (+180).

Winning Margin Odds for Super Bowl 58

Result Odds
Chiefs to Win by 1-6 +310
Chiefs to Win by 7-12 +600
Chiefs to Win by 13-18 +950
Chiefs to Win by 19-24 +1750
Chiefs to Win by 25-30 +3500
Chiefs to Win by 31-36 +4500
49ers to Win by 1-6 +305
49ers to Win by 7-12 +490
49ers to Win by 13-18 +700
49ers to Win by 19-24 +1200
49ers to Win by 25-30 +2400
49ers to Win by 31-36 +3500

Both of these teams are winning tight games during the NFL postseason. In each of their playoff games, the 49ers were victors by the exact margin of three points. Over the last two weeks, Kansas City won by three and seven points.

Logically, expect another close game to be played on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pick: Chiefs to win by 1-6 points (+310)


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