Klobuchar Campaign on Life Support; Nomination Odds Now Twice as Bad as Someone Who Isn’t Even Running

Amy Klobuchar speaking
At +5000, odds give Amy Klobuchar odds twice as long as Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic Presidential nomination. And Clinton isn't even running. Photo by: Gage Skidmore (Flickr).
  • Odds list Amy Klobuchar at odds of +5000 to win the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination
  • Books peg her as the third-likeliest candidate to drop out of the race next. Is her campaign done?
  • Find the Democratic Presidential nomination odds, and who else might be a good bet to drop out of the race in the story below

Things are dire right now for the Amy Klobuchar Presidential campaign.

Remember that candidate in the mid-terms who ended up losing to a dead guy? Well, Klobuchar can relate. She’s being haunted by the ghosts of Democratic Presidential failures past.

Currently, odds list Klobuchar at +5000 in the 2020 Democratic nomination odds.

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate who lost the election to Donald Trump, is at odds of +2500. Here’s the thing – Clinton isn’t even running, and she’s still lapped Klobuchar

2020 Democratic Nomination Odds

Candidate Odds
Bernie Sanders -110
Michael Bloomberg +400
Joe Biden +500
Pete Buttigieg +900
Elizabeth Warren +2000
Hillary Clinton +2500
Amy Klobuchar +5000
Tom Steyer +8000
Michelle Obama +8000
Tulsi Gabbard +8000

Odds taken Feb. 26.

Klobuchar Campaign Reeling

In the span of a couple of weeks, the Klobuchar campaign recorded its highest high and its lowest low.

She turned in a strong third-place showing in the New Hampshire primary. That seemed to indicate that, suddenly, outlier Klobuchar was poised to become a player in the Democratic race.

Then she flubbed badly in the Nevada debate. On stage, she proved unable to remember the name of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The next day, her average odds to win the nomination nearly doubled. Klobuchar was clobbered in the Nevada caucuses. She finished sixth, gaining a paltry 4.2% share and zero delegates.

Chasing Amy From The Race

Klobuchar needs a big performance in the Feb. 29th South Carolina primary. She also must be a factor in several of the 16 states up for grabs on March 3rd, a.k.a. Super Tuesday.

If not, it’s going to be time to pack up her campaign and head home to Minnesota.

Books think that’s a distinct possibility, establishing Klobuchar as their third-favorite to be the next candidate to drop out of the race. She’s at odds of +300.

Odds on Which Democratic Candidate Will Drop Out Next

Candidate Odds
Tulsi Gabbard +175
Tom Steyer +250
Amy Klobuchar +300
Elizabeth Warren +900
Joe Biden +1100
Pete Buttigieg +1600
Michael Bloomberg +2000
Bernie Sanders +10000

Tulsi Gabbard (+175) is the chalk to be the next out. But truth be told, no one’s really noticed that she’s still in the race.

Tom Steyer (+250) is a billionaire. As long as he wants to spend money, he can hang in there.

At +300, Klobuchar looks like a sound value bet.

Minnesota Nice Finishing Last

Klobuchar bills herself as Minnesota nice, and she does give off a public persona of being a decent, likable person. However, she’s displayed little to suggest she has what it takes to be Presidential.

Her numbers in key upcoming states indicate the tough road ahead for her campaign. Klobuchar is polling at 6% in Colorado, 5% in Virginia and 4% in California. In South Carolina, she’s at 3.8%.

She does hold a solid lead in her home state of Minnesota at 29% but that’s to be expected.

Klobuchar isn’t the worst candidate in the running but she’s also far from the best. Currently, there’s too many moderates in the race to provide suitable foil to the progressive leanings of frontrunner Bernie Sanders.

Some of them must go. Klobuchar doesn’t seem to get the message that she needs to step aside.

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