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Odds Biden Completes His First Term Only -200; Impeachment Conviction Odds at +600

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in Politics

Jan 14, 2021 · 1:25 PM PST

Joe and Jill Biden smiling and waving to a crowd
Say hello to President-elect and future First Lady Joe and Jill Biden. Photo by Glyn Lowe PhotoWorks (creative commons). Image has been cropped.
  • The odds of President-elect Joe Biden leaving office via impeachment are +600
  • Biden is only given -200 odds to complete his first term in the White House, though
  • On Tuesday, current President Donald Trump was impeached for the second time during his first term

Now that US President Donald Trump has suffered the indignity of a second impeachment, should President-elect Joe Biden anticipate a similar fate once he takes up residence in the White House next week?

Politics is a vindictive business. And Republicans have proven that they are a petty bunch.

Still, a series of prop wagers on what the days ahead might hold for Biden in the Oval Office don’t see being convicted during an impeachment trial in his future.

Odds are -1500 against Biden leaving office due to impeachment. Likewise, yes is the odds-on -200 betting choice as to whether Biden will finish out his first term in the White House.

Joe Biden First Presidential Term Props

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will Joe Biden leave office via impeachment? +600 -1500
Will Joe Biden complete his first term as President? -200 +150

Odds as of Jan. 14.

At +400, Biden is the second betting choice in the 2024 Presidential election odds behind his Vice-President Kamala Harris (+388).

Biden Impeachment Would Be Driven By Pettiness

At this juncture, a Biden impeachment attempt would seem like an exercise in futility. The Democrats will control the White House, Senate and House. Any attempt to introduce the Articles of Impeachment against Biden will suffer quick and easy defeat.

The Republicans will be hoping to flip either the House or Senate in the 2022 midterms to maintain any chance of making headway on an impeachment attempt. What’s that you say? Doesn’t Biden first need to commit high crimes or misdemeanors in order for him to suffer impeachment?

If you think that’s the case, you’ve haven’t been paying attention to the petulance of some Republicans. There’s a solid constituency within the party that’s been detached from reality for years.

These are the people refusing to wear a mask during a global pandemic. Who whine about big brother forcing them to go through a metal detector to enter the Capitol Building, because apparently, they’ve never had to board a plane, attend a sporting event, or visit a school.

Facts won’t get in the way of a Biden impeachment attempt by the Republicans. In fact, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon cultist, is already announcing that she intends to file Articles of Impeachment for abuse of power against Biden on Jan. 21st.

You know, that power Biden doesn’t even get until his Jan. 20th inauguration.

Pick: Joe Biden won’t leave office via impeachment (-1500)

Biden Will Finish The Journey

At the age of 78, thoughts of Biden running for a second term appear unlikely. However, he’ll be finishing out his first term.

Republicans who continue hitching their wagons to the Trump train as it careens off a cliff simply aren’t reading the room. The majority of Americans have endured their fill of drama and chaos. They’re tired of watching their government sit idly by as COVID-19 kills hundreds of thousands across the nation.

The insurrection inside the Capitol Building on Jan. 6th horrified people. It was a tipping point for some of the staunchest Trump supporters.

Get beyond his cult followers and Trump is toxic. He’s destroying the Republican party from within. Members of the party’s leadership are finally ready to rid themselves of the connection.

The American people seek the restoration of calm and order. They want the adults back in the White House.

Pick: Biden to complete first term (-200)

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