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Odds Heavily Against Brett Kavanaugh Being Impeached or Resigning Before End of 2019

Brett Kavanaugh testifying before Congress.
Online sportsbooks are offering odds against US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh being impeached or tendering his resignation before the end of 2019. Photo by Ninian Reid (flickr).
  • Is US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh going to be impeached or will he resign before the end of 2019?
  • Online sportsbooks are offering odds against both scenarios happening
  • Sexual misconduct allegation have been following Kavanaugh since his announcement as a SCOTUS nominee

Voices renewing calls for US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached are coming from several Democratic Presidential candidates. These demands are being put forth following the release of new information that renews sexual misconduct accusations against Kavanaugh.

He is denying all accusations.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro and Kamala Harris are all calling for Kavanaugh’s ouster from SCOTUS.

Online sportsbooks believe that these calls will fall on deaf ears. They are offering a pair of prop bets on Kavanaugh. Lines are available asking if he will be impeached or will tender his resignation prior to the end of 2019.

In both instances, the odds are heavily weighted in favor of no.

Will Brett Kavanaugh Be Impeached By End Of 2019

Outcome Odds
Yes +1000
No -2500

Odds taken on 09/19/19.

The higher ups in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives threw cold water on any notion of a quick move to impeach Kavanaugh. There’s good reason behind that line of thinking.

Impeaching of a Supreme Court Justice requires two elements to come together.

First, there must be an investigation taking place in the House leading to an impeachment vote. Should the House find itself meeting this level of qualification, Kavanaugh would then be put on trial within the Republican-controlled Senate.

It would be necessary to gain a two-thirds majority vote of the Senate in order of there to be a conviction of Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh Won’t Be Impeached . . . Yet

Is there valid reasoning at this point for the House to pursue impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh? Perhaps. But for the time being, it’s pointless. It would be a futile gesture.

Convincing the Republicans in the Senate on the merits of a conviction will end up proving to be a fruitless exercise. It was only October when they were approving Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice. To be honest, much of the current conversation regarding impropriety by Kavanaugh was under discussion then.

Only one Supreme Court Justice has ever been impeached. In 1805, the House impeached Samuel Chase. But the Senate declined to follow through with a conviction. Chase stayed on the bench.

The same scenario would almost certainly play out here.

Let’s suppose by some miracle Kavanaugh was impeached and there was a conviction. US President Donald Trump is simply going to put forth another conservative judge to be filling his robe.

But As long as Republicans control the Senate, Kavanaugh isn’t going anywhere. And that situation can’t change prior to the 2020 elections.

Pick: No (-2500).

Will Brett Kavanaugh Resign By End Of 2019

Outcome Odds
Yes +500
No -1000

It would take the exertion of tremendous pressure upon Kavanaugh to make him tender his resignation. The threat of potential indictment or legal action against him might do so. Currently, there’s no indication any such events will be forthcoming.

The latest allegations facing Kavanaugh aren’t breaking new ground. They were present during his nomination hearing.

There was legitimate reasoning for people to be questioning his honesty and suitability for a SCOTUS seat. And it changed nothing in the end.

Kavanaugh is the poster boy for the polarization of American politics. The left doesn’t have the goods to bring him down. They don’t have the clout to force him out. The right will forever stand by their man.

This all could change following the 2020 elections. But it won’t make any difference before the end of 2019.

Pick: No (-1000).

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