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Trump Remains Heavy Favorite for Republican Nominee in 2020

Donald Trump
Donald Trump is sure to have a thing or two to say about Super Bowl 52. Photo by Gage Skidmore (Flickr) [CC License]
  • Bovada still maintains U.S. President Donald Trump will be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2020
  • He’s listed as heavy favorite, even though the Democrat-controlled House is making noises about impeachment
  • The last sitting President not to run for a second term was Lyndon Johnson in 1968

While new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was discussing the possibility of impeaching Republican Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States was doing what he enjoys most – punching back. Trump took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to blast any suggestion of impeachment.

Trump insists that he’s going nowhere, and Bovada seems to be on board with that theory. The sportsbook is offering odds that list Trump as the overwhelming favorite to be the Republican nominee for President again in 2020.

2020 Republican Presidential Nominee Odds

Team Odds to be Republican Presidential Nominee in 2020 at Bovada (01/03/19)
Donald Trump -350
Mike Pence +800
Ben Shapiro +2000
Paul Ryan +2000
Jamie Dimon +2500
Orrin Hatch +2500
John Kasich +3000
Mark Cuban +3000
Rand Paul +4000

The last sitting President who opted not to seek a second term was Lyndon Johnson in 1968. The last sitting Republican President not to seek a second term was Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

Can Trump Be Toppled?

To paraphrase former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it would appear that the only thing that can stop Trump is Trump himself. Thus far, he truly is the epitome of a Teflon Don. No matter how much corruption and criminal activity is unearthed within his administration, nothing seems to stick to him. His base refuses to erode.

According to data released Jan. 4 by fivethirtyeight.com, 41.4 percent of Americans approve of Trump. While that’s the lowest total of any sitting U.S. President at the two-year mark of their first term, it’s still an astonishingly high number considering all the wrongdoing that’s been discovered.

Will it Be Impeachment or Indictment?

While Democrats fire up the impeachment rhetoric and that might seem the logical course for them to pursue in a bid to oust Trump, the odds of getting it through the Republican-controlled Senate would look to be slim to none.

Republicans still fear Trump’s power among the masses of right-wing supporters. As has often been stated, it’s no longer the Republican Party – it’s Donald Trump’s party.

The nuclear option might be getting an indictment against Trump via special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Fear of that is what finally convinced Richard Nixon to resign the Presidency in 1973 amidst the Watergate scandal.

Should You Like Mike?

Based on Trump’s history of fighting back, it’s unlikely he’ll go away quietly. That’s why it makes sense that unless Mueller unearths a smoking gun, Trump will head the Republican ticket in 2020.

But if Mueller does uncover significant illegal activity tied directly to Trump and an indictment appears imminent, then the odds would be good that Vice-President Mike Pence could end up in the Oval Office.

Based on what is in the public arena today, Trump in 2020 is the best bet. Still, placing a small wager on Pence at +800 wouldn’t be a foolish move.

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