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Trump’s Impeachment Odds Getting Better as Cohen Prepares to Testify

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in Politics News

Updated Mar 26, 2020 · 10:59 AM PDT

Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen should have a very captive audience this week in Congress. Image by Donkey Hotey (flickr) [CC License].
  • Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer, is testifying before Congress
  • He gave testimony behind closed doors Tuesday and will be in a public forum Wednesday
  • As a result, books have increased the odds that Trump will be impeached

Is Michael Cohen about to put the nails into Donald Trump’s impeachment coffin? He’s also known as Mikey The Fixer and the personal problem solver for the US President. As a result, Cohen is expected to reveal many skeletons that Trump has hidden away in the proverbial closet.

But will it be enough to bring about the impeachment of Donald Trump? In answer to this question, books are leaning more toward yes. They currently list the odds of a Trump impeachment at +200.

Odds US President Donald Trump Will Be Impeached

Will US President Donald Trump Be Impeached? Odds
Yes +200
No -300

*All odds taken 02/26/19

Trump’s overall odds of not being impeached at leading sportsbooks are down. They dropped from -370 on November 23rd to -270 by February 26th.

Can Mikey Dent Teflon Don?

Cohen sits down in front of Congress on Wednesday. It’s expected he will discuss in public for the first time Trump’s role in the crimes that Cohen pleaded guilty to last year. This figures to include behind the scenes detail of questionable business conduct involving Trump. It’s anticipated this testimony will be backed up by supporting documentation.

This will likely include Trump’s involvement in a Trump Tower in Moscow. In other words, it may be determined how far into his Presidential campaign he maintained this negotiating process.

Reports were that Cohen was extensively grilled Tuesday behind closed doors by the Senate Intelligence Committee. As a result, it’s alleged he admitted that he’d lied to them during previous testimony in 2017.

Republicans Attack Cohen

Trump supporters in the Republican Party aren’t waiting. They are already on the offensive. Republicans were busying themselves Tuesday with efforts to discredit Cohen. For instance, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls Cohen pathetic. Congress is listening to someone who is a proven liar, she insists. Evidently, she’s unfamiliar with the adage about throwing stones in glass houses,

However, the Sanders rhetoric was nothing. Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz directed an apparent threat at Cohen.

Walter Schaub  labels Gaetz’s attack as witness tampering. Schaub is the former director of the Office of Government Ethics.

Cohen Just Trump’s Latest Problem

Michael Flynn. Paul Manafort. Rick Gates. George Papadopoulos. Roger Stone. Cohen. The list of those indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller keeps on growing and diving deeper into Trump’s inner circle.

Cohen is benefiting from a deal with Mueller. Therefore, he gets a lesser sentence in exchange for his testimony.

Will Cohen’s testimony be the smoking gun that finishes Trump’s tenure as President? Probably not. However, it should advance that cause of those seeking to move closer to a Trump impeachment.

Or have you forgotten that other old saying, the one about where there’s smoke, there’s generally fire?

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