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Puppy Bowl 2020 Props: MVP’s Age, Gender, First Letter of Name; Will a Pup Attempt to Mate?

Eric Thompson

by Eric Thompson in News

Updated Mar 30, 2021 · 1:09 PM PDT

Adoptable pit mixes from the East Bay SPCA compete at Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl Cafe at Gott's Roadside on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016 at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. (Alison Yin/ AP Images for Discovery Communications)
  • In case betting the Puppy Bowl spread isn’t enough there are now six prop bets around the 2020 game
  • What will the age, breed, gender or name of the MVP be? 
  • Will Michael Vick tweet about the Puppy Bowl?

The dog days of sports betting are here. Not because football is soon ending, but because you can literally bet on a whole whack of tiny dogs doing adorable things.

Move over Westminster Dog Show and greyhound races, Puppy Bowl XVI is the premier canine betting experience. And, once again, we’ve got all the analysis to help you make informed decisions on a prerecorded Animal Planet event whose primary goal is to encourage adoption.

Read all our picks, below, and then tune in on Sunday, Feb. 2, at 3:00 PM ET to watch these adorable doggos, because there is nothing else happening that day.

2020 Puppy Bowl Point Spread

Point Spread Odds
Team Fluff -7.5 -140
Team Ruff +7.5 EVEN

All odds taken Jan. 21.

Conventional wisdom and/or lazy joke writing often lead to experts picking the side getting points (more commonly known as the under … something). But these games are typically routs: only one of five games since they started keeping score was decided by fewer than 7.5.

So if you like Team Fluff to avenge last year’s loss, don’t worry about the points.


If puppies aren’t motivated by vengeance, than I know nothing about dogs.

Age of Puppy Bowl MVP

Age Odds
Over 17.5 Weeks +135
Under 17.5 Weeks -175

Only 19 of 42 starting puppies are over the 17.5-week threshold, hence the longer odds. But age is also a strength. A few extra weeks is like eons in dog years (is that the conversion rate?) so these 20-week-old puppers have the benefit of wisdom and bladder control. Plus, check out Sol.

She is 26 weeks old! She is the Danny Almonte of this year’s Puppy Bowl. Except, instead of being labeled a cheater for beating down younger competitors, she’ll follow this up with a lifetime of belly rubs and someone else picking up her poop.

Gender of Puppy Bowl MVP

Gender Odds
Female -110
Male 130

There’s an old saying in the dog-rearing world: “bitches be crazy!” And you want a little crazy in a competitor. Well, the female dogs will give you that.

YouTube video

(Side note: Puppy Bowl with the sweet Deflate-gate burn back in 2016. How will they stay topical this year: make a documentary about Aaron “Fur”nandez?)

Over the last four years, the award has been split two and two between genders. It’s a coin-flip, so even though they’re outnumbered slightly, we’re rolling with female.

First Letter of Puppy Bowl MVP’s Name

First Letter Odds
A-J -120
K-Z -120

I don’t know who named all these dogs, but they clearly did it right before lunch. About a dozen have a moniker related to food and beverages. Doesn’t help you with this prop, but I thought it was interesting.


Anyway, there’s an even split of starting dogs along the J-K line, so this one is also essentially a toss-up. But one of these dogs is named Granny Smith. I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of side I want to align with.

Also, the last two MVP’s names started with a B.

Odds Puppy Bowl MVP is Purebred of Mixed Breed

Result Odds
Purebred +600
Mixed Breed -1200

Today’s political climate doesn’t seem like the kind of place to bring up the topic of “pure breeding.” So instead, we’re just gonna skip this and roll with the heavy favorite.

Odds a Puppy Attempts to Mate

Result Odds
Yes +350
No -600

They definitely will, because they’re some horny-ass puppers. But until HBO starts broadcasting the game, you won’t be seeing any doggy-style at home.

Odds Michael Vick Tweets About the 2020 Puppy Bowl

Result Odds
Yes +1400
No -10000

This is the Family Guy of prop bets: they bring it back every year despite it being less funny and less relevant than ever. The Puppy Bowl is supposed to be a joyous time, not a stark reminder that animal cruelty exists.

Plus, Vick only tweets like twice a month and it’s just to promote stuff. I feel like a joke prop giving +1400 odds isn’t enough to sway that.

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