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We’ve Rounded Up Every 2020 Super Bowl Prop Involving President Trump

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in NFL Football

Updated Mar 25, 2020 · 4:26 PM PDT

Donald Trump speaking
Sportsbooks have put out wide-ranging Super Bowl prop bets on US President Donald Trump, and they're all right here. Photo by Gage Skidmore (Flickr).
  • Online sportsbooks have set forth an array of Trump Super Bowl props relating to US President Donald Trump
  • Will the President congratulate the winning team on Twitter?
  • Are the Super Bowl champs going to visit Trump at the White House?

How often will US President Donald Trump tweet during Super Bowl Sunday? When the game is over, will Trump post a tweet congratulating the winning coach? Will that winning team reciprocate by visiting the White House?

These are just a few of vast array of props on offer at online sportsbooks relating to the President and the Super Bowl.

President Donald Trump Super Bowl Props

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will President Trump Sing Along to National Anthem? +200 -300
Will President Trump Tweet Latinos After The Game? +500 -1000
Will President Trump Predict Winner Before Kickoff? +500 -1000
Will President Trump Tweet During The Game? +150 -200
Will President Trump Call Winning Coach After The Game? +500 -1000
Will Donald Trump Ad Say Super Bowl? -200 +150
Will Donald Trump Ad Thank Fox? +500 -1000
Will President Trump Congratulate Winning Team On Twitter? -120 -120
Will Super Bowl-Winning Team Visit White House? -220 +155
Will President Trump Attend Super Bowl? +300 -500
Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Total President Trump Tweets On Super Bowl Sunday Over 13.5 (+130) Under 13.5 (-170)
Total Times M. Bloomberg Ad Will Say Trump Over 2 Trumps (-120) Under 2 Trumps (-120)
Which Will Be Higher? Odds
Yardage of Longest Reception? -200
Trump Approval Rating on 2/3/2020? +150

Odds taken Jan. 21st

Trump’s twitter behavior on Super Bowl Sunday is a lot like him – erratic. His Super Bowl attention span is again much like him – it comes and goes.

Another Star Spangled Blunder?

Will the President sing along to the National Anthem? It’s hard to do when you don’t know all the words. The last time he gave it a shot at a football game – two years ago at the College Football Playoff championship game in Atlanta – his efforts reminded people of Leslie Nielsen’s performance in the Naked Gun.

YouTube video

The Donald seemed to offer a half-hearted performance to start off the Star Spangled Banner, mumbling and mouthing about half the words. To his credit, he did pick up his game in the later stages of the song.

Pick: No (-300)

Trump Traditionally Rests Thumbs on Super Bowl Sunday

Sportsbooks have set the total on Trump Super Bowl Sunday tweets at 13.5. Last year, he sent out a paltry three tweets on Super Bowl Sunday. The season prior, he tweeted just once.

However, there’s a lot more on his mind at the moment. There’s his ongoing impeachment trial. Oh, and the Iowa caucuses, the first true test of the 2020 Presidential race, go the day after the Super Bowl.

Regardless, 13.5 is going to be a reach.

Pick: Under 13.5 (-170)

Will Trump Give Twitter Shout Out to Winners?

This one’s a bit of a tougher call.

Last season, even though his beloved New England Patriots and his pal Tom Brady won yet another Super Bowl, the Prez was silent about it.

Instead, he used Twitter to brag about his golf game with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Oddly, he offered salutations to the Pats for their AFC Championship Game win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The year prior, he congratulated the Philadelphia Eagles for beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. And he sent out a congratulatory tweet to the Patriots following their huge rally to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

Doing the math, he’s two-for-three on congratulatory Super Bowl tweets. And remember, his pal Nick Bosa plays for San Francisco.

If the 49ers win, expect a Presidential tweet about it. If the Chiefs win, it’s a toss up.

Pick: Yes (-120)

Will There Be a White House Visit?

Come on, folks. This is the NFL. The owners of these teams are the guys who are raking in the cash thanks to the Trump tax bill. No matter which team wins, some players may opt out of the visit. But you can count on there being a visit.

YouTube video

Should it be the Niners who earn the trip, you know Bosa’s been dreaming about getting the Kurt Suzuki treatment from Trump all season long.

Pick: Yes (-220)

Approve or Pass?

Which will be higher – the President’s approval rating the day after the game, or the yardage of the longest pass completion in the Super Bowl?

Are we talking about the real number, or the fake 95 percent approval rating that Trump regularly tweets without citing a source?

FiveThirtyEight.com tracks Trump’s approval rating. In four years, it’s never gone above 51 percent in any poll.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes completed a 60-yard TD pass during the postseason.

Pick: Yardage of Longest Reception (-200)

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