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2019 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Odds: Lewis Hamilton Heavily Favored

David Golokhov

by David Golokhov in Racing

Feb 11, 2019 · 2:34 PM PST

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton is a huge favorite to win the 2019 F1 Drivers' Championship. Photo by Andrew Locking (Wikimedia Commons).
  • Lewis Hamilton is a heavy -140 favorite to win the 2019 F1 Drivers’ Championship
  • Charles Leclerc finished well and now might be a real threat as he joins Ferrari
  • Will Leclerc push Sebastian Vettel to new heights in 2019?

There are some new changes to Formula 1 this season as some tweaks to the aerodynamics rules and some changes behind the wheel could make things interesting.

“Interesting” is the operative word because it’s been anything but for bettors of late as Lewis Hamilton has won four of the last five Drivers’ Championships while Mercedes has been the Constructors’ Champions five years in a row. Will anything change in 2019?

2019 F1 Drivers’ Championship Odds

Driver Odds to Win 2019 Drivers Championship
Lewis Hamilton -140
Sebastian Vettel +325
Max Verstappen +450
Charles Leclerc +900
Valterri Bottas +1400
Pierre Gasly +3300
Daniel Ricciardo +5000
Nico Hulkenberg +15000
Carlos Sainz +20000
Kevin Magnussen +25000
Kimi Raikkonen +25000
Sergio Perez +25000
Romain Gosjean +25000
Lance Stroll +30000
Lando Norris +30000
Daniil Kvyat +50000
George Russell +35000
Antonio Giovinazzi +75000
Robert Kubica +25000
Alexander Albon +100000

Pay Attention to the Preseason

If you’re thinking of betting against Mercedes, the first thing you’ll want to pay close attention to is the preseason. That will be our first look at Renault and Honda, and that will tell us if they have any shot of making some noise here. Remember that Mercedes has a huge technological lead on these guys right now.

If not, that basically means that it’s down to Mercedes and Ferrari. While Ferrari has a chance, Mercedes has proven to be the fastest, most reliable car in recent history.

Can Leclerc Spark Vettel… Or Win it All Himself?

Charles Leclerc is the talk of the town heading into the 2019 F1 season. We’re talking about a driver that had a sensational rookie season, finishing with six points in each of his final three races, and now he’s joined Ferrari. Going from Sauber to Ferrari is a huge jump.

The main questions people want answered with Leclerc is two-fold: can he win it all himself? And if not, can he light a fire under four-time champ Sebastian Vettel? Answering the first question, nobody is sure yet. There were small expectations for Leclerc at Sauber last year. Now he enters the year as a driver who can legitimately win it all. How will he handle those expectations?

While that’s more of a wild card, what should happen is that Leclerc pushes Vettel a little bit harder. Remember that things started out well for Vettel last year as he notched wins in the first two races and four of the first 10.

Vettel lost a bit of motivation down the stretch. Maybe having a young, up-and-comer like Leclerc sparks a fire under Vettel.

Ferrari packed it in from that point, though, winning just one of the final eight races. The suggestion is that Vettel lost a bit of motivation down the stretch. Maybe having a young, up-and-comer like Leclerc sparks a fire under Vettel.

Hamilton is the Heavy Favorite

Like the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship, like Rafael Nadal to win the French Open, there’s a reason why Lewis Hamilton is such a big favorite. He’s won four of the last five F1 Drivers’ Championships and Mercedes seems to have the edge over everyone else right now.

Is it possible that Leclerc continues his rapid ascent and pushes for a championship? Maybe. Is it possible that Leclerc pushes Vettel back to the top? It’s possible. Is there a chance Max Verstappen or someone from the non-Mercedes/non-Ferrari world pushes for a title? It could happen.

What we do know is Hamilton is the best, he’s in his prime and he’s driving a Mercedes, which is the best in this business. That’s why he’s my bet at -140.

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