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How to Bet the XFL – How Does Scoring Work, What are the XFL Rules & More

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in XFL

Updated Feb 25, 2023 · 6:30 AM PST

AJ McCarron celebrates a TD with his team
Feb 23, 2023; Seattle, WA, USA; St. Louis Battlehawks quarterback AJ McCarron (10) celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Seattle Sea Dragons during the first half at Lumen Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
  • XFL 3.0 is underway, with eight teams playing a 10-week schedule, followed by two playoff rounds
  • AJ McCarron, Josh Gordon, Vic Beasley and Martavis Bryant headline a list of former NFL players participating in the league
  • Keep reading for a full breakdown of how to bet the XFL, plus the league’s unique rules and scoring system

Football junkies didn’t have to wait long after the Super Bowl to get their fix. The third iteration of the XFL started less than a week after the Chiefs raised the Lombardi Trophy, thanks to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s desire to revitalize the league. Which raises the question of how to bet the XFL this season?

Minor league football hasn’t had a ton of success over the past decade, as multiple leagues have started and then folded – the XFL being one of them. But this version of the league looks promising through the first five games of the season not only because of the names funding it, but also the product on the field.

Like all professional sports, the action is a little more exciting when you have skin in the game, and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to betting the XFL. We’ll dive into those later, but first, let’s examine who’s playing and how the game differs from the NFL product.

What Teams Will Play in the XFL in 2023?

The XFL features eight teams. Each of the two previous failed XFL iterations in 2001 and 2020 also featured eight clubs, and this year’s teams are the same as the 2020 season.

The St. Louis BattleHawks, DC Defenders, Vegas Vipers and Seattle Sea Dragons make up the North Division, while the Arlington Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, San Antonio Brahmas, and Orlando Guardians comprise the South Division. All eight teams spend the week practicing in Arlington, home of the XFL headquarters and then fly out to their respective home cities for games.

That eliminates a true home-field advantage for every team with the exception of the Renegades, as everyone else is forced to travel each week.

Who Plays in the XFL?

Plenty of recognizable names with NFL experience are playing in the XFL this season. AJ McCarron is the most well-known quarterback, after leading Alabama to a pair of National Championships, and then spending seven seasons as an NFL backup for multiple teams.

Josh Gordon, once a 1,600-yard receiver for the Browns, is the most well-known skill position player, while former Dolphins RB Kalen Ballage has the most decorated resume among running backs.

Former first round picks Vic Beasley (Falcons) and Matt Elam (Ravens) headline the most well-known defenders, while other former NFL’ers include Ben DiNucci, Martavis Bryant, Cody Lattimer, and Eli Rogers among others.

How Many Games are Played in the XFL?

The XFL will play a 10-week schedule followed by two playoff rounds. There are no bye weeks during the regular season, however, there is a week off between the semifinals and championship game.

Week 1 is already in the books, but Week 2 XFL picks are currently live for you to consume.

When is the XFL Championship?

Speaking of the title contest, that will kick off on Saturday, May 13th. The BattleHawks, quarterbacked by McCarron, opened the season as favorites in the XFL Championship odds. Their stay atop the oddsboard didn’t last long though, as both the Roughnecks and Renegades surpassed them after Week 1.

What are the XFL Rule Changes for 2023?

The XFL kept most of its unique rules from 2020, including a 4th and 15 attempt in lieu of an onside kick. They also added in a few wrinkles for this season. If a team fumbles into its opponent’s end zone and the ball goes out of bounds without being recovered, the offensive team will retain possession.

Coaches receive one “golden challenge” per game. They can use that to review any play or penalty in the game. The NFL by comparison does not allow penalties to be challenged.

Overtime has also been tweaked to resemble the college football model. Each team will receive three attempts to score from the opponent’s 5-yard line. Each score is worth two points, and the team with the most points after those three attempts will win. If the score remains tied after three attempts, the teams will alternate attempts until a winner is decided.

How Does XFL Scoring Work?

The scoring system is similar to the NFL and college game with one major exception. Touchdowns are still worth 6 points and field goals worth 3, but there are no extra points. Instead, teams will have the option to attempt a one, two, or a three-point conversion following a TD.

The one-point conversion is from the 2-yard line, the two-point attempt is from the 5-yard line, and the three-point try is from the 10-yard line.

That means that even if a team is down by nine points with the time running out, it’s still just a one-score game, but when you factor in the potential three-point conversion attempt.

How to Watch the XFL?

ESPN+ is streaming every single game of the XFL season. If you prefer to consume your football through traditional cable, ESPN/ESPN2, ABC and FX will share coverage throughout the season.

Can You Bet on the XFL?

You can bet on every game this XFL season, as well as who will the championship. Moneyline, spread and total markets are available for each contest, just like any NFL or college football game.

Current XFL Championship Odds

Player Odds
Houston Roughnecks +400
Arlington Renegades +400
St. Louis BattleHawks +450
DC Defenders +475
Seattle Sea Dragons +650
Vegas Vipers +700
San Antonio Brahmas +800
Orlando Guardians +1500

Unlike previous years during minor league football season, most legalized online sportsbooks are not offering player props. That market is typically the most beatable in any sport, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find lines. Certain sportsbooks, such as Bet365 and others do offer some game various game props for the XFL.

If you’re looking to gain a leg up on online sportsbooks and sharpen your XFL knowledge, make sure you check out our XFL trends page each week.


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