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Same-game parlays are a powerful feature for strategic sports bettors. Correlating wagers that could impact each other over the course of a game can improve your chances of winning.

When it comes to the ‘World’s Favorite Sportsbook’, Bet365 same-game parlays have you covered with this valuable tool.

Let’s walk through the steps to create a Bet365 same-game parlay, go over a couple helpful tips and tricks, and highlight the nuances of what happens when a bet voids.

Here’s how to create a Bet365 same-game parlay and potentially win big.

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How to Create Bet365 Same-Game Parlays

Betting same-game parlays with Bet365 is a simple process that makes for promising wagers. You’ll be putting together promising parlays in no time thanks to the intuitive nature of the Bet365 app.

Bet365 makes creating a same-game parlay straightforward. Just find the event you want to create an SGP for and look for the ‘Same-Game Parlay’ tab.

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Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create Bet365 same-game parlays:

  1. Register with Bet365 if you haven’t already using promo code SBDXLM.
  2. Open the Bet365 app or desktop betting site.
  3. Find the sport and specific matchup you want to create a Bet365 same-game parlay for.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Same Game Parlay’ menu.
  5. Start adding legs to your same game parlay by making two or more selections.
  6. Add the selections to your bet slip.
  7. Enter the amount you want to wager on your Bet365 same game parlay.
  8. Hit ‘Place Bet’ to finalize the wager.

Bet365 same game parlay bet slip screenshot Bills Steelers

Same-game parlays are so effective because you can add multiple legs on the same event to boost the odds and increase potential payouts. Adding legs that might influence each other, like Josh Allen anytime touchdown and a Bills moneyline win, is part of the reason this feature is so popular.

The intuitive Bet365 mobile app makes placing same-game parlays easy, and they have a helpful customer support team if you run into any issues.

What Bet Types Can Be Added to Bet365 Same-Game Parlays?

Virtually every type of wager can be added to Bet365 same-game parlay bet slips. The flexibility offered by same-game parlays at Bet365 is something that all bettors can appreciate, especially when you factor in prop bets.

Bet365 app same game parlays menu Bills Steelers

Some of the most popular betting markets you can add to a Bet365 SGP include the following:

  • Moneyline
  • Point spread
  • Over/under
  • Player props (touchdowns, rushing yards, assists etc.)
  • Game props

Whether you’re betting NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAB, or NFL same-game parlays, Bet365 SGPs will allow you to add selections as you see fit. Explore as many parlay options as you can before finalizing a wager on these high-risk, high-reward markets.

Bet365 Same-Game Parlay+

The Bet365 Same-Game Parlay + feature, which is also known as Bet Builder +, is another powerful feature that extends the capabilities of SGPs.

You can combine numerous wagers, including multiple parlays and single wagers if you’d like, into one larger bet slip. Having the opportunity to combine the most popular markets from selected events into one bet slip can make for even bigger prices.

Tips and Tricks for Bet365 Same-Game Parlays

Now that you know how to build a Bet365 SGP, let’s get into a few helpful tips to improve your chances of hitting that same-game parlay.

Here’s some basic advice for creating Bet365 same-game parlays that could help you become a more profitable bettor.

Stick to the Sweet Spot: Two to Five Legs for Optimal Success

Sharp bettors know that lottery ticket parlays with longshot odds are a waste of money. Adding between two to five legs at most to your same-game parlay is a good way to go.

For example, a Bet365 same-game parlay that takes the Buffalo Bills -3.5 points, over 37.5 points total, and a Josh Allen anytime touchdown scorer prop at +325 odds is a relatively safe bet that could payout nicely. A $5 wager on this SGP would return $21.25, and there’s a better chance that you won’t be throwing $5 away.

Bet365 same game parlay Bills Steelers bet placed screenshot

Anything more than five legs isn’t worth the risk despite the increased reward. Chasing a huge payout can be enticing, but it usually puts you in the hole quickly. And while a $5 wager might not seem like much, these small losses can add up over time and hurt your profitability as a sports bettor.

Stick to Bet365 same-game parlays with two to five legs, which should keep your final odds below +1500.

Know the Limits: Maximum 12 Legs and Maximum Odds of +100000

Bet365 same-game parlays allow you to dream big with a maximum odds cap of +100000 which can go up to 12 legs. Those massive payouts might be exciting, but striking a balance between ambition and reality is important.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of chasing longshot parlay odds, but you should always remember to play responsibly. Keep in mind that these types of parlays almost never hit, so don’t get carried away when you’re looking at the potential payout on your bet slip.

Being a profitable bettor with Bet365 same-game parlays is doable if you’re sticking to more favorable odds, even though the sportsbook will let you ride all the way up to +100000. Like I mentioned earlier, these lottery ticket parlays are almost always a waste of money.

Take Advantage of Bet365 Parlay Bonuses

Looking for sportsbook bonuses before placing a wager is always a good idea, and that remains true for Bet365 same-game parlays.

Bet365 promos are some of the best on the market, and they can bring your potential payouts on same-game parlays to an even higher level. Bonuses like parlay boosts from Bet365 will increase your winnings between 5% and 70% depending on the number of selections you make.

You’ll also see pre-built SGPs from Bet365 on their main markets tab for whatever game you might be looking at. The Bet Boost section on the Bet365 app highlights boosted odds for multiple same-game parlays, which can save you some work if you’re in a hurry.

Bet365 app bet boosts menu screenshot Bills Steelers

Be on the lookout for SBD branded boosts, which are typically offered on a weekly basis throughout the NFL and college football seasons.

Other Bet365 promotions might reward you with bonus bets simply for placing a same-game parlay. I’ve seen Bet365 offer $25 in bonus bets simply for placing a $50 same-game parlay wager. This is a great way to enjoy a Bet365 SGP while also getting a little bit of extra betting credits to play with.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any Bet365 bonuses that can make same-game parlays even better.

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What Happens When a Bet Voids in a Bet365 Same-Game Parlay?

Understanding what happens when a bet voids in a Bet365 Same Game Parlay is crucial to dealing with the unpredictability of sports betting.

Whether it’s an odds recalibration or an outright push, you can bet with confidence knowing that Bet365 has reasonable terms and conditions.

There are two scenarios to keep in mind when it comes to bets voiding or pushing in Bet365 same-game parlays:

  • If a player doesn’t start and the player prop leg is voided, then the odds of the Same Game Parlay will be recalculated for the remaining selections.
  • If a game/event within the Same Game Parlay is deemed no action/push, then the entire Same Game Parlay will be graded as a push.

Staying informed is one of the greatest assets for sharp sports bettors. Knowing the ropes for voided bets in Bet365 same-game parlays will help you make more strategic decisions.

Bet365 Same-Game Parlay FAQs

Still have questions about Bet365 same-game parlays? Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions.

How do I build a same-game parlay on Bet365?

Building a same-game parlay on Bet365 is simple. Find the sport you want to wager on, look for the same-game parlay tab, make your selections, enter the amount you want to stake on the bet slip, and finalize the SGP.

How many legs can you add to a Bet365 same-game parlay?

You can add up to 12 legs on a Bet365 same-game parlay. I recommend sticking between two and five legs for your Bet365 SGP for optimal results.

What are the maximum odds on a Bet365 same-game parlay?

The maximum odds on a Bet365 same-game parlay are +100000. While the payouts on these odds are insane, you should be aware they almost never hit. Don’t waste your money on massive odds like these.

Can you combine straight bets with Bet365 same-game parlays?

Yes, you can combine single game wagers along with Bet365 same-game parlays in one larger bet slip with their SGP+ feature. You might also see this referred to as Bet Builder+ on the Bet365 parlay builder.

What other sportsbooks offer same-game parlays?

Other online sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, ESPN BET, and Caesars Sportsbook also offer same-game parlays. Bet365 SGPs are some of the best on the market thanks to their reliable mobile app that prioritizes user experience.

Can you use bonus bets on same-game parlays with Bet365?

Yes, you can use bonus bets on same-game parlays with Bet365, and they even allow you to combine real money with bonus bets on the same bet slip. Just be aware that the original stake from the bonus bet will not be included with any potential payout. Always be sure to read the T&Cs with bonus bets before you finalize them on a wager like same-game parlays.

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