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Find the Best Sportsbook Customer Service for You

Aaron Gray

by Aaron Gray

Updated Mar 5, 2021 · 10:40 AM PST

Customer service isn’t the sexiest part of any business, but when you need assistance with a frustrating issue, it’s crucial. Whether you want to talk to someone over the phone, get support via chat, or email a question, online sportsbooks typically offer a helping hand in three different ways.

At the end of the day, customers want to bet, and companies want to take wagers. It’s in everyone’s interest to address concerns efficiently. The sooner your concerns are alleviated, the sooner you can place a Super Bowl bet or check out horse racing betting odds.

Let’s look at what you need to know about customer service before opening an account.

How to Determine the Best Phone Support

Your internet goes down; you have a billing question, everything’s going wrong for you. You call customer service, get put on hold, are transferred six times, and spend an hour trying to solve what should be a simple issue.

In an industry where betting odds can change at any moment, gamblers need action because you never know which bet will be the one that changes your life.

As you read through sportsbook reviews, there are certain things you should be looking for:

  • Make sure support is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Discover which languages are spoken by representatives.
  • Learn what the average hold times are like.
  • Assess how clear and straightforward the communication is.
  • Determine whether someone is reading a script (or actually listening and troubleshooting).

Phone support is considered “old school.” Some sportsbooks take it extremely seriously, while others take it for granted. Our recommendation is to place a call before signing up. This allows you to bargain for the best sportsbooks bonus they have to offer, be it a sign-up bonus or otherwise.

As a potential bettor, you hold considerable value. By phoning your sportsbook, you’ll get a sense of how attentive their customer service is.

How to Discover the Best Sportsbook Chat Support

Chat support at sportsbooks is awesome in theory. Any small question can be fired off and responded to without being put on hold. In practice, chat room help varies dramatically from site to site. Some sportsbooks still don’t provide a chat interface, while others operate at a level that is on par with Fortune 500 companies.

The major problems in chat rooms are pre-written answers that don’t address actual concerns, and it’s clear that customer service personnel are fielding multiple questions simultaneously. Lower level employees might also lack the ability to transfer your concern to supervisors or the correct department.

In many situations, you’ll want answers quickly. This could be because of a key bet, a change in odds, or the imminent start of a game. Therefore, we recommend trying the chat function before signing up at any sportsbook. See how they act, ask for a perk, get a feel for how customer-friendly and proactive the site is. Though we highly recommend reading sportsbook reviews, nothing beats first-hand experience.

Choosing the Best Sportsbook Email Support

Because chat support still requires logging in and getting connected to customer service, email is the easiest form of communication. It’s not going to yield the quickest answer, but can be the most effective for non-urgent but specific problems.

The major advantage of emailing a sportsbook is that you can be very detailed and ensure you’re supplying the correct information via screenshots, forward correspondence, etc. Having a paper trail for documentation purposes is ideal.

In the same way that some gambling sites have an excellent variety of betting odds and promotions, some sites do a better job with email than others. Some companies respond within an hour with helpful info, others that send back copy-and-paste answers, and some that fail to respond at all.

It would be spectacular if all sports betting websites prioritized email support. You need to read reviews and test it out yourself, however, to make this determination.

Test Drive Your Sportsbooks’ Customer Service Before You Bet

A fast food drive-thru can be quick and scrumptious or slow and unsatisfactory. The same is true for various types of customer support at sportsbooks.

Most people prioritize test driving a car before buying it. We recommend trying out phone support, chat, and email, before you sign-up for where you want to place your bets.

Having a bad experience after the event leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. If you’re curious to learn more about sports betting, and the host of good and bad experiences that accompany it, check out the rest of our articles of interest section!


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