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Adult Cam Site, CamSoda, Is Hosting a Beer Pong Tournament, and of Course There Are Odds Available

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in News

May 14, 2020 · 1:14 PM PDT

Adult cam site CamSoda is holding a virtual beer pong tournament, and sportsbooks are offering odds of the outcome, because of course they are. Photo by: DSOBP (Wikimedia Commons).
  • Katana Kombat is the +250 favorite to win the virtual beer pong tournament being contested by adult cam site CamSoda. Cherie DeVille is the +800 longshot
  • Are bettors so hard up for action in this COVID-19 locked down sports world that they’ll be willing to wager on naked virtual beer pong?
  • All of the odds are laid bare for your perusal in the story that follows below

There are a million stories in the naked city. Thanks to CamSoda, there’s also naked beer pong.

And thanks to sportsbooks that are desperate and hard up for action to offer, you can also bet on it. The adult cam site is offering a virtual beer pong tournament featuring eight lovely ladies who evidently like to swing and to fling balls at cups.

Imagine that. You can see some skin and have some skin in the game all at the same time.

The fantasy becomes reality when the action gets underway at 6:30 pm EST on CamSoda tonight with first-round competition in the eight-woman event.

CamSoda Virtual Beer Pong Tournament Odds

Players Odds
Katana Kombat +250
Dani Daniels +375
Olivia Austin +400
Jayden Cole +600
Kelsi Monroe +650
Alix Lynx +750
Sophie Dee +750
Cherie Deville +800

Odds taken May 14th.

Just remember to keep your eyes on the bouncing . . . ball. Yeah, sure. That’s what you’ll be looking at.

You Can Bet on Naked Beer Pong, Because Why Not?

Let’s get down to the naked truth right off the bat. You’ve bet on marble races. You’ve wagered on NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL players contesting video game tournaments against each other as their virtual selves.

People are pounding money down on Moscow Liga Pro Russian table tennis, even though they wouldn’t know Alexander Gribkov from Nikita Lyfenko if those two fellows were walking down the street.

Korean baseball. Belarusian hockey. Nicaraguan soccer.

You’ve bet it all. Heck, you probably even put money down on the Ballina Cup, the celebrity virtual beer pong tourney organized by rapper Post Malone back when the so-called March Madness of Beer Pong was initially filling the wagering void back when all this social distancing stuff began two months ago.

Naked woman playing beer pong? What have you got to lose?

Your self-respect?

Nah. That went out the window a long time ago.

You’re Just Doing Research

While you’re wagering on the CamSoda virtual pong tournament, think of all the inherent bonus offers that are going to be coming your way.

No longer will there be a need to embarrassingly slam down the lid on your browser when your better half suddenly walks into the room.

Watching adult videos? No, not all, honey. I’m scouting. I’m doing research. I’ve got to watch these matches so that I can make educated picks for the next round of the tournament.

Yeah, that oughta get you off the hook. Let us know how that sales pitch works out for you.

Oh, and one other thing to keep in mind – the US Senate recently voted to give the Department of Justice unfettered access to search your browser history whenever they feel like it.

Just sayin’.

Buy You a Soda After the Games?

So many questions about the CamSoda virtual pong tournament to be answered. So little time.

Is Katana Kombat truly the queen of naked beer pong that the oddsmakers are playing her up to be? Would Jayden Cole be a sound value bet? Is she related to Gerrit Cole? If she is, does she share his accuracy when she pitches a ball?

CamSoda Virtual Pong Tournament First Round Odds

Player (Seeding) Moneyline Player Moneyline
Katana Kombat (#1) -175 Cherie Deville (#8) +135
Dani Daniels (#2) -140 Sophie Dee (#7) EVEN
Olivia Austin (#3) -135 Alix Lynx (#6) -105
Jayden Cole (#4) -125 Kelsi Monroe (#5) -115

Should you go all in and back +800 longshot Cherie Deville?

This is truly a case when moneyline plays can be classified as exotic wagers. And you could say that the question of how much exposure the sportsbook faces is right out there in the open for all to see.

It seems likely that there will be a very good chance of some bettors experiencing reduced juice by the time all of the day’s matches are done.

These latter folks might want to check the sportsbook’s tissue price before settling in to watch.

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