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Game of Thrones Season Finale Odds: Bran to Rule Westeros? Will Daenerys Die? How Many Starks Survive?

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in Entertainment

Updated Apr 22, 2020 · 8:52 AM PDT

After her shocking attack of King's Landing, Daenarys is now a longshot of +1500 to rule Westeros. Photo By @markusmurphus (Twitter)
  • HBO’s Game of Thrones is down to its final episode
  • There’s plenty of GOT props to bet on for the series finale, including who will rule Westeros and will Daenerys survive
  • What is the best bet for each prop?

Game of Thrones is down to its final episode, and while some of the most iconic characters were wiped off the board in Episode 5, plenty of questions still need to be answered.

At the top of the list is who will rule Westeros when the series concludes, and if you thought Bran Stark was lock prior to Episode 5, he’s an even shorter favorite now despite not receiving a second of screen time on Sunday.

Who Will Rule Westeros at the End of Game of Thrones?

Who Will Rule Westeros? Odds
Bran Stark -500
Sansa Stark +400
Tyrion Lannister +750
Jon Snow +800
Daenerys Targaryen +1500
Arya Stark +3000
Gendry +3000
Jon and Daenerys’ baby +3300
Samwell Tarly +5000

*All odds taken 05/14/19. 

Bran’s odds have adjusted dramatically since the beginning of the year, once -150, and now an overwhelming -500 favorite heading into the final episode.

YouTube video

The odds moved back heavily in his favor last week, presumably due to internet leaks, and now he seems destined to rule.

If it happens, fans will be outraged because they still don’t have a grasp on what purpose he actually serves.

Yes, he’s able to explore the past, and is considered the world’s memory, but how does that qualify him to rule? There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Bran’s arc and perhaps we’ll gain further insight into what role he’ll eventually play by learning the details of his fireside chat with Tyrion in Episode 2, that we were not privy to.

YouTube video

As much as I don’t want Bran to wind up ruling, the heavy line movement in his favor and the fact that Game of Thrones expert Mallory Rubin seems to be leaning that way as well, makes me think it’s inevitable. I’ll still hold out hope for Sansa, but the smart money appears to be on the Three Eyed Raven.

Pick: Bran (-500)

Who Will Survive the Final Season of Game of Thrones?

Character Yes Odds No Odds
Bronn -600 +350
Daenerys Targaryen +350 -600
Jon Snow -400 +250
Tyrion Lannister -300 +200
Arya Stark -450 +275

It’s interesting that Bronn is the shortest favorite to survive, which likely means we won’t see him in any kind of danger in the series finale. Daenerys is a near lock to perish as punishment for slaughtering innocent people in King’s Landing, but betting on her inflated price seems crazy considering she was -120 to die prior to the final season starting.

None of the plus-money bets appeal to me, so the shortest favorite I’m willing to back to survive is Tyrion. He’s the only Lannister remaining, and I don’t believe the show will want to completely wipe out another great House like they did to the Tyrells.

He’s also one of the few experienced political minds remaining and there’s no way he’ll return to Dany’s side after the atrocity she committed. He’ll likely play a vital role in helping remove her from power, and choosing a successor once she’s gone.

Pick: Tyrion (-300)

Which Stark Will Die First?

Which Stark Will Die First? Odds Odds
Arya -175 -175
Sansa +135 +150
Bran +600 +600

I strongly believe all three remaining Starks will survive. If we concede that Bran is likely to rule, perhaps he can do so from the North with Sansa, a much more fitting ruler, at his side. Arya will certainly be involved in the plot to take down Daenerys, and with plenty of signs pointing to her being the prince that was promised, she may even strike the final blow.

If forced to choose which one of them dies, I’d lean Arya because she’ll be the only one of the three in King’s Landing, where all the action is likely to unfold.

Pick: Arya (-175)

Will the Four Remaining Starks be Shown Together?

Will the Four Remaining Starks be Shown Together? Odds
Yes -160
No +120

Finally we have an underdog to back. Arya stated at the end of Episode 4 that she doesn’t plan on returning to Winterfell, and there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to bring Sansa and Bran to King’s Landing.

If one, or both, is chosen to rule, they’ll want to do so from Winterfell, which makes a reunion with their sister unlikely. As for Jon, I still believe he’s headed North when it’s all said and done, although not to Winterfell, but rather to rebuild the Wall or to join Tormund and the wildlings.

Pick: No (+120)

Who Will Perish First in Season 8

Character Odds Character Odds
Jon Snow -300 Bran Stark +200
Arya Stark -230 Sansa Stark +160

As mentioned, Bran and Sansa seem safe in Winterfell, leaving Jon and Arya as the primary candidates to bet on for this prop. Both are big favorites to survive, but of the two Jon is the one who is more likely to do something foolish that could cost him his life.

YouTube video

He has a long history of throwing himself into dangerous situations, as evident two episodes ago when the tried to go toe-to-toe with Viserion the Ice Dragon.

Pick: Jon (-300)

Method of Death Odds

Method of Death Jon Snow’s Odds Arya Stark’s Odds Daenerys Targaryen’s Odds
Survives -500 -500 +300
Sword or Dagger +300 +200 -600
Fire +500 +600 +6600
Axe +600 +800 +800
Hanging +600 +800 +1000
Physical Force +1600 +1200 +2000
Arrow +2000 +1600 +1600
Takes own life +2000 +1600 +1000
Poison +2500 +2000 +2200

There are only a handful of ways for Jon to perish if he does, and the most likely would be by fire just like poor Varys.

YouTube video

Fortunately for Jon, he’s much more likely to be the one dishing out the punishment than receiving it. He’s one of the top contenders to kill Daenerys and it’s almost certain he takes out Greyworm for killing innocent soldiers in Episode 5.

Pick: Survives (-500)

Odds to be Seen in the Final Episode?

Character Yes Odds No Odds
Brienne of Tarth -450 +275
Bronn -400 +250
Gendry -300 +200
Tormund Giantsbane -200 +150

Brienne is a near lock to appear in the finale for a pair of reasons. She’s sworn to protect Sansa, so she’s likely to be on camera each time Sansa is, and the audience needs to see her react to the news of Jamie’s death.

The only other character on this list I’d wager on is Tormund, due to the blatant foreshadowing in Episode 4.

YouTube video

Jon belongs in the North with his direwolf who just happens to be in the company of Tormund. I believe it’s likely we see not only Tormund in the finale, but Ghost as well.

Pick: Brienne of Tarth (-450) & Tormund Giantsbane (-200)

How Many Named Characters Will Drogon Kill in the Final Episode?

How Many Named Characters Will Drogon Kill in the Final Episode? Odds
Over .5 Characters +200
Under .5 Characters -300

The burning of King’s Landing is a piece of television that will live on forever, but unfortunately for team Dany truthers, her dragon’s killing days are likely over.

Whoever removes Daenerys from power will have to do so in a stealth manner (which seems to point to Arya), because the moment Drogon senses that his mother’s in danger, he’s likely to unleash a fury similar to Episode 5.

It’s unclear how Jon, Arya and company will accomplish this task, but the ending would be too simplistic if the great beast lit all of his mother’s remaining foes on fire.

Pick: Under .5 Characters (-300)

Will There be Nudity in the Final Episode?

Will There be Nudity in the Final Episode Odds Odds
Yes +250 +200
No -400 -300

There’s been exactly one scene this season containing nudity, and it was all the way back in Episode 1.

The show’s early seasons were best known for violence and nudity, but lately the nude scenes have been sparse, and it doesn’t feel like there will be any time to devote to that in the finale.

Pick: No (-300)

What Will be the Rating Score for Episode 6?

Critic Projected Score Over Odds Under Odds
MetaCritic.com 74.5 +100 -140
RottenTomatoes.com 5.5 +100 -140

The previous two episodes of Game of Thrones this season were not well received by critics, and with so many loose ends to tie up in the finale, it’s hard to imagine the conclusion will please the masses.

Much like King’s Landing, the show’s pacing has come under heavy fire lately, and the only way to wrap up everything in the last episode, is to short-change most, if not all of the character arcs. That kind of storytelling is bound to draw less than stellar reviews.

Pick: Under (-140)

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