Kevin Bacon Favored to Play Joe Exotic in Tiger King Movie, Will Ferrell as Doc Antle – See Casting Odds Here

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon is favored to play Joe Exotic should the Netflix hit become a Hollywood film. (Flickr)
  • Hot new docuseries Tiger King has taken over the Internet as the current big pop culture’s craze
  • In less than two weeks, the seven-episode mini-series became the top-ranking program on Netflix
  • Odds are in as to who will play these wild characters in an eventual Hollywood treatment of this story

While the world outside feels a bit too nerve-wracking at the moment, people have been turning to streaming platforms more than ever before. What a great time for Tiger King to be released into the wild.

The seven-part Netflix docuseries started as a hot topic and then turned into America’s current obsession. Whether you recognized the reference or not, you’ve definitely seen a Tiger King meme or two by now.

Directed by Nine Inch Nails music video director-turned conservationist Eric Goode, Tiger King has proven to be the ultimate escape for the coronavirus era. Naturally, no pop culture phenomenon would be complete without getting the full Hollywood treatment.

In recent years, intriguing and bizarre life stories have been featured more prominently on in film and television. Portrayals in films like I, Tonya and Bombshell as well as shows including American Crime Story and Dirty John are examples of the industry not being afraid to tackle real, gritty stories.

Casting Odds on Tiger King  Movie

Joe Exotic Carole Baskin Doc Antle Travis Maldonado John Finlay
Kevin Bacon (+150) Wendi McLendon-Covey (+100) Will Ferrell (+150) Rami Malek (+150) Leonardo DiCaprio (+200)
Edward Norton (+250) Allison Janney (+300) Jim Gaffigan (+300) James Franco (+200) Shia LaBeouf (+250)
Billy Bob Thornton (+300) Kristen Wiig (+300) Matt Damon (+300) Michael Cera (+250) Tom Hardy (+300)
David Spade (+400) Jennifer Coolidge (+500) Shia LaBeouf (+300) Jesse Eisenberg (+500) Anthony Cavalero (+350)
Ben Stiller (+500) Laura Dern (+600) Louis C.K. (+500) Pete Davidson (+700) Channing Tatum (+350)

Odds taken Apr. 1

Who Could Be More Exotic Than Joe?

It only takes a few minutes into episode one of Tiger King to understand who the namesake of the series is. Joe Exotic commands the camera without effort or question. It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to picture Joe recreated on film by a member of Hollywood’s elite.

The role is that of a larger than life caricature. From looks to Oklahoma twang to a colorful and insane personality, Joe Exotic would be a dream role for many actors. It might even be an Oscar-baiting opportunity given the right director and script.

He’s not the number one choice in Hollywood these days, but Kevin Bacon is a talked-about contender to play Joe. With an impressive film track record behind him, he’s still a bit under the radar these days. Tiger King would be just the ticket to move Bacon back to the limelight.

Though he’s a more obvious choice in terms of physical appearance, David Spade isn’t a big enough name to lead a film in 2020. It’s too bad, because his face is quite easy to picture with the mullet and handlebar moustache treatment.

Leaning into a more likely option, Edward Norton is a charming possibility. Always up for a challenge and leading a trail of diverse roles in his path, Norton would smash this opportunity.

He’s done a little bit of everything in his career already, and Tiger King would be a great opportunity to move him into the realm of actors who’ve done really amazing transformative work.

Pick: Joe Exotic – Edward Norton (+250)

Baskin All Her Glory

The juiciest role in said Tiger King film aside from the king himself would have to be that of Carole Baskin. The antithesis to Joe, Carole is a role just as wild and layered. In the documentary, Carole is portrayed as passionate and focused but laden with dark undertones.

If I, Tonya taught us anything, it’s that Allison Janney can do anything. She’s come a long way from her quirky mom in Juno days, that’s for sure. She’d make a great Carole.

But if producers want someone more physically in line with the real Carole Baskin, Wendi McLendon-Covey would make a great choice.

Those only familiar with McLendon-Covey’s brash and sassy breakout role in Bridesmaids shouldn’t count her out just yet. Her odds are the shortest because her filmography shows so much breadth. From her beginnings in Reno 911! to her current success in ABC’s The Goldbergs, she’s an underrated yet perfect fit.

Pick: Carole Baskin – Wendy McLendon-Covy (+100)

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