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LEGO Masters Odds – Married Thespians Favored

Ann Le Grand

by Ann Le Grand in Entertainment

Feb 5, 2020 · 2:22 PM PST

LEGO Masters, a competition-based series produced and hosted by the self-proclaimed “often hilarious actor” Will Arnett, hits the ground building February 5th on Fox. Ten teams line up to face-off with their LEGO-building skills and the odds are already stacking up the hierarchy.
  • What teams are going head-to-head for the LEGO Masters and who stands out as a good bet?
  • Is Will Arnett going to say, “I’m Batman” in the series premiere?
  • Will the winning team contain a female member?

LEGO Masters, a competition-based series produced and hosted by the self-proclaimed “often hilarious actor” Will Arnett, hits the ground building February 5th on Fox. Ten teams line up to face-off with their LEGO-building skills and the odds are already stacking up the hierarchy.

Which team will come out on top, to ultimately take home the winning pot of $100,000? Let’s take a look at the shakedown.

LEGO Masters Odds

Team Odds
Married Thespians (Flynn & Richard) +300
Brother Who Brick (Travis & Corey) +400
The Bearded Builders (Boone & Mark) +500
The Unicorns (Krystle & Amie) +600
East Coast Bricksters (Mel & Jermaine) +700
The Eccentrics (Sam & Jessica) +800
The Newlyweds (Tyler & Amy) +1000
Father and Son BFFs (Manny & Nestor) +1200
Clark Kent and Superman (Christian & Aaron) +1400
The Higher the Hair the Closer to God (Jessie & Kara) +1500

All odds taken Feb. 4

Leading the builders with the odds at their backs are the Married Thespians – Oakland, CA homed Flynn and Richard, who occupationally stand a brick above the rest as a LEGO engineering teacher K-6 and theatrical lighting designer. For now, these leading men are the bearer of the better odds with the spotlight already shining on their artistic look and EV3 building skills with sensors and motors.

Travis and Corey, from Irvington, NJ and Monmouth Junction, NJ are edging in second as the Brothers Who Brick. A preschool teacher and LEGO engineering instructor, they’ve been deemed strong in speed and creativity – keeping them a step ahead of:

The Bearded Builders. With whiskers sills, Boone and Mark are the fanlight faces of the technical builds and apocalyptic worlds. Hailing from Troutdale, OR and Oregon City, they bring backgrounds of pre-K teaching and HVAC installing, so they’re built to bear the tantrums and venting that’s sure to blight their LEGO beams.

What’s a high drama reality TV show without a team called The Unicorns? Krystle & Amie met through the cosplay community and are hauling with them their love for the fantasy worlds. We can expect all the glitter, sharks, bananas, and adorable character accents. Their main aim? Sledgehammering stereotypes with their egalitarian gavels.

Representing Glen Burnie, MD and the Bronx, NY, Mel and Jermaine are the East Coast Bricksters. They’ve staked their grounds of proficiency in storytelling skills and building tall skyscrapers, and one is a technical cell phone consultant, while the other’s in law enforcement. Will the Bricksters become tricksters who hoax their way to the top or abide by the rules of the LEGO Masters lands? One thing’s sure; they’re favored over these next five teams.

The Eccentrics are as eccentrics do. From the outré grounds of Los Angeles, CA and Redding, CT, Sam and Jessica tote their ingenuity as raconteurs straight from their occupational domains as a set builder and artist. Both of these creators have already had their LEGO-specific art showcased in galleries and art museums – some even alongside the works of Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons.

But nothing quite says indomitable force like The Newlyweds. Their hometown Bradenton, FL has shaped Tyler and Amy into a model designer and piano teacher with vigor in the skills of sculpting and resourcefulness. They’re pointing themselves towards capturing movement with their constructions and taking their marital team-building prowess into the world of on-air competition.

We get another form of family with Manny and Nestor as Father and Son BFFs. As a barber and retired truck driver from the town of Bethlehem, PA this kin is walking onto set knowing they can offer organic builds, technical motor creations, and mini-fig character development. Likely a fair warning for this duo: A family that builds together gets Will-Arnett-grilled together.

Riding that DC wave onto the set are Christian and Aaron as Clark Kent and Superman. These Louisville, KY and Manchester, NH fellas are sporting brains and brawns in vehicle builds and complex shaping – deftness stemming from their experience as an army sergeant and LEGO Educator. If anything, they should capitalize on their unique opportunity to present 2020’s two-on-one showdown of Batman v Superman.

The Higher the Hair the Closer to God. We’re not just saying it, that’s Jessie and Kara’s team name for the show. Honestly, we’re stunned they’re from Captain Cook, HI and Rogers, AR and not anywhere in Texas. Having backgrounds in administration, retail managing and landscaping, they’re all about coiffing communication – with a name like that, perhaps with the divine.

Odds Will Arnett Says, “I’m Batman” in Series Premier? 

Result Odds
Yes -500
No +300

What’s most awesome is having the infamous LEGO Batman host the whole thing. And while the rest of the world’s been quoting The LEGO Batman Movie for the past three years, we’re all wondering if Arnett will quote himself right off the bat. Well, he’s already said it in the trailers, so we know the footage is there.

Now, it’s just up to the producers — are they going to tease us by withholding it or are they flapping those infamous bat quotes towards the masses to build up their new show’s recognition, brick by brick? As the Joker said, it’s got to be one or the other, Batman.

Odds Winning Team Has a Female

Result Odds
Yes +300
No -500

Same goes for whether or not the winning team will contain a female. The spirit’s definitely there, quite literally with Jessie and Kara’s godly duo and quite glittery (we know it’s not a word) with The Unicorns’ determination. But odds are still falling on no.

What we’re betting on is that it must be great to be Will Arnett. We can only imagine he’s going home right now to party the night away, surrounded by friends and LEGO-built models.

Pick: Married Thespians (Flynn & Richard) +300

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