The Boys Season 2 Odds, Predictions, and Release Date – Will Any Characters Die?

Who is set to meet their fate this season on Amazon Prime's The Boys? Photo by Amazon Studios.
  • Originally scheduled for a July 2020 release, there are rumors The Boys season two may release early due to COVID-19
  • The Amazon Prime original series follows a group of superheroes who are exploited and monetized
  • Which characters will die, get married, or have babies? Read on to read our predictions

Netflix may have leveled up their COVID-19-era release schedule with binge-worthy content like Tiger King, but they’re not the only streaming service in town. Amazon Prime is also a huge contender vying for captive quarantined audiences.

Despite a speculated mid-July release date,  Amazon Prime is speculated to give an early release to The Boys‘ second season. Audiences are bored at home, waiting with anticipation. Since showrunner Eric Kripke tweeted he’s at home working on the season, there’s hope it will arrive on screens sooner than later.

In the spirit of that piece of rare good news, the details of season one are being analyzed in preparation for season two’s odds. Is anyone going to die this season? What other outcomes are being projected?

Odds Which The Boys Characters Will Die In Season 2

Odd Yes Odds No Odds
Billy Butcher +1000 -2000
Homelander +1000 -2000
Hughie +2200 -10000
Queen Maeve +900 -1800
Starlight +2000 -8000

Odds taken Mar. 31

Season one of The Boys was well-known for its string of creative and visually jarring death sequences. Within minutes of the pilot, Robin (girlfriend of protagonist Hughie) dies when superhero A-Train literally runs through her, killing her instantly.

This sets the tone for The Boys quite early, making the concept of death a very natural part of the series, woven into its fabric just as much as casual conversation. With over a half dozen deaths in the first season, it’s safe to say season two will have a few as well.

Big Character, Long Odds

It’s no surprise that the main stars of the show, Billy Butcher and Hughie, have the longest odds to die this season. This pair drives the show in many respects, and seeing them leave the cast so soon would be a huge loss. Fans would be upset and the show would lose monumental storytelling opportunities.

Rounding up the main characters and likelihood of death, none of the major stars are very likely to die this season. Will they brush with death and come close to meeting their fate? Probably.

Keeping in mind the source material of The Boys is a comic book series Garth Ennis penned, the story arc of the series features both Billy and Hughie through to the end.

If either of these characters dies this season, it’d mean a swift straying from the comics or wrapping up the 72-issue source series by the end of its second television series. Expect these characters to stick around.

Pick: Billy Butcher – No (-2000), Hughie – No (-10000)

Odds for Outcomes In Season Two of The Boys

Odd Yes Odds No Odds
Hughie and Starlight Engaged +400 -600
Hughie and Starlight Married +800 -1500
Lamplighter is Featured +100 -130
Starlight is Expelled From the Seven -110 -120
Starlight Has a Baby +1600 -5000
Tek-Knight is Featured -240 +190
The Deep Becomes Leader of the Seven +2000 -8000
The Legend is Featured -150 +120


Fans of The Boys have been waiting, and the time is (probably) coming soon for something pretty legendary in this universe.

In the comic books, The Legend makes his debut in issue number seven. So far, Amazon Prime’s television adaption hasn’t seen any sign of this character yet. But his debut must be right around the corner. It only makes sense that he pops at least once by the end of the second series.

Pick: The Legend is Featured – Yes (-150)

Baby Not on Board

What about babies, though? Will this be the season Starlight gives birth? Chances are on a very loud and clear no. Odds are against this happening, and it makes sense.

Starlight’s role in The Boys is certainly just getting established. Finding her place between The Seven and The Boys seems to be the more pressing issue at the moment. Starlight’s world is not pointing toward motherhood at the moment. It’d be a narrative mistake for the writers to not let her shine for other reasons.

Pick: Starlight Has a Baby – No (-5000)

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