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Drake Props For NBA Finals: Odds on Drake Having On-Court Altercation with Warriors Player, Fighting Steven Scott Harwell & More

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NBA Basketball

Updated Mar 26, 2020 · 12:14 PM PDT

Drake has been prominently featured during the Toronto Raptors' run to the NBA Finals. Photo by @theScore
  •  A bevy of Drake prop bets ahead of the 2019 NBA Finals have been released 
  • The Toronto Raptors will be making their first Finals appearance in franchise history
  • How prominent will the Raptors Global Ambassador be in the series?

We should be in for a heckuva NBA Finals when the Toronto Raptors lock horns with the Golden State Warriors.

And while there’s plenty of analysis about the action on court, there’s some interesting juice off it, centred around Raptors Global Ambassador Drake, and how he’ll use his courtside creative space.

Let’s take a deep dive on at the action, and see if we can’t hit some winners.

Will Drake Massage Nick Nurse?

Will Drake Massage Nick Nurse During any NBA Finals Game? Odds
No -400
Yes +250

* All odds taken 05/28/19

It’s quickly becoming the signature move for Drake, starting with the quick shoulder rub of Raptors’ head coach Nick Nurse in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals that got national attention.

It turned out to be a victory rub in Game 6, when Toronto clawed back for a 15-point second half deficit to beat Milwaukee and clinch their first trip to the NBA Finals. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but barring a Golden State sweep on the road, there’s no way that Drake isn’t giving Nurse a massage in a Raptors W.

Pick: Yes (+250)

Will NBA Warn or Ban Drake for Antics?

Will Drake Be Publicly Warned Regarding His Behaviour in the NBA Finals? Odds
No -2000
Yes +750

The NBA hasn’t done it yet, and, barring some unforeseen incident, it won’t happen now. Drake’s demonstrative movements during regular game play and amplified over close-up replay are just something that we’ve never seen a celebrity do, and they’re hard to miss.

YouTube video

As mentioned in the previous round, it’s fuel for the NBA Twitter machine. And it’s probably the closest thing you’re ever going to see to an And1 Mixtape Tour fan reaction at an NBA game.

Pick: No (-2000)

Will Drake Get Tossed From the Finals?

Will Drake Be Removed from any NBA Finals Game by Security? Odds
No -5000
Yes +1000

It would have to take something egregious for that to happen, and that’s not something the Warriors are willing to engage in – they’ve got a date with destiny.

Comments from the Dubs tell you that the Drake stuff is not an issue, though I wonder if they ever talked about the Charles Barkley way of handling things.

Pick: No (-5000)

Will Drake Take His Show on the Road?

Will Drake Go to Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland? Odds
No -220
Yes +155

Is it time for Drake to step out of the cozy confines of Scotiabank, and delve into the Spike Lee zone and rep his team on the road?

This would seem like the ultimate fan move. If the original superfan can do it, so can he.

Pick: Yes (+155)

Will Warriors Take Issue With Drake?

Will Drake Have an On-Court Physical Altercation with a Warriors Player? Odds
No -10000
Yes +2500

Unlike the kind Bucks, who don’t really have a player on their roster that gets into that kind of stuff, the Warriors have some dudes that relish talking smack, none more so than Draymond Green, who’s been known to carve with precision. I don’t think it gets further than that.

The outside shot is if Boogie Cousins gets a little crazy and walks up chest to chest with him.


It would make for great TV, but I don’t see the Dubs focussed on Drake at all.

Pick: No (-10000)

What Will Drake Do About His Warriors Ink?

Will Drake Have His Durant or Curry Tattoos Removed Ahead of NBA Finals? Odds
No -10000
Yes +1400

Almost forgot about this!

Also, why doesn’t he have Kawhi ink on him yet? The ink stays, but will not be in any clear view. After all, he’s still friends with the guys. And he’s repped the Dubs before.

Pick: No (-10000)

Will Drake Sport Warriors Gear?

Will Drake Wear Golden State Clothes During the NBA Finals? Odds
No -350
Yes +225

After Drake wore 76ers shorts and stayed away from the arena for Game 7, that lifted his own supposed curse on the team. Even with the Raptors down 2-0 to the Bucks and things looking dire, Drake was at his usual post with no Milwaukee gear to sport.


Who knows how intense things will get in this series, but for now, there’s no Golden State gear in his future.

Pick: No (-350)

Will Drake Respond to Smash Mouth?

Will Drake Respond to Smash Mouth on Twitter Before End of NBA Finals? Odds
No -300
Yes +200

Oddly enough, I’m super surprised that he hasn’t. Perhaps Drake is biding his time, not getting ahead of himself ahead of the biggest series in franchise history.

Or it’s more likely that he enjoys the last laugh, like last series, when he waited until Game 5 was all sewn up before dragging Milwaukee Bucks heir Mallory Edens, who showed up to the game courtside in a shirt with Pusha T’s face on it.

E40, who Smash Mouth named in the tweet, has already gotten into some back and forth with Drake, but it doesn’t seem too aggressive.

At some point, Drake is firing back at Smash Mouth.

Pick: Yes (+200)

Drake vs Steven Scott Harwell Odds

Fighter Odds
Drake -220
Steven Scott Harwell +155

The things you can gamble on. Let me be the first to say that these two are never, ever going to step into any sort of combative ring for TV or streaming (for this bet to activate). But if it were to take place, Drake is 20 years younger than Harwell and in far better shape. Assuming he doesn’t try to go for the KO, and takes this match deeper, Harwell will be gassed.

Pick: Drake (-220)

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