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CFP Championship Game Broadcast Props: Trump Heavily Favored to Be Shown During Telecast; Shaq, OBJ & James Carville Also Given Odds to Appear

Donald Trump at football game
Will President Trump be shown at Monday's National Championship football game? Photo from @KenRoth (Twitter)
  • The College Football National Championship kicks off Monday, January 13th
  • Donald Trump and several big name athletes are expected to be seen or heard from
  • See all the exotic prop bets you can wager on for the big game

Next Monday night Clemson puts their 29-game winning streak on the line in the College Football National Championship game against the LSU Tigers, who are searching for their first title since 2007. Clemson, on the other hand, goes for back-to-back championships and three in the last four years.

While there certainly will be no shortage of drama on the field, there should be theatrics off of it as well, with a lot of big name celebrities and athletes showing their faces for the big event.

Books have put together a slew of prop bets that you can wager on for the Clemson vs LSU title game involving President Donald Trump and many former Clemson and LSU alumni who will surely be at the contest.

CFP National Championship Game Prop Bets

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will President Trump be shown during the broadcast? -500 +300
Will Shaquille O’Neal be shown during the broadcast? -200 +150
Will Odell Beckham Jr. be shown during the broadcast? -120 -120
Will James Carville be shown during the broadcast? +300 -500
Will Drake be shown during the broadcast? +300 -500
Will Jarvis Landry be shown during the broadcast? -120 -120
Will “Refrigerator” Perry be shown during the broadcast? +300 -500
Player to take a knee during national anthem +350 -600
Will “29 in a row” be said during broadcast? +150 -200
Will “home field advantage” be said during broadcast? -140 +100
Will Trump predict winner before kickoff? +400 -700
Will Trump sing along to the national anthem? -200 +150
Will Trump tweet during the game? +300 -500
Will Trump wear a red tie? -1000 +500
Will Trump congratulate winning team on twitter? -400 +250
Longest Completion Joe Burrow (-120) Trevor Lawrence (-120)
More Points Scored 2nd half + OT (-200) 1st half (+150)
Total Times will “Heisman” be said during broadcast? Over 1.5 (-150) Under 1.5 (+110)
Total Times will “Tigers” be said during broadcast? Over 3.5 (-150) Under 3.5 (+110)

Odds taken January 9th

President Trump Heavily Favored to Be Shown

If there ever was a guaranteed shoo-in bet that you can be assured of winning, it will be that President Donald Trump will be shown during the game. He’s expected to be making his second appearance at the national title game in the last three years, also showing up for Alabama-Georgia in 2018.

Make some easy money for yourself from the get-go, even if it’s super low odds.

Pick: Yes (-500)

Will There Be a Shaq or OBJ Sighting?

LSU alum Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t witnessed his alma mater emerge as champ in college football in 13 years, so while it isn’t a totally obvious slam dunk that he’ll be at the contest, it would be a mild surprise if he didn’t show his face. This also provides an excellent opportunity to remind us just how dominant he was at basketball.

Who doesn’t want to see and hear from the jovial Shaq? Bank on him being there to support his boys.

Pick: Yes (-200)

Odell Beckham Jr. is also a former Tiger, having played for them from 2011-13. This wager is trickier with the same amount of money being paid out for yes as it is for no.

Given that he has strong ties to the program and his current Cleveland Browns teammate Jarvis Landry also played with him at LSU, expect a package deal of them hanging in the same circle.

Pick: Yes (-120)

James Carville Not Expect to Be Seen

Political commentator and LSU super fan James Carville is heavily favored not to be seen at the game, but he sports very intriguing +300 odds should he show up.

Knowing that nemesis Donald Trump will be there might deter Carville from going, or it could make him even more bullish to show up. While it would be nice to pick yes and earn that extra cash, the smart choice remains clear.

Pick: No (-500)

Tigers Will Be Said Ad Nauseam in First Quarter

A very intriguing bet is whether or not Tigers will be said four or more times in the first quarter, with it paying out -150 if it’s said early and often.

Both team nicknames are the Tigers, so surely it’ll go way over in the first quarter, right? Or is this a classic sucker bet that will sting us all? Still, seems doubtful the commentators won’t accidentally go overboard with Tiger references.

Pick: Over 3.5 (-150)

Drake Surely Can’t Stay Out of the Spotlight

This is a bet you can make and earn some extra dough on – Drake sporting +300 odds to make an appearance for the game. Really, what big game has he not poked his head in and potentially cursed the team he’s supporting?

Drake craves the spotlight and an opportunity like this is too good to pass up – make some money for yourself on this one at these odds.

Pick: Yes (+300)

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