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2020 NFL Mock Draft Contest – Fill Out Your Own Printable First-Round Mock

SBD's NFL Mock Draft contest
Put on your GM cap and tell everyone how you believe the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft will play out.
  • The first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft is scheduled for Thursday night (April 23) at 8pm ET
  • Put on your GM cap and show the world your insider knowledge
  • Print off our blank first-round draft template (including our scoring system) and fill out your own mock draft

The 2020 NFL Draft will get underway Thursday, April 23 at 8pm ET, and it promises to be a unique one. Instead of the lavish Las Vegas draft we were all looking forward to, NFL teams will conduct their drafts from isolation in their own homes due to COVID-19.

Due to the circumstances, there is a growing belief that no one outside of each organization really knows how the draft will play out. But you do, right?

We’re providing you the opportunity to throw on that GM cap and show all those insiders who the real draft expert is! Print off our first-round template below and fill out your own mock draft.

2020 NFL Mock Draft Template

Preview of SBD's NFL Mock Draft contest
Click on the image above to download and print your 2020 NFL mock draft template.

>> Download NFL Mock Draft Contest Template <<

We don’t want to hold you back from truly showing off your supreme knowledge. So be sure to not only fill in which player will be taken at each spot, but also manufacture all the trades you want by detailing which team will select at each pick.

To compete against friends, follow our scoring system:

  • 4 points for a player in the correct slot; *1 bonus point for the correct team, as well*
  • 2 points for a player selected one pick away from where you had them
  • 1 point for a player selected two picks away from where you had them
  • the bonus point for correct team only applies if you have the player in the correct spot

You can also enter our contest for your shot at winning a quick $100.

Looking for a little bit of help in filling out your first-round mock? Pick through our NFL Draft coverage to find the assurance you need:

Don’t need any help? Maybe you could provide the rest of us with some?

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