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All the Super Bowl 55 Broadcast Props Available – Commercials, Word Said First, Player Shown First and More

Ann Le Grand

by Ann Le Grand in NFL Football

Feb 5, 2021 · 10:32 AM PST

Super Bowl 55
Raymond James Stadium, the site of NFL football Super Bowl LV, is shown Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 7. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
  • Super Bowl 55 is set for Sunday, February 7 and will be broadcast by CBS
  • The Super Bowl broadcast props are often some of the most fun and creative
  • See all the broadcast props available for Super Bowl 55 and our best bets below

If there’s one thing the Super Bowl’s known for — aside from, well, football — it’s commercials. This year is no exception to the frenzy-fawn for ad space we regularly see along with the big game itself. Though, it seems all the newness brought on by our lockdown days has us yearning for answers beyond our habitual wagers — like your good ol’ basic bets on the game.

Bettors are eager to know which words will be said first or even who’ll be the first person shown on whichever screen through which you’ll portal your way in. And if you don’t already know what a TikTok Tailgate is, don’t fret my pet, no one did until they made it up for this year’s virtual pregame event and they did it for the true champs of this year (hint: they’re up against a tougher rival than a foosball team, Bobby Boucher).

Super Bowl 55 Commercial Props

Prop Yes No
J Rice make paper football FG in Frito-Lay comm -180 +140
Will “wax on” be said by boy in E-Trade comm +550 -1000
Will a face shield be seen in WeatherTech comm -500 +300
Will Daveed Diggs sing in DoorDash comm -1000 +550
Will an M&M’s spokescandy be wearing a mask? +200 -300
Will there be a commercial for major motion pic? -250 +170
Will there be a COVID vaccine comm? +140 -180
Will there be a Star Wars commercial? +150 -200
Prop Over Odds Under Odds
How many commercials will have a dog in it?  Ov 4.5 (-200) Un 4.5 (+150)
How many commercials will show person wearing mask? Ov 2.5 (-400) Un 2.5 (+250)
Prop Option 1 Odds Option 2 Odds
First interracial couple shown: (1) White Woman / Black Man vs (2) Black Woman / White Man -150 +110
What will be shown first: (1) Interracial Couple vs (2) LGB Couple -500 +300
Who will speak first in Frito-Lay pregame commercial: (1) Peyton Manning vs (2) Eli Manning -200 +150

Wedged in between the flags and huts and drives up the middle, ad buyers will be jockeying for our eyes and dollars with DoorDash and E-Trade and WeatherTech promos. Will they cater to the times, tucking mask strings around their characters’ ears or even go so far as to shape an ad with Covid at its center?

If it’s true that drilling a point (like wearing a mask) into our awareness (of wearing masks) may be most prominently shaped by repetition, repetition, repetition, then, lord, I hope so, though it seems my own hopes are running alongside the underdog (in which case, this is your commercial spouting: “wear a mask”).

More Commercial Props

Race of Baby Shown First in Huggies Commercial Odds
White -125
Black +125
Other +300
Which Bag Will Be Seen First During Frito-Lay Commercial? Odds
Lay’s +200
Doritos +225
Tostitos +225
Cheetos +300
Which Device Will Be Shown First During Fiverr Commercial? Odds
Laptop +125
Tablet +150
Phone +175
First Anheuser-Busch Brand Commercial to Run Odds
Bud Light +120
Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade +175
Michelob Ultra +175
Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer +200
First Character to Appear in DoorDash Commercial Odds
Grover +200
Cookie Monster +250
Kermit the Frog +300
Big Bird +350
Elmo +500
Oscar the Grouch +600
Ernie +800
Bert +1000
Rosita +1200
Count von Count +1600
Abby Cadabby +2000
Mr. Snuffleupagus +2500

Chips, food and candy will be up-front and centre (on my coffee table) since vegging out is nothing new but most definitely heightened (at least on my couch) with the increasing amount of proximity to our cushions and cupboards, and I, for one, would gladly put money behind hearing Daveed Diggs sing to me on my couch or anywhere, anytime, please let him sing more — that voice!

The much needed conversation about race is also tucked into the tables, tallying odds as to which will be presented with the first baby shown in Huggies’ advert when they spot their piece in the second quarter of the broadcast, as the first ever diaper brand to join the SB ad run.

If odds turn true and Huggies lets go of the chance to set out with anything but white, it’ll leave room to wonder just how much of the conversation around that table of arbiters included time for listening to humanity’s ongoing cry for equal representation.

First Word Said Props

Word Said First Option 1 Odds Option 2 Odds
Hero vs Pandemic (in Gorman’s poem) -110 +110
Chiefs vs Bucs/Buccaneers (in CBS Biden Super Bowl interview) -120 -120
Chiefs vs Bucs/Buccaneers (in Gorman’s Poem) -125 -105
Covid vs Pandemic -500 +300
2020 vs 2021 -120 -120
Mas(s) vs Coronavirus -300 +200
Super Bowl MVP vs Super Bowl Ring(s) -500 +300
Groin vs Hamstring -120 -120
Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl vs Tom Brady’s Age 43 -140 +100
Mahomes will be a father/daddy/having a kid vs Mahomes is engaged/getting married -150 +110

And then we’ve got some “said first” props with more than just two options.

More Said First Props

Former Bucs’ Player Mentioned First During Broadcast Odds
Warren Sapp -200
Ronde Barber +200
Derrick Brooks +300
Said First by Tony Romo Odds
Read +100
Penetration +200
Blitz +225
A-Gap +300
Trick Play +750
Said First During Amanda Gorman poem Odds
Super +225
Pandemic +100
Unity +200
Healing +250
Impeach +400
Referred to First by MVP in Speech Odds
Teammates +100
God/Religion +225
USA +700
Winning City +700
Family +900
Coaches +1000
Team Owner +2000

When it comes to first words of first stories, God (translate at will) had the first, so we’re all rather obsessed with the power that lies therein. So, hit us with it, SBLV, what’ll it be? Masks? Groins? Something about Tom Brady’s age or number of SBs he’s tucking under his football belt (do those nylon pants have belts? draw strings?) or, dare we hit up the c-words that shaped most if not all of 2020? Oh, yes, 2020, the number itself, made the list, still tagging right alongside our fresh string of digits that are supposed to infuse us with hope: 2021.

Though, both numbers are hovering around the same odds, so perhaps your choice will say more about your outlook on the upcoming year than its reflection of your pocketbook flow.

Will __ Be Said Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Times “Home Field Advantage” is said Ov 0.5 (-130) Un 0.5 (-110)
Times Queen Latifah is said by Jim Nantz Ov 1.5 (-120) Un 1.5 (-120)
Prop Yes Odds No Odds
“Baby GOAT” said in reference to P. Mahomes +900 -3000
“Burger said by Andy Reid +600 -1500
“LeBron” said during broadcast +550 -1000
“Disney” said by MVP in speech +250 -400

That said, while I’m talkin’ words, I’d be skirting the queen of the issue were I not to address first-ever-named National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, who breathed an air of the intrinsic democracy of life back into those who took in her deliverance of “The Hill We Climb” — her self-penned poem — at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Naturally, it follows that the power of her first uttered word is on the table for wagering enthusiasts, as she steps into the Super Bowl’s spotlight to read yet another original piece. The Bucs, the Chiefs, and the conjectural ‘hero’ itself — they’re all in the running to be the first word out of Gorman’s mouth.

While ‘Chiefs’ seems to have more sway from Gorman, the books are keeping both team names even-keeled for that first said by President Joe Biden. Are they painting him too politically correct? Or do they instead suppose his power to paint the future of politics wanders not into the territory of athletics?

Regardless, the country’s new President will follow course with the traditional sit-down interview with CBS before the game’s commence, and the likelihood of him diving straight into realms of impeachment or even pandemic are thinner, though they do scratch the board.

First Person Shown/Mentioned Props

First Shown on a Player’s Cleat(s) Odds
Breonna Taylor -150
George Floyd +150
Coordinator Shown First Odds
Eric Bienemy +300
Steve Spagnuolo +200
Bryon Leftwich +250
Todd Bowles +250
Mentioned First by Amanda Gorman During Her Poem Odds
James Martin +110
Suzie Dorner +130
Trimaine Davis +150
Coach to Be Mentioned First After Kickoff Odds
Andy Reid -120
Bruce Arians -120
Coach to Be Shown First After Kickoff Odds
Andy Reid -120
Bruce Arians -120
Coach to Have Nostrils Seen First During Game Odds
Andy Reid +150
Bruce Arians -200
Coordinator First Shown Odds
Eric Bienemy +150
Steve Spagnuolo +200
Bryon Leftwich +250
Todd Bowles +250
QB First Mentioned After Kickoff Odds
Patrick Mahomes -120
Tom Brady -120

What then sayeth us — whilst the books be proppin’ Biden’s words up against one another — about the man himself? After all, once the good lord was finished with Word, he moved onto clayin’ up Adam and Eve. That’s how people popped up next, right? This is how the bible goes, yeah? Who can never be sure.

It’s Biden we’re concerned with here… at least until the game starts. We’ll keep our attention on him so long as the cameras do, and then we’re more likely to be perfectly fine if he moseys on back to the White House to do White Houserly things that would have his name interrupting our game not (or at least less than once).

Honestly, if the new administration brings in nothing but boring politics that aren’t juiced up on disrupting every single media source, kumbaya kids. I’ll happily put my money behind that. Let us play ball.

Other Mentioned/Shown First Odds

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Times Trump is mentioned (excluding halftime/commercials; live broadcast only, according to SB transcript) Ov 0.5 (+550) Un 0.5 (-1000)
Times Belichick is mentioned (excluding halftime/commercials; live broadcast only, according to SB transcript) Ov 1 (-190 Un 1 (+145)
Times Biden is mentioned (excluding halftime/commercials; live broadcast only, according to SB transcript) Ov 1 (+275 Un 1 (-450)
Times Gisele Bundchen is shown Ov 1.5 (-230 Un 1.5 (+160)
Times Roger Goodell is shown Ov 1.5 (-120 Un 1.5 (-120)
Times Patriots are mentioned Ov 2 (+105 Un 2 (-145)

But Biden’s not the only person we’ll be watching before we move downfield. The NFL is upholding a few in particular with its announcement of lauding three honorary captains of the hero variety; Nurse manager Suzie Dorner, educator Trimaine Davis, and Marine veteran James Martin will be in prominent appearance for the coin toss, as was announced by Commissioner Roger Goodell, who also mentioned the treasured trio was selected to embody the NFL’s message this season: “It Takes All of Us” — a team mentality we’ve sorely missed.

Goodell knows the kicker is, we’re all playing a greater game on a larger field with higher stakes; scrimmaging for prizes more unifying than a ring, contending for a trophy that sits not on a shelf but pours life-force between us, one cup to another, to keep our hearts pumping, keeping us going, beat by beat, inch by inch, so that we may stay to play another day.

“…keeping us going, beat by beat, inch by inch, so that we may stay to play another day.”

And so the NFL has invited 7,500 vaccinated healthcare workers to attend the game, in a move that endorses a message of the pertinence to vaccinate and aligns with the precedent to put the beyond-deserving frontline workers first.

TikTok Tailgate Props

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Times Trump is said Ov 0.5 (+700) Un 0.5 (-2000)
Length of Amanda Gorman poem recitation Ov 284.5 sec (-120) Un 284.5 sec (-120)
Prop Yes No
Will Miley Cyrus’ navel be seen -120 -120
Will Miley Cyrus’ side-boob be seen +150 -200

Don’t worry, the league won’t be forcing the front-line stars to put on the pregame show — they’ll have those other professionals, too. TikTok professionals. Just kidding. They’ll have ones forged from the traditional fires of entertainment. I would not be able to name you one, let alone describe the profession of, a TikTok “artist.”

But I can tell you the social media Brobdingnagian teamed up with the sports mogul for the team-force live pre-game show taking place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, February 7th, letting us at least bet on Miley Cyrus’ hair hue.

Odds on Miley Cyrus’ Hair Color

Primary Color of Miley Cyrus’ Hair Odds
Blonde/White -125
Brown +125
Red +300
Purple +500

As its headliner, pop-star Miley will be taking us toward kickoff with this year’s pregame event and we’re already placing money on whether or not parts of her body will be seen (and by we, I mean, for sure, my editor does not want me to spend 200 words on tact but Miley’s just the start, so buckle up, boss)!

Oh, what’s in a body part… that part of which is covered by any other skin would still just be skin, though perchance stretched across fattier parts of the bod, and is it only me who is confused as to how many sides to this political fence are très bien passé?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m here for the Pussy Hats and the Bad Bitches and Slut Marches and the taking back whatever word and body-flaunt we thought was our toy to play with in the first place but, like, has anyone asked Miley if she’s cool with putting some of her body parts on our revolving ruckus of Russian Roulette?

If Miley wants her side-boob seen, pow👏🏽er👏🏽 to👏🏽 her👏🏽. I just think we should leave this power in her hands. (Or, you know, wherever she keeps her power. Again, up to her.)

“If Miley wants her side-boob seen, pow👏🏽er👏🏽 to👏🏽 her👏🏽.”

How about the likelihood of just any player at all slapping Sarah Thomas on the butt? Let’s pick this one apart, shall we? (Sorry-not for word choice that likely made any mental butt images seem grosser ‘cause whose fault is it really — mine with my words, yours with your visualizations, or Thomas for having a butt?)

My bone: the contention therein lies, good sir/madame, whence we objectify a woman’s — no. I do not need to explain why there seems to continues be an issue at large in the (still overwhelmingly “Old Boy’s Club” of a) sports/betting/sports-betting industry. When the books are drawing our attention to what we’re both now suffering through with my babble, it’s time to wonder not how the odds will shake out here but what you are fostering here.

Though, I’m leaving this prop in because c’est mon space to go off, Ol’ Boys! Change ya’ books! Check ya’self! Before ya wreck ya’self by being found and tried by CBS after they find and dislike their association with you in this article. It’s time. Woof.

But, hey, let’s play the devil’s advocate that lives on the extreme edge of hyperbole and say we could just as well deem it inappropriate to bet on what Buccaneers’ QB Tom Brady’s going to do with certain parts of his body. Sure, he’s been putting it on athletic display for the past all-of-his-life, but does that mean he’s asking for it? dressed for it? Sendin’ the signals?

OK. The prop’s about a high-five — him giving not getting one, to be precise. Not the same as getting a butt-slap or a boob-ogle.

Am I being facetious with my analogies? Honestly, I can’t tell anymore. Just wanted to go to Deep Talk Town and may have turned left too many times at Emotions. Gladly show myself out when not loomed by pandemic.

Regardless. It’s a no. No high-five from Brady. That’s what them books say. So, who’s the bad guy now, un-fun Brady? So long as we’re betting on bodily things, potentially safer ones may be made with Miley’s hair likely blonde. Hair to save the day (and rant).

Grammy-winner The Weeknd will be among the slew of other celebs tagging alongside Cyrus for some surely missed stage play, as well as country singer Erich Church and songwriter Jazmine Sullivan, who’ll duo their way through the “Star-Spangled Banner,” and H.E.R. with her rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Catch the entire virtual experience ahead of the pigskin showdown as @NFL streams it in full on TikTok at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Other Broadcast Props

Andy Reid’s Mask Design Odds
Chiefs branded/logo -1000
Single color/no logo +350
Hawaiian-themed +500
How Sarah Thomas Will Wear Her Hair Odds
Up (in hat) -200
Down (ponytail) +150
Half Sarah Thomas Is First Mentioned During Odds
First -200
Second +150
Primary Color of Bruce Arian’s Flat Cap Odds
Red -125
White +150
Gray +175
Black +500
Primary Color of Patrick Mahomes’ Headband Odds
Red -250
Black +200
Gray +500
White +600

Once 6:30 p.m. hits, Brady can pass along a thanks to the world’s most renown supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her presence for prospecting more eyeballs swiveled towards the game since, well, he married her and she is supportive.

But just how much can we bet game camera-men and -femmes will harness her magnetism with their frames to hold onto that viewership? It seems we’re measuring the odds in half times (get it?) and she’ll likely hit your screen upwards of three times those halves (see table to avoid my way of making math fun).

More Broadcast Props

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Clip of Jon Gruden shown Super Bowl 37 -110 -130
Spread or total is referenced +700 -2000
Sarah Thomas gets knocked to ground by a player +700 -2000
Tom Brady attempts to high-five an official +600 -1500
A player slaps Sarah Thomas on the butt +550 -5000
Biden picks a winner +550 -1000
Chiefs coin toss call correct -105 -105
Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Times T. Romo mentions his “kids/children” Ov 0.5 (+200) Un 0.5 (-300)
Times “kindergarten” is said Ov 0.5 (+500) Un 0.5 (-900)
Time Biden is said Ov 0.5 (+325) Un 0.5 (-550)
Times Biden tweets during game Ov 0.5 (+250) Un 0.5 (-400)
Times Trump is said Ov 0.5 (+700) Un 0.5 (-2000)
Times “home field advantage” is said Ov 0.5 (-130) Un 0.5 (-110)
Times Belichick is said Ov 1 (-165) Un 1 (+125)
Times Gisele Bundchen is shown Ov 1.5 (-250) Un 1.5 (+170)
Times Roger Goodell is shown Ov 1.5 (+150) Un 1.5 (-200)
Times Queen Latifah is said by Jim Nantz Ov 1.5 (-120) Un 1.5 (-120)
Times chains are brought out for measurement Ov 1.5 (+135) Un 1.5 (-175)
Times Patriots is said Ov 2 (+115) Un 2 (-155)
CBS Biden SB interview length Ov 224.5 sec (-130) Un 224.5 sec (-110)

But what about Brady’s former mistress? I mean by that, of course, the Patriots — the team with which Brady spent the first twenty seasons of his football career. We’re bound to hear about them, given that the drop of his name alone must conjure the ghost of the Flying Elvis. Props are pointing to less than twice, a closely figured rival for the mentions of Brady’s longer-contracted wife.

Et en fin, my fair readers, the game’s nearly afoot! If you’re looking to bet on the most-ready-to-rumble-of-all, safe to say this article itself nominates me.

Pick: Wear a mask, playas! 😘🏈🏆

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