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Download Our Printable NFL Mock Draft Template to Fill Out Your Own First-Round Mock

Matt McEwan

by Matt McEwan in NFL Football

Updated Apr 24, 2024 · 11:19 AM PDT

Stage for 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit, Michigan
Members of the NFL are setting up the main theater area on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 for the NFL DRAFT that will be held in Detroit later this week.
  • Everyone has an opinion on who each team will take in the 2024 NFL Draft
  • Download and print our NFL mock draft template to turn those opinions into your own mock draft
  • Score your mock as the picks are made and see how close you were

The NFL Draft is scheduled to begin with the first round at 8pm ET on Thursday, April 25. While it is widely believed that the Bears will select QB Caleb Williams with the first-overall pick, what happens next is anyone’s guess – and I know you all have opinions! I want to give you the opportunity to document those guesses/opinions by using our printable NFL mock draft template below.

You can download the PDF, print it off, and then fill out your own first-round NFL mock draft. I have even provided you with a scoring system below if you’re like me and need to make everything a competition.

Printable NFL Mock Draft Template

NFL mock draft template

>> Download 2024 NFL Mock Draft Template <<

Filling out your own NFL mock draft with our template is extremely easy. We have listed out the teams who currently hold each pick, and then provide you with fields to fill in both the team who will actually make the selection and which player they will be taking. Yes, that means you can facilitate all the trades you want!

If you’re looking for any help in filling out your mock, you can check out the NFL Draft betting odds for some inspiration / further knowledge.

If you do want to score your NFL mock draft, here’s the scoring system I have come up with:

  • 4 points for a player in the correct slot + 1 bonus point for the correct team
  • 2 points for a player selected one pick away (either higher or lower) from where you had them
  • 1 point for a player selected two picks away (higher or lower) from where you had them

In my scoring system, the bonus point is only available if you have the player in the correct draft position. If you want to hand out that bonus point in each tier, you go right ahead, though. (It’s your mock!)

For example, if your mock says the Bears are going to take Caleb Williams with the first-overall pick, you will get a total of five points (4 + 1) if/when the Bears do select Williams first overall. If Williams does go first-overall, but it’s the Vikings who trade up and take him with that pick, then you would only get four points, missing out on the bonus point because you did not have the team right. If the Bears shock the world and take Jayden Daniels with the first pick, leaving Washington to take Caleb Williams with the second-overall pick, then you would get two points.

It’s as easy as that! Show us your first-round mock and/or let us know how you did on Twitter/X @SBD.

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