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Strong Contender for Strangest Super Bowl Prop: How Many Women Will Claim They’ve Slept with Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo
In perhaps the most bizarre Super Bowl 54 prop of them all, online sportsbooks are offering a line on how many women will claim they've slept with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during Super Bowl week. Photo by @_biblioLex (Twitter).
  • A puzzling Super Bowl 54 prop asks how many women will claim they’ve slept with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo
  • The line is set at over/under one, with odds on either side established at -120
  • In 2018, Garoppolo caused a sensation when he was photographed on a date with a porn star

When it comes to Jimmy Garoppolo and his dating habits with women, do oddsmakers know something the everyone else doesn’t?

The sportsbook is out there with a Super Bowl prop that can only be described as bizarre. It’s certainly the strangest prop associated with this year’s game. That’s saying something when you consider the number of Super Bowl-related props available regarding US President Donald Trump’s outlandish behavior.

In fact, this Garoppolo prop might be the weirdest one in Super Bowl history.

Online betting sites are offering a total wager on the number of women who are going to claim to sleeping with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback during Super Bowl week.

Yes, you actually read what you think you just read.

Sportsbooks have set the total bar at one woman. You’ll get -120 odds either way you opt to go on this wager.

Number of Women Who’ll Claim They Slept With Jimmy Garoppolo During Super Bowl Week Odds

Prop Over Odds Under Odds
Women Who Claim They Slept With Jimmmy Garoppolo During Super Bowl Week Over 1.0 (-120) Under 1.0 (-120)

Odds taken Jan. 22.

Wonder what Joe Namath thinks about all this?

Garoppolo Dated a Porn Star

Garoppolo might be the most famous playboy-lifestyle QB to start a Super Bowl game since Namath guaranteed victory for the New York Jets prior to Super Bowl 3.

Namath claimed that he slept with a woman he’d just met the night before the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in that Super Bowl. He boasted of bedding over 300 women in college at Alabama. Over the years, he was linked to celebrities including Raquel Welch, Janis Joplin and Ann-Margret.

Garoppolo’s resume of women isn’t as impressive – or is it? Jimmy G has kept quiet about his social life since he was photographed in 2018 out on the town with adult film star Kiara Mia.

He also dated model Alexandra King. After their split, King posted “karma” on her Instagram account when Garoppolo tore his ACL in 2018. She later deleted the post.

A buddy of Garoppolo’s recently suggested that the QB doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has all the girlfriends.

He Flirted With Erin Andrews

Doing a post-game interview with Fox NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews earlier this season, Garoppolo ended it by saying, “feels great, baby,” which again got social media buzzing.

Later, Garoppolo said he calls everybody baby.

Staking Their Claim

What’s to stop two women from laying down a huge wager and the announcing they’d slept with Garoppolo? How would the veracity of their claim be verified?

If you want to bet this prop, go right ahead. The logical choice would be to . . . ahem . . . lay off.

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